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Awesome Breakfast

Cara and I are always asked what we have for breakfast- so here you go- Yes, we actually made a recipe video finally. Cara shows what she makes and I show what I make- both are easy, fun, creative, super healthy and help us stay so young looking. For people on the go, these two breakfast ideas are great. Let this video inspire you to a healthier way of living.

Enjoy the video!


The basic rule for my breakfast smoothie is half fruit and half leafy greens, plus some kind of liquid and maybe some longevity herbs and maybe my WildForce Green formula. You'll feel on top of the world. Do not mix vegetables with fruit. In other words, do not put broccoli in a fruit smoothie. Cucumber and Avocado are fruits so they are ok. Green leafy stuff goes with anything- fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, anything. Did you know carrot greens are much healthier for you than the carrot? Beet greens are better than the beets. Leave the roots in the ground so they can grow more leaves. Animals in the wild mainly eat the greens, not the roots. That's how it's designed. The root is there to grow more greens for you.Mix as many greens together as you want. Many of them are kind of bitter- that's good for you- especially digestion. To counter the bitterness, I like to put fresh pineapple in the smoothie and maybe even a couple of dates. Enjoy!


No money? No Problem!

For those with financial problems, I suggest two things. Watch this video I made a few years ago about using the weeds in your yard as food and medicine, secondly read my book "Instructions for a New Life" or "The Prosperity Secret" and get yourself out of that rut. Nobody wants to be around a whiner or complainer. Join those who are free to do what they want. The hardest part is letting go of your comfort zone. Anyway, I make weed smoothies all the time and have been for years. Maybe it's why I am staying so young. And it costs me NOTHING!

Enjoy the video

I got interviewed by Ka Sundance (we did the interview twice, once in English, once in German, and I was amazed how young I look. Does this look like someone turning 52 this year? No plastic surgery. I am literally younger physically and mentally than I was twenty years ago. This is more than just raw food. It's the result of living life the way we are suppoed to. Read "Instructions for a New Life" if you want my secrets.


DREAMCHASER book update

Eight thousand books were delivered to the fulfillment center, but the printing was off on a number of the pages, so I donated the books and am having them reprinted. I only want the very best for you guys, no matter what the cost. If you want to excel in life, you must be passionate about what you do and always give people more than they expect. You only have one shot at a first impression, so make it a good one. It's not about money, it's about doing the right thing and inspiring others. Life will always take care of you if you truly care. The book should be out within the month.


re: last weeks video "Epigenetic Birth Control":
I can't believe I received this video today.  I have been discussing the fact that women on raw diets don't have periods with a famous vegan medical doctor, along with the fact that women who are struggling to get pregnant, pretty much 100% of the time will get pregnant if they switch to a vegan diet.  He sent me a study that his group did (you may have heard of them - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine - and confirmed this.  I was just about to post his study on facebook for my friends.  Especially for my sister who is now 44 years old, and has refused to believe me that what she eats has anything to do with the fact that she has not been able to conceive.  Now I can post this video you sent as additional proof.
Thank you so much for everything you are doing.  You are such a HUGE inspiration, and such a beautiful person!!!

re: last weeks video "Epigenetic Birth Control":
I absolutely agree! I had my first child then cleaned up my ways of eating, stopped using chemical BC and never used any kind of BC afterwards. I never got pregnant again until I began thinking that I wanted another child.

re: last weeks video "Epigenetic Birth Control":
Yes, that's exactly, what I noticed since decades. As a woman you are in contact with the unborn souls, who just come into your life, if you invited them. If you don't want to be pregnant and be aware about it, you wouldn't be pregnant. Thanks for sharing this important issue.
Heike. Germany Goes Raw

re: last weeks video "Epigenetic Birth Control":
We are taught from a very early age to be afraid of and disempowered by our fertility. Women especially. I know intuitively that is false.
Diana Tayan

You are my BIGGEST Inspiration. I call you my "Raw God". When I was 23 I had a tumor removed from my right breast. I searched for healing and found you. Now Raw is my life!!! Thank you. Thank you. Hope to meet you one day.

Jenny Harrison

My journey this past year is testimony to how powerful I am what a trip
"Heal Yourself 101" life changing book and the ingredient needed to help me walk again and I strongly believe it played a huge part coupled with an incredible mind I never even knew I had until I got sick. THANK YOU
Squeezy Ó Madáin

Im am learning so much from you these past few weeks of watching your videos.... You're very knowledgeable.
So im about a year into moving my diet into the raw side of life and I have healed myself from type 2 diabetes.
Emilio Torres

WildForce Green formula 
I started taking this product to get some wild food factors into my body and I never could have predicted how good the results would be! I've been going through deep detox and regeneration and my brain function is healing... Thank you markus you're one of the most inspiring people on the planet right now :) !

