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Boy gets Polio from Vaccine,
almost dies & Heals Himself

An amazing inspirational story to give people hope about vaccinations. Here is the video


Important Tips to help speed cleansing without headaches

For anyone trying to lose the belly, or heal something or fasting or cleansing, don't skip these important steps if you don't want any detox effects. if you cleanse properly, you should have MORE energy. If you're not doing it right, you feel tired.
Watch this!


The Secret for growing Monster Veggies

No, these aren't photoshopped pictures! That's really a 3 lb beet root and a 16 lb zucchini! These pictures were sent by Rauno Moilanen in Finland. Apparently, this is pretty common in northern Europe. The secret? Lots of chicken and horse manure and Limestone. If you can read Finnish, here is a video.

Interestingly enough, the very next day, I get an email from someone else who sent this video. This is what she said...This guy, Paul Gautschi, farms by spreading his chicken manure which is mixed with wood chips over seeds, seedlings, tree roots and he produces amazing vegetables.   No tilling.  His videos are inspiring.  His chickens eat only healthy grains and leftover veges.
Loving Regards, Sue Ayres


I wanted to thank you. I just found you about 2 weeks ago and I am reading
instructions for a New life. You have totally changed my thinking patterns. I am already feeling excited... words cannot explain my gratitude!!!! You are a gorgeous man inside and out...many, many thanks!!!‬
Sandra Williams

Ice Bath video , video: Why Cold is Good for You
Today was my second time watching this video, bought 4 large bags of ice and after stepping in and out of the tub a dozen times I finally sat down.  It was extremely painful when I first stepped in, I could feel the severe aches in my legs all the way to the bones.  It's been a few hours now and it is so amazing how good I feel.  I can tell my body has good circulation now, whereas I've always had a problem with that.  Thank you!
Mona-Britt Folds

Short on
ice bath.
Some of us in Europe and especially France and Germany -I'm both French and German through my mother- have practiced various forms of hydrotherapy, one is called Kneipp therapy from the German guy called by that name also Louis Khune, who said in 1850 that all diseases have one common foundation, wrong foods and wrong life style. Kneipp had tuberculosis, he was condemned and having nothing to lose he started to run and after a long run being hot he jumped in the Rhine river, ice cold in winter... and healed himself. He was thrown into a convent -he was a priest- but soon all the monks got better following some of his advice, he had thousands healed and at the end of his life he became the personal coach of the pope.We practice the ice bath sitting in very cold water to ice cold but feet should be out of the ice. You want the blood to leave the inner organs of digestion, and move to the extremities, lower legs and feet and lungs, arms and shoulders. This way it is not just super good for what you mention in your super good and funny video, but it has a deeper function, it moves the blood full of toxins from the liver, kidneys and bowels around, for we believe that perfect health depend on perfect blood circulation. This we can never achieve even with much exercise.You can even place the feet in warm water to accentuate the benefits. This is a fantastic procedure, just amazing results, it helped many people we know who had prostate problem, you could try this out and make a new video some day on healing prostate, and for ladies with gynecological issues it is also a very great treatment.
Your French friend
Daniel Garcia

Thank you. It seems every week you are teaching me something new. I'm currently waiting for the protein and the everyone in the world should have Charconite as I'm down to few days left. I am a person who struggles with weight and health issues. Certainly since beginning the greens and the other everyone should have Vitamin C I am no longer on two blood pressure meds almost completely off antidepressants one gone altogether and half dose of a known weight gaining wellbutron antidepressant. That's what Drs don't get sure I was depressed I cared for 3 family members one after the other until they passed away. I can deal with my feelings now what is depressing is the weight gain that my Drs solution was bandaid with drugs. Add medical menopause and nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back.Thank you. I know what I need to do I know what I'm saving for and I'm determined to get there. Many Blessings to you and the lovely Cara and your entire team. Thanks again from a very grateful person. PS the videos keep getting better and better. Mini movies. You guys rock
Anastasia Dias

I purchased Parasite-Free a long time ago - used it and stopped after my GI health returned. 3 days ago I was hammered with GI pain, brain fog, fatigue, constipation..even breathing difficulty. I tried everything (herbs, juices, oils, ionic foot bath) which helped but it was your Parasite-Free which saved me. I read the reviews and thought some of those 'stool watchers' were delusional...until yes YES I saw something that prompted me to take a cell snap - it was an impressive parasite! It looked like a hair clipping - but no, that came from my intestine; not my head! Thank you. It's one thing to cleanse old debris - but your product is remarkable because it removes LIVING organisms. I'm continuing its use and will be a life-long user when needed. This is monumental. All the best,

Deb M.

i want you to live forever my angel! there are just a few days since i use your products and it is for the first time when i come back from work and i don t want to sleep....i m not tired .i work 6-7 hours in the pool and i m not hungry......is just about the big glass of your wonderful products in my smothies...in the morning. Wow wow i cant believe.....thank you....don t stop to do this....never
Marta Abass

