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Everyone has Candida
Learn the truth about this much talked about but little understood stuff growing inside us and how its out of control in most people, leading to many of the health problems have nowadays. Do probiotics help? Why do most Candida treatments NOT work and often make the condition worse?
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filmcam two weeks!!
Cara and I have been working for three months on the most magical recipe video ever- a real Hollywood production. It's only three and a half minutes long but took three months to make working day and night- that's one minute of video per month! Wait till you see this. Two more weeks of post-production and it will finally be released. Your heart will melt and hopefully your life will be touched by magic. Stay tuned!


The testimonials are becoming overwhelming, wow...


Although I still have a lot more changes to make, this book (
Heal Yourself 101) really reasonates with me. When told I had Type 2 Diabetes I made up my mind that I was not going to accept it; and I didn't have to! I don't have diabetes anymore!!! If you want my testimony, just ask!!!
‪Kim Harper

Hello. My name is Arvid Pedersen. I am 38 years old, married and have two children. Your article on the Norwegian man in the wheelchair that walks 500 miles purely on your products - It was a gripping read. I know this man, Kjetill, as he is a friend of the family. I asked him what he did to get well after 14 years of severe illness. He told me about his changes. Then he told me about Markus Rothkrantz. I would not have believed the story if I had not known Kjetill personally. I decided to go straith to work and buy your book Heal yourself 101. That was an explosive reading! We are now making radical changes in the family! With knowledge comes great responsebility. I feel I have to share the knowledge with my family and my fellow Norwegians.Yours sincerely
Arvid Pedersen, Norway

So excited. My daughter is away at college and she got very sick with a cold/flu thing. She couldn't shake it. The school doctor wanted to put her on antibiotics. She is a type 1 diabetic and antibiotics really mess up her body badly. I got her your
vitamin c and had her take a lot. Two days later she was almost completely well! Thank you!
‪Diane Kelley

I received my shipment yesterday of the
Night rebuild, Energy, Green Formula and Super Plant Protein formula. I put a quarter teaspoon full of Night Rebuild into some grape/ginger juice I made along with a tablespoon of irish moss and a tablespoon of wild force C and I was asleep before 11 pm. First time in YEARS! I felt it within 15 minutes of taking it. I felt my muscles relaxing and then my mind calming. I took the cue and climbed into bed.  I woke around 3 but decided to not get out of bed and slept until 6:30.!!  I'll take it even earlier tonight and see if I can get a full 8 or better. I haven't tried anything else yet as the blackberries and banana I had for breakfast was enough so far but will try the greens today for sure! Thank you again Markus for caring enough to share all your knowledge and working to put it together for the rest of us . You truly are a Blessing. 
Sunriser Lark

Hi Markus & Cara
Just wanted to give you some feedback on what I have learnt from your website and your Heal Yourself 101 book, as well as some products I purchased from your website. They have all been really helpful and I feel like my life has entered a new chapter. Food as medicine rather than as a quick taste or stimulant fix. Your advice has helped me to turn my health around after five frustrating years of doctors, specialists, tests and procedures which got me nowhere. It all started with unexplained weight gain and many chronic conditions that seemed tied to that. With what I have learnt, I figured out that much of it was tied to a combination of foods that I had to simply give up. Add to that living a healthier life (less stress, more outdoor activity etc) – and with those amazing sugar-free supplements I have lost about 16kg over the last 2 ½ months. I have also cured many of the other conditions (parasites, thyroid problems, insulin resistance, hair falling out, yellow nails, high blood pressure etc). I am pretty much on the home straight having done a lot of cleansing, detoxifying and healing which will continue as a lifestyle. Still in the transition stage and confess not completely raw or vegan. Weather, lifestyle, culture and product/food supply is different in New Zealand. I have two kids who are also learning this (albeit with some teenage resistance) so an added bonus.SO A BIG THANK YOU – keep on doing what you do so well.
Sophia Ryan

Thanks, Markus for sharing your life with all of us! When you are living and creating bliss, you cannot help but to help others! I am 1 week into
Parasite Cleanse and Collagen Kit and I have to say that I have never felt more peace, bliss and deep Love for all of life. Your creative force is changing my life in beautiful ways. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Sarah Herr Lander, Wyoming

