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Cara's Ab Workout

As promised, here is the long awaited ab workout Cara does for her flat stomach.She's almost 50, so if she can do it, so can you.No excuses. Just do it. Every day. (and eat right of course).
Here's the video.



Get Pineapple at Restaurants
Pineapple is not just a great sweetener, but is full of enzymes that help digest your food, including protein. Many vegan enzyme products are made from pineapple, so add fresh pineapple to your smoothies, salads, meals and deserts! (esxcuse my hair, I just swam in the ocean)


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I am 56 years old female and started smoking when I was almost 21. I recently stopped smoking and started taking your herbs and one for my skin. I noticed the vast improvement of my skin especially on my chest. The skin tags, moles, bumps, and carbuncles from old age are disappearing right before my very eyes! This is so exciting for me! Every product that I have used, including the uncooked book has tremendous positive results including better teeth.

A few months ago I went to the dentist and they informed me that it was necessary for them to pull a few of my teeth due to gum disease. Mortified about loosing my teeth, I promptly downloaded your ebook about teeth and gums. I stopped eating sticky foods that stuck to my teeth and started oil pulling to name a few. As you can see by the dates to the left that back on Feb. 21st my gums were horrible! See all those high numbers of 6, 7 and even 8?!? Thats bad! Now look! On June 6th my numbers dropped  down to 1, 2, and 3; that's beautiful!!!  Here is the proof!!! This is for real! (see test results)

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. It looks like I will be keeping my teeth!!! Wow! Am I happy! Thank you, seems so small in comparison to all the wealth in health and joy from good health that you and Cara has given us. I hope and pray that God will continue to bless you both for teaching His people the right way to eat and live simply.
Sincerely yours,

Hi Markus,
I have 6 testimonials in one!
I've had digestive issues my whole life. Since childhood, I would have a bowel movement once every 5 days, which I thought was normal. I also developed acid reflux at the age of 6. I had poor circulation, low energy and lots of other health issues from the start. It escalated into severe GERD disease and hypoglycemia, to where I ended up in the ER on several occasions due to the pain of something as simple as drinking juice. A few months ago, I went to the doc for lower abdominal pain, so he scheduled an ultrasound. The ultrasound revealed lots gallstones in my gallbladder. I'm 33 and have always tried to be healthy, so I was surprised. The doc advised me to have my gallbladder removed, but I said no. I want to treat the cause, not the symptom! After the ultrasound, my sis told me about HealYourself101, and to try smoothies instead of juice to start out with. I started with half smoothies, half cooked food, then a few days of just smoothies, then went totally raw (half smoothies, half raw meals), and within a month of being totally raw, I could fast for a whole day on just juice with no pain or blood sugar issues!! Plus, the lower abdominal paid I'd had was due to a blockage in my intestine. It was flushed out on only my second enema and hasn't returned! Who needs doctors when you have
MarkusNews.com! I'm on a liver cleanse now and plan to do several liver flushes over the next few months to get out all the gallstones and restore the rest of my health. Thank you, Markus, for changing and saving my life!!

I'm on day 5 of Happy Time, and am experience results like nothing else I've tried so far. To be blunt, I have very bng PMS. I get depressed, hate everyone around me and just want to be alone. Lately, my PMS is getting longer and longer. This past month, it lasted the whole month! It's been a huge strain on my close relationships. Within 5 minutes of taking my first dose of Happy Time, I felt optimistic again, like life had meaning any maybe things weren't so bad. By day 4 of taking it, I was no longer considering leaving my job or boyfriend. Today, day 5, I feel very happy. I actually want to be around people again, and nothing is really bothering me, despite a very busy day at work while having menstrual cramps. I've even made up with my old best friend who I hated for years for no discernible reason. I've also been taking the green formula and the vitamin C for a couple weeks, which I'm sure are complimenting the Happy Time nicely. I'm looking forward to more happy days. I'm a customer for life ^__^

A month ago, I had been fully raw vegan for about two weeks, when I cut my hand very deeply. The blade went 3/4 inch through. Blood was pouring everywhere, so I put my hand above my head. When I lowered it less than a minute later to assess the damage, the bleeding had completely stopped. I assumed it was from eating a lot of aloe. I decided not to get stitches. I sat out in the sun for an hour and let its rays do some major healing on my hand. I wasn't able to use my hand at all for a couple days, but in less than a week, I was almost fully recovered. I could lift things, make a fist, hold large and small objects, zip up my sweater, even put my hair in a ponytail! Two weeks after the incident, the cut was completely gone. Only a scar remained. Then a friend of mine told me there's a weed (some ground cover, maybe mallow) that you can make into a paste and put on any wound. It will completely heal it in three days. Funny thing is, I had your Edible Plant Guide but hadn't started reading it yet! Cutting my hand was a fascinating experience for me because my immune system had declined thoroughly from eating at so many restaurants over the past couple years. And in only two weeks of being raw, my immune system seemed to have completely recovered! 

