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Cancer Discussion

Another highly educational talk as Markus and James discuss cancer and why it must be approached from multiple angles and why what you eat is so critically important to stay healthy and alive. Watch the video


No Plastic Water Bottles
Water and liquids are solvents and absorb what they are touch, which is why Plastic and Metal liquid containers should be avoided. Plastic is an estrogenic and aluminum and even stainless steel contain heavy metals. Learn how to safely store and carry your daily gallon of water. Watch this informative video


Get it while you can
1 week remains for the old prices, so get what you can before Wednesday June 20 when herbal prices go up so I can stay in business. (I made shipping lower than the rise in herbal prices) The protein formula with bee pollen is now sold out
Here is the new website

If there are any issues or questions about shipping or the new product website, please be patient and contact the fulfillment center either by emailing info@markusproducts.com or calling them direct 1-888-517-3820 during normal business hours CST. Thank you.


Your sweetener is OMG OUT OF THIS WORLD - YOU JUST SOLVED MY SWEET TOOTH PROBLEM all I need to do is dampen my finger and take a dip - I don't need chocolate, thought I did - its the sweet - I just had it in herbal tea and it made it so much better
Tracey V

VITAMIN C testimonial
Since I have been taking the products I have given up my enbrel shots for my arthritis and I feel so different. It's like the medicine I have been looking for all along. It is amazing the information I found about how bioflavinoids are one of the proven methods of helping with inflammation. If I get swollen I have a green drink with the vitamin c and it's like a miracle, swelling literally gone in like 5 minutes.
Tiffany L.

Cactus Aloe Smoothie:
I use nopal cactus juice for my diabetes. It brings my blood sugar down better than metformin. From about 250 to 130 in less than an hour. I save the pulp in a zip-lock bag and freeze it. Then I have cactus patties with my chicken cutlets or codfish. It is really an awesome vegetable to have in your diet. Never tried the blender with the aloe though. I'm gonna give it a try.

Alexandru Popa (AlTheMindTraveler)
yes that's why my green formula and Protein formula helps diabetics so much- the prickly pear cactus is a main ingredient!

Markus your
sugar is amazing!!! I put it in my coffee and could not tell it wasn't sugar sooo happy with it!! I had two friends try it and they are buying it now!!! Best stuff ever! Thank you‬
‪Karen Sousa

Markus Rohkranz OMG these products are awesome.. I have been taking them daily and when I got them I stared with the Night Rebuild. Most products take a while to work . .not this one. The first night I got the best sleep ever and woke up at 6 am.. incredible.. I love the Night Rebuild.. The other 3 powders I take with my smoothie and definitely feel the energy. Thank you so much <3
Sandra Bolognia

‪I just got
green formula, protein and v c works great for me have lots of muscle pain , joints in one week i using this i can feel it no more and lots of energy... Oh loosing weight to!!! Amazing product.
Jim Velasco

Just received my
wild force greens and took a tablespoon in a smoothie- wow!!!!! Now I see where your energy comes from- I now also pick 'weeds' from my yard for my morning smoothie ☺
Isla Miln Miln

Its the best I have felt in a long time. Never have the mid afternoon dips anymore. I recommend it highly‬
‪Cheryl Hancock‪

re: Heal Yourself 101
had done a lot of research to try to help my daughter, and I must say that you presented a lot more information that I did not find in my internet searches. Thanks so much for all the great information.‬
Kim HarperI

Thank you for REMINDING me on how to really LIVE ... about how to eat & what to eat, & that its ok to not have much "things" or anything at all because we were all born with EVERYTHING we will ever NEED. Thank You Markus for inspiring & motivating the world & myself. You are a TRUE gem , down to earth, loving man &  i know that you will CONTINUE to spread your light & LOVE..... FOREVER
Atran, Australia

Hi Markus! After deciding to eat some violets and dandelions from my lawn I thought I should try to identify some of the other plants. Then I remembered (hit forehead here), "I've got Markus'
Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide on my shelf." I was so happy to find your photo of the toxic groundsel which I could have eaten if I continued my dandelion hunting as I know I have seen this in the region. Thanks!  Your fan,
L Grace

AGE-FREE testimonial
I wanted to comment on the Age Free, It took me a while to get used to the taste, But every time I take it, I have really noticed a difference in my veins in my legs are changing and hurt a lot less. My upper respiratory feels so much stronger, I smoked half my life and have finally been off cigarettes for 4 years now. The age free, the green and vitamin c daily are amazing.Thank you for these products,
Tiffany L.

Just received my order of MARKUS SWEET.Thank You, Markus for a fabulous product, it tastes so good, I am glad I have it on auto ship. I know this will be the only sugar I will be using from now on, it is better than sugar. I will be making your chocolate recipe today.
Shellia M

Wow! Ordered the sweetener, which was super inexpensive and it arrived in 2 days. Absolutely amazing product. Before I purchased the sweetener I looked up Erythritol which sold me to try it. This stuff is just as sweet as sugar and better tasting, same texture as sugar too. Great stuff. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erythritol
Joseph GuatemalaImports


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