Wanted to give you an update. My husband is on your protein powder small amounts and doing well. He has stopped eating almost all meat. He is doing your protein shake with spinach and pineapple every morning and fasting on water and that drink until 2-3 every day. I am fasting with him and almost 100% raw myself! His protein has improved and the doctors are now happy with his number for protein which when he was eating meat he could never eat enough. We can't tell the doctors what we are doing because they have told us NO on everything. But like you say listen to your body and it knows what it wants. I am thankful Steven has decide to make this step with your wise push! Guess in time we will see a kidney be reborn! He is also working on emotions.Blessings!
Stephanie Carroll

Night Rebuild:
Just had the best night sleep in many years , thanks to wild force night rebuild , ordering more and telling friends ,,woke up so rested
Flynn Whitehurst

I finally got a chance to order the
collagen set and after a week of being on the Vit C (appx 6 TB daily, blended with the Energy formula in the AM, then the Wild Force Greens at lunch & evening), I can safely say I feel a difference.  I've had RA all of my life and since I've been living in the mid-west, I've become sensitive to weather changes.  When I lived in FL and Las Vegas, I never had these issues.  2 weeks ago we had a major snow storm and a few days before the storm hit, I could feel it in my joints.  We are currently in the middle of another lovely snow storm and this time, I have had very little discomfort.  In the morning, I've been able to move a lot easier.  I refuse to take medications (I have not taken any poisonous pharmaceutical prescriptions for years), and the pain I experience from RA is tolerable for the most part, which I strongly believe is due to a high raw diet.  I just ordered more of the Vit C because I'm close to being out, and another container of the Wild Force Greens.  I also had my 11 year old son on the protein powder; I ordered the trial packets and have been putting it in his smoothies.  He's a soon- to- be brown belt in Shao-lin so I ordered the large container (he LOVES durian, by the way).  He says he feels more energetic when he takes it, so I look forward to seeing how this enhances his performance while he's steadily on this.  I really want to thank you for putting this on the market.  I've had my fair share of green powders and NONE have compared to yours. The Vit C is insanely good.  And I also wanted to let you & Cara know how much I love the book (holy crap, I never liked pine nuts until I had the pasta in cream sauce recipe...that blew my mind!). This will help me go full circle with the raw diet (I'm about 80-85% now and have been for several years).  I have great faith that your products will forever change my RA issues (along with a fully raw diet, of course!).  PLEASE don't ever stop producing these wonderful formulas!!!!! Brightest blessings from the snowy midwest,
Rachel H

Buenos días, Markus! Thank you so much to you and the lovely Cara for writing Love on a Plate: The Gourmet UnCookbook--I am absolutely thrilled about this simple, easy book of delicious, sexy, fun raw food dishes. Whoever said eating healthy had to be boring? I have checked other wonderful recipes on Youtube from raw vegan chefs, but I really resonate with you and Cara. Since I bought Heal Yoursef 101 a few months ago I have really seen it all from people's reactions such as "Is that all you eat? You need some real food like meat. You're too skinny--you look's as if you're face is falling off. That raw food stuff is so can you eat that? I wish you weren't so extreme and would just eat normal, balanced meals." Yikes!! It really bothered me at first, because I felt bullied and mistreated, especially during the first few months of detox. However, I can now see that my body has adjusted and I am getting better. I figure after a lifetime of eating unhealthy foods I need to be patient with my wise, beautiful, intelligent body as it heals itself from the inside out. I have noticed a remarkable increase in my spiritual abilities as well. All my four "clairs-" have remarkably increased and I am so amazed that I can actually trust my intuitive feelings, thoughts, visions, etc. to guide me. You've told people (and me) to trust our instincts and intuition and now I know what you mean! Plus, I saw a video of you and Doreen Virtue and I know that my angels and spiritual guides have been urging me for a long time to eat healthier. Even my menstrual cycle is healing: it's lighter, pain-free, and getting better. Makes me wonder, how anyone--especially the medical establishment--can truly believe a very painful period is normal? One thing I have realized after transitioning to this lifestyle is that just because something is normal does not mean it is healthy. Wishing you and Cara the best always,


Markus this is so off topic, but your book about making money is really amazing. I started a website, but didn't make any money. Then i started reading your book and the next day i got 2 orders. Then the second time i read a few pages in your book i got another few orders. And now, 2 weeks later, it is the BOMB. I cannot keep up and still have to build my FB page, my youtube channel, my Google page etc. I need 48 hours in a day to keep up. Thanks Markus, i think I have all your books and you make me enthusiastic about life. Your 'teachings' are very similar to Abraham hicks. I guess that you will like her when you check her out on YouTube.
Martine Peters