I've always been pretty skinny, but over the past couple years I've gotten into the habit of eating only at restaurants. So I put on a few pounds. I didn't think I was fat but when I went raw and the weight started falling off of me, I could see how fat I actually was! In about two weeks I lost 9 pounds and in two months I've totaled 18 pounds. I know that doesn't sound like much, but like I said, I was fairly skinny to begin with. I look younger, have more energy and feel much better. And no one ever seemed to care about what I had to say before, but now that I look different, everyone is very interested in hearing me talk about health. Even the cynics who still want to mock me have an undertone of fascination. It's lovely to live Ghandi's quote: You must be the change you wish to see in the world. Thank you, Markus, for being the change for the rest of us. You're a modern-day saint ;)

I tell everyone I know about you and they are all so interested!  I shared some vegan bacon with a few people and they all said they'd go raw vegan just for that! Also, the mac n cheese is so much yummier than real mac n cheese, and the chocolate ice cream is the best! And Cara's flax cookies make me feel so happy and full of energy. I thought the nut crunch would just be Ok, but it ended up being my favorite snack of all! I mix up the nuts and fruit in cacao, then drizzle chocolate sauce on top an dehydrate. It's like having a candy bar anytime you want! I'll be making the freezer chocolate, brotwurst and corn chowder this week!

I LOVE watching your YouTube videos! They are my TV! You're so genuine. I could tell instantly that you really care about us and you're not doing any of this for personal gain. Also, you make being healthy fun! I was SO inspired by your Ticket to Freedom speech! I haven't felt so pumped to do what I love to do since I was a kid! It all rang so true for me. I'm living in a self-created prison. No one is forcing it on me. And I started having all these ideas of ways to express myself and SHARE myself with others, which I gave up on so long ago. A joy has re-entered my life and a feeling that everything is possible and it's NOT work! It's FUN to make your dreams come true! The HARD part is making up excuses and living in them! From now on, every day shall be the best day of my life :)
Thanks again for all you do!
Tamara J

All I can say after 3 days of taking the
Vitamin C and the Greens Formula is WOW!!!!! I had triple coronary bypass surgery on March 10. While I’ve been relatively healthy most of my life it seemed that old age was starting to creep up on me and the angina I felt in my chest and  ultimately the surgery were the signs I needed to, as they say, get a life. Knowing a little bit about nutrition it was clear to me that these products are the real deal but I had no clue how quickly and powerfully I would feel the effects. The second day after taking them I went out with a friend to hear some live music which was fantastic. I got home at midnight but I was just way too energetic to sleep and I ended up staying up all night which is something I haven’t done since I was much younger. I thought I would be wasted the next day but to my amazement I had plenty of energy to perform household chores, cook dinner and even take a strenuous 4 mile hike. I have to admit there are other things I’m using to attain maximum health but I can now understand how and why Markus looks like a 20 year old kid. Do your body, mind and soul a favor and start using these products right away. They are the best supplements I’ve ever taken.
Jeff Schreiber

Thanks for the greens. I have been taking the green formula for about a week and see a difference in my skin condition. I just received the protein powder and I will let you how it works as we go along with my transformation to better health. Much appreciated,
John Mason

OMG is all I have to say. I have used the Green Formula mixed with the Plant Protein and Wild Force Energy/Power for 3 days now and I am bouncing off the walls, in a good way. I feel better than I have in years.Thank you! Thank you!
Dianne Hyde 

I'm in Bali now,
because of this video. I can't tell you Markus, how much you changed my life.
Monar Made

Markus you & Cara are amazing!! I use almost all your powders and I don't want anything else. I love you both (yes, I took a full tablespoon of your
Happy Powder and it works, for sure! Lol ) Keep doing the amazing work you guys doing!

thank you very much for your books and videos. I'm 43 years now. I was at a breaking point last year. you (and two other raw food chefs here in Berlin, but in the end it was really your
heal yourself book), inspired me to go on a two month fast. It literally saved me. For the first time in over 30 years I can breathe again through my nose. I did not expect to ever be able to. went to so many doctors. and in the end it was that simple.. awesome!
Berlin, G

I am a nurse. Had an elderly woman who was having seizures .
Doctors prescribed seizure meds but she was sleeping all the time from meds. So her daughter started giving her flax seed oil and stopped her seizure meds . Her mother never again had seizures. The flaxseed oil did the trick.

My 22 year old son has changed his whole life after we introduce d him to your work and books. He's so busy spreading the raw food love that you'd be proud. He has touched many lives because you've touched ours. He pulls "weeds" out of yard and blends them regularly... And goes into the mountains in search of raw food treasures.. he makes us amazing recipes... And now my 21 year old daughter is following suit. Thank you! We're the family that calls you Naked Markus. Lol‬
‪Missi Olsen


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