Anthony M

FREE FOOD AND MONEY- Total Self Sufficiency
Hi Markus, I picked up both your DVD set and the one by Gary Tibbo. I loved them and have watched both sets of DVDs all the way through multiple times. Great material and very informative. Since viewing the DVDs I've identified and consumed many plants on the property and I was also able to identify many plants and trees from the book. The material pays for itself because we are swimming in wild edibles all over the place, that I used to be oblivious to. Thanks Markus! Thanks to Gary Tibbo too!

Dave Merton

FREE FOOD AND MONEY- Total Self Sufficiency
I've done this, along with junk removal. You can rake in the cash, especially in Spring and summer.

Dave Merton

re: Natural Holistic Dentistry video
Markus, on my fathers death bed before he died 8 years ago I asked him what would he change or do different. expecting some sage advice, he looked at me and said "I would have taken better care of my teeth". He had started smoking after being some of the first WW2 casualties in the Pacific, breaking his back in 3 places. He quite one day, cold turkey (like Myles Davis did, locked himself in a room and came out a new man) but suffered a long and painful life with his teeth. To this day I take care of my teeth and will remove the remaining metals as soon as I can. Your Vid and your recent loss reminded me to do that. Thank you, my friend.
Jeffrey Roy Vss

re:Natural Holistic Dentistry video
This was very good Markus, thanks. I'm glad I never had a liking for silver fillings. However, there is something I wanted to share in case it may help someone. I have been on 100% raw food for nearly a year now (thanks again, Markus!), and feel the many benefits which go with it. I brush my teeth with a homemade mix of coconut oil and baking soda. But over the years, and especially over this last 'raw' year, my teeth have started to decalcify, discolour and hurt (from excess sensitivity). Much of this can be put down to my stressful life situation, but I finally understood the physical cause for it - a vitamin D deficiency, or more precisely - a lack of sunlight. I have been living in Ireland for 21 years, and this is a country which hardly ever sees the Sun. I can rarely go out here, because it's forever raining here, there are icy winds blowing nearly always, and my body just cannot take the cold dampness. I probably kept my D-levels above water by eating a lot of eggs before, but in the raw food diet there is really nothing to get it from in useful amounts. Except mushrooms. But I ate so many raw mushrooms a year ago, that I haven't fancied them since... So my teeth, and probably bones, were wasting away from lack of vitamin D. I sourced a good vegetarian brand of vitamin D (Nature's Answer, 2000iu drops in xtra virgin olive oil) a few weeks ago, and hey! Just 2 weeks into taking it my teeth have started to become whiter, stronger, and less sensitive. That quickly. The D also makes me calmer, sleep better and shake off colds (if I feel something coming on, I temporarily double the dose). Usually I take 10000iu per day, as in 5 drops. During the summer, should there be the rare sunny day, I will not take any. I am planning to move to Tenerife in the Canaries at the first opportunity (as soon as I get there, I'll stop taking the vitamin D of course!); until then, I continue eating raw food here - 2 xtra large green smoothies, a fruit meal, a large salad with nori for lunch, and various little nibblings for the evening meal; that's what I eat every day, and I so love this food. My gums are in excellent condition, most of my grey hair has turned back into youthful blonde and become thicker than it ever was, and loads of men half of my age try to flirt with me all they could. Not to mention the fact that I am now free of cancer, arthritic pains and everlasting exhaustion; my face is 15 years younger than it was before I went raw, and even my fallen arches healed. And my so far non-existent sex drive has skyrocketed to levels I never dreamt possible. Thank you Markus for inspiring me to change my life (articles on your website and "Heal Yourself 101"). All your products are on my wish list and will sooner or later materialise in my beautifully evolving life. :-)
Inna McDonagh, Ireland

Markus, I just want to tell you how much your DVDs and YouTube videos are helping give me the knowledge and inspiration to change my life.You are such a blessing to me. Thank you for allowing God to live through you everyday by serving yourself and humanity.
I love you.
Kristine Johnson

Brilliant article and video on radiation!  Get Gary to coach you to get your pilot's license....The door is wide open to consult with the aviation industry and the Department of Energy - Nuclear Weapons complex....I worked for years around plutonium at the Savannah River plant....going raw is the key to detoxify! As a pilot, I have to say Gary is spot on with  the debilitating condition pilots suffer...companies like Flight Safety International or Embry Riddle University would adore your wisdom as the Harvards of aviation - training pilots for the future!
Many thanks!
Jerry Scott

For any of you who doubt that this product works, I'm here to tell you it's not a joke and is definitely not funny or a scam.  This stuff is very powerful stuff and it works.  I believe it has saved my life. It has definitely renewed my hope to live a longer life.  I can't thank you enough Markus. 
David Henry


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