From Lebanon
Some days i'd love to have your green powders, for the easiness of it, and the guaranteed power boost.having a blend of several plants powdered and ready to use  is such a luxury, but here in Lebanon, we are lucky enough to - still - have wild plants. Yesterday we went out to a place in the mountain where we could find nettles. I had the idea of picking some of them (also dandelions) to plant them in our garden. This way, there is no need for gardening! and we get the most powerful greens available right from our garden.I’ve always been sensitive to energy.. but i am always AMAZED at the instant life force that permeates the body as soon as i have a fresh green drink. Today a simple nettles drink just put me on fire! I instantly feel the heartbeat getting stronger. I feel shivering up down the spine, especially upper spine, behind the heart It is not the first time i experience that..but gosh! i am always amazed by this instant feeling of LIFE running through the body. I am sure if each human being could have this simple drink... just a nettle drink or a dandelion drink.I am sure there would be less wars and violence in this world!Grateful to now, to you, to nature 

Christiane Boustani, Lebanon

Got my collagen kit this week, made a mask, and it tightened my face like crazy.  Gonna do before and after photos. So grateful for your videos and products.  I feel like I found precious gold.  Is collagen good for bone density too Markus?
Louise Longtin
(yes it is great for bones- M)

re: Enema video
It is amazing and I am so glad I started... I just wish I knew about this years ago, I was shocked by how much stuff was coming out.

Collagen kit: I have been mixing these 3 items in a blender together upon waking after drinking a liter of water first. I have noticed increased energy levels since adding in the Moss. (I used to just use the Greens and Vitamin C)  Never knew about adding the Apple Cider Vinegar for better absorption!
John Vella

Markus and Cara, You two don't know me, but I wanted to thank you with all of my heart. I've been following your principles for a while (wish I had found them much sooner!) and have your cookbook. Numebr 1- delicious! You guys did an amazing job. Number 2- I'm proud to report that I went to the eye doctor today and my vision has actually IMPROVED from last time! It's slow but steady progress, however I am utterly grateful for what you have found and what you are sharing. I am so thankful for you two. Don't stop doing what you're doing. If you only helped one person, I am it!
Heather Wood

I bought the cookbook and I LOVE IT! It is the BEST RAW cookbook I ever bought. It is so informational and overall easy. Would love to meet the two of you o eday :-) oh yes I also bought heal yourself 101 and the seaweed too. Have a great day. Please let me know if you have a talk in the US. I would love to go.
Yesenia Hernandez

re: enema video
I just did it! The crap that came out was amazing

GDM Fitness

Uncookbook: We had our book shipped to us all the United Arab Emirates (no need for a UK store - just buy the book and have it shipped) ...absolutely worth every penny recommend this book to anyone thinking of getting it. So much love placed into each page - and the recipes are phenomenal.
‪I-am Presence

Markus: I am glad I have decided to start using your products. Positive changes all over

‪Daniela Gotta

This is an AMAZZZZZING cookbook! The recipes are for dishes that are gorgeous, delicious, healthy, and easy to make! I never knew "cooking" could be like this!
Tina Derby

Oh my gosh! I am IN LOVE with this garlic Naan recipe from the video you and Cara Brotman did!!!! Mine turned out beautifully!! DELISH too! Looking forward to getting your "Love on a Plate" cookbook (which I asked my Co Op to start carrying) along with an Excalibur and Vitamix once our tax return comes in! TY TY for making raw fun and yummy! 6 weeks in to a raw vegan diet and have lost 20 pounds and feel GREAT!
Beth Dougherty Blair


Mr Rothkranz, the speech you made at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona in 2008 (I just listened to the audio in your website)....I have never, no never heard a man speak that way about a woman. I feel as if, through your speech, I was transported to heaven and allowed, for a split second to touch with my finger tips the magic that a relationship was originally designed to be like. I tried to share the audio with all the young people in my family, especially the young women who are allowing their hearts to be dragged through the mud, however, the set-up did not allow that option. Thank you so very, very much for allowing yourself to be this magical transporter of light. I always think you are not of this world.
Rozanna Bojdo


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