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Caras Supplements
& Salad Toppings

People are always asking what supplements Cara takes and what she puts on her salads. She was gracious enough to give us a little humorous tour.
Enjoy the video!


First Person Wins...

A little trivia quiz.
The first person who emails the correct full answer to trivia@MarkusWorld.com
gets a free bottle of my herbal vitamin C
Here's the question


(in German) Upcoming Interview

A sneek peek at an upcoming interview I did in German that will be released in January.

If you missed the last newsletter or two because of the holiday madness, here are the links...

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(In German) Live in Balance

Raw Deluxe Tabouli Recipe

Do the Right Thing- Don't Cheat at Anything in Life

If It's Not Working

Healthy CrêpeRecipe


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