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How Things Taste
Is a Guide To Health

Another great tool to helping diagnose your own health is how things taste to you. This is a fascinating way of helping yourself see where you are long your journey. If you were dropped in nature, 2/3 of what you would eat would be bitter.
Watch this interesting video.


Making Bitter Herbs Taste Better
Here's a great quick recipe for making those nasty herbs taste better, (like for some people the Noght Formula)during the transition to a more natural taste palette.
Try it!
Enjoy the Recipe Video


Dear Markus,
In May my husband was diagnosed with throat cancer. We prayed that he does not go to any of Chemo and Radiation. We have been blessed by your book about edibles plants. I followed your videos on youtobe and book about edible plants, like eating Dandellions. We love go out and get fresh air, pick greens and make green drinks…and study following your information.Lots of juicing and blending. Went to Dr. to check him for Chemo..but they said no cancer any more. My husband healed from throat cancer 4 months without any medication only food..greendrinks...like you teach us..stop sugar...our life change..thank you you are my mentor of living healthy.‬
Thank you so much.
PatriciaS. (Thailand)

I suffered from rheumatism for over ten years, had a stroke in 2012, cortisone therapy (50 mg per day for a whole year!), which lead to osteoporosis, lipomatosis and all the other bad tings nobody needs in the first place. In 2013 I broke a thoracic vertebra, got pulmonary embolism during the vertebra surgery and almost died. I became paraplegic for nearly a year. I could only use my arms and head. When I was discharged from hospital 3 months later, I had 20 prescription drugs to take throughout the day. I was so drugged I couldn't even remember what I had said an hour before. My wife stood by me through all this and read a new book on rheumatism therapy which recommended less use of animal products to reduce the rheumatism drugs. I decided to skip all animal products and within 3 months I got rid of the rheumatism taking lots of herbal omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. We also juiced carrots, leafy greens, and other incredible vegetables that cured the massive cramps I had, when sense and motion came back to my legs and lower body. Then I finally was able to stand and learn to walk again. I did the coffee enemas 3 times a day and they were a great pain relief and detoxification. Since then I began drinking green smoothies and have been vegan until about 6 months ago, when I became a raw foodie. I lost over 60 pounds of weight since the surgery and I'm able to work as a carpenter again. I quit doing coffee enemas and had major coffee withdrawal symptoms for nearly a week. I began working out with Calisthenics two weeks ago. Since I saw your videos on liver detoxing and checked out your great products I wanted to make my own detoxification drink from powdered herbs and plants, for I have made my own cosmetics for over 25 years now and they're mostly herbal. I gather Dandelion roots and leafs, Burdock roots, nettle leafs amongst others during summer anyway. I keep orange peels and dehydrate them since I know you have them in your liver formula. I bought Andrographis, artichoke leafs, Bupleurum and Phyllanthus. Schizandra berries and black cumin are in the pantry anyway. Many thanks for your great inspiration! You are a gift to the world!
Liebe Grüße aus dem Schwarzwald,
Christian (Germany)

Markus you have helped me beyond measure.. I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the truth about animal products, sugar and the devastating effects of dairy and processed carbs. (Something the Medical Doctors/Specialists never mentioned to me while I was being treated for 3 illness )In late 2014 I was fed up- I was sick and tired of taking 4 daily medications that I had taken without fail for 17 years... I just wanted otf the ride sort of speak, .I was so sick and tired of being monitored every month. I was weary of going to the drug store every single month to refill medication I HATED taking-I did this for 17 years!!..Then one glorious day I ran across you on youtube. I saw your informative interviews with Dr Sloane. I bought your book Heal Yourself 101 and my life CHANGED! I read your book cover to cover and followed it.. I dropped 80 pounds in 15 months.. I was able to get off ALL of my medications and have not look back.. Thank you for all your insight and direction.. I could not have done it with out you.. :)
The Kist Vegan

Hi Markus,I have sent hundreds of people into your world for the last four years,I ask them to send you mails and deal directly with you in Ghana in West Africa,Congo in East Africa.Now it will interest you to know that even some Americans and some people in Europe who visit Ghana.Now I have started calling apostles of Markus Fans so it is time to let you know.We are on BITTER THE BETTER CONCEPT by The Amazing Liver and the Aloe Cactus The Super Longivity Drink.So many people have been healed with others loosing weight and living better,thank you so very much.
samuel Tuffour

Thanks for the information. I have been using your Trim Force for a fat burner and have lost 20 lbs and am on my third jar. I do not have any sweet cravings at all and the thought of sweets make me nauseous. Fruit even makes me sick, really fruit makes me nauseous, now I am a savory kind of girl (g0 Cara, I'm with you). Again thank you for all you do to keep us healthy.   
Ann T

I have done hours of research on different greens products on the internet. I've been watching Markus's YouTube videos for close to four years now. He's a genius when it comes to Health and Wellness. I truly believe he really cares about people and his videos and his products really do show that sincerity. I was choosing between several different brands to go with and one thing that bothered me was the proprietary blend portion and it didn't really give you the exact amount of each plant that was in the formula. I was a little skeptical because of that but I pulled the trigger and went with Markus's Green's formula because of the testimonials. Now I've tried Amazing Grass, Garden of Life, and even cytogreens and none of them could ever get the job done period within 3 days of taking the Wild Force Greens formula I am no longer exhausted when I wake up I don't feel lethargic and weak anymore. Even if I miss a day I'm still feeling A- okay. My skepticism has been wiped away and I'm telling everybody about this stuff. Your products are truly amazing I can't wait to buy Age free and Trim Force.
John H.

Hi Markus, My husband and I have been taking your Vit C, Greens, and Irish moss for over 6 months now. I am cold sore prone, but haven't had one cold sore since taking your products, and our hair and nails grow like crazy!! Thank you for some awesome products!! Markus I love your videos; thank you for producing such informative, inspiring, helpful videos, and books!!

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