When we renovated the bathroom we upgraded the shower. Everything was thrown away when the shower was rebuilt. We needed a quick shower head until we picked out a new one. We used the water saving one from New Mexico. It sprayed so much vapor in the air that I almost passed out from what I enhaled. The longer I showered the worse I felt. I exited the shower and laid on the shower mat trying to catch my breath and come back to this reality. It took hours before I felt like myself again.I was in such disbelief about it actually being the water vapor that I went a second day taking a shower with that particular shower head. About 4 minutes into the shower I became incredibly dizzy again, and had to end my shower before I was finished. I had to lay down on the floor again. That was proof enough for me. The hot vapor from the steam sent chemicals through my lungs into my body. If I hadn't stopped I might have damaged myself or even have caused my death. Forget about your thyroid! I almost died from just showering with an environmentally friendly shower head! The next day I got a rainfall shower head and never had the problem again. Now I need to upgrade to a complete water filtration system. Thank you, Markus, for encouraging me to look deeper into my extremely healthy lifetyle and question deeper. I find that you learn new things every day, and you should never close yourself off to new ideas. You are a true pioneer. So many people appreciate the information and entertainment you freely give to us. What you talk about not only makes sense, but it's the truth.
Kelli Coffee

Ice Bath testimonial

I had a really bad sun burn, the maid at the Hotel recommended I fill up the bathtub with as much Ice and cold water possible. I was able to submerge everything but my clavicle. I sat in the
ice water bath as long as I could stand it. The next day, the only area that still hurt was the area I couldn't get in the water. Amazing!!‬
‪Marilyn Noel

I just wanted to say I really appreciate your contribution as I have personally benefited from being at the brink of death having hives for nine months and a far worst case than anyone I've seen on Google! After having seen every doctor and specialist in my county, which were of no help whatsoever. After virtually meeting death, at the Very core of my being, I surrendered to the experience  with a Prayer! A Revelation occurred immediately with self-knowledge and instruction on what to do regarding my diet, and in short was a Raw food diet (As I required the life force and vitality of the food’s, for a new kind of body I needed to inhabit and the old form was to empty to hold what I was to be doing in my life after that point! 
In short the raw food diet save me immediately (Less than 24hours later, after even the strongest Steroids couldn’t stop the irritation and allergic reactions), so I not only want to say thank you for your self exploration having walked your own journey to coming to such profound wisdom,  but also to me personally! I work here in Santa Barbara as a spiritual guide and teacher, and similarly have to walk through many trials to embody the truth at the level of being, not simply at the level of philosophy or words, and I'm grateful for such challenging yet enriching experiences, that you played a part in. So I wanted to say from my very personal story, Thank you!  
Peter Smith

I have already lost 65lbs in 3 months since I found you Markus

‪Jose Vazquez

Markus helped me cure my Crohn's disease
with this lifestyle. No more Remicaid infusions every 2 months for 3 hrs a shot and $5K a pop, like chemo. And that was after only 1 month on this diet. Enough said about whether or not this works and is how we're supposed to eat. Now, about the cost of eating fresh raw whole foods being more expensive, I say "Poppycock!". I'm 48 yrs old and have noticed that when I was a kid growing up dirt poor, we ate the canned, boxed and jarred sh** because it was cheaper than fresh fruits and veggies. Now, it's the opposite. All the crap that people are hooked on in the canned, boxed and jarred foods is now way more expensive than lettuce or berries. I often wonder if it was engineered that way all those years ago, just to get people hooked on the crap and then sell it pricier to make more money these days. Check it out for yourself in the produce aisles. Anyway, if you don't see what I see, then you're shopping in the wrong section of the store and possibly the wrong store altogether, honey.
Marta Kempton

Markus is right its not what you take its what you get rid of. 2 months ago i switched from drinking juice to 100 percent water. i noticed right away after that i mostly had no hunger and now i eat once a day. i have one big salad. After only 2 months i lost 40 pounds and it was easy. i don't even think about food anymore. also want to say if your reading this Markus thanks for all the great videos on health.

K Lee

Thanks Markus, I have been researching Healthy Nutritional Eating for Decades. I Have followed your
Heal Yourself 101 going on 3 months now & have been able to go off several medications. I also lost 35lbs. Still Healing. Thank you & Bless you & Cara
Gluten Free Wellness

Markus i just want to let you know... i was able to see a difference in my health by following your suggestion of including bitter foods in my diet. I have lost a lot of stomach fat this way.... I come to realize that for most of my life i have suffered from poor digestion. I am going to start sharing your vids on Facebook. Thank You.
omo oya (omooya)

I have to tell you I love the Night Rebuild!  (And u can use this as a testimonial if you like...) I have been on it 5 days- but I felt the Magic the 2nd day! I've been sleeping like a baby each night :). I am in my mid-40's but feel like I did in my early 30's- on every level! I know I never want  to be without it.  That is why I need to order 4 bottles at a time:). This is definitely the missing link for me!!!! Love you and Cara!!! I have your uncook book too!! Lovelovelove
Heidi Riley

I love the
Night Rebuild It work like nothing else I ever tried! No more hotflashes! This is a porducts that people need to know about!‬
‪Samantha Bronzeill

I agree, (Vegan does not mean healthy).  I got up to 322 lbs and was diagnosed with diabetes on a vegan diet for 3 years at that time.  How I did this was I lived on veggie burgers and/or 2lbs of pasta a day with olive oil in the sauce. I am slowly losing the weight but now I make everything from scratch and cut out pasta, veggie burgers, soy and corn (because they are GMO).The healthiest I ever was, was on a raw vegan diet of 2/3 greens and veggies and 1/3 fruit

Night Formula
Markus & Cara -THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You were NOT kidding Cara, this worked the very 1st night! I felt the same way as you - waking up drenched in sweat - SO gross! I'm going to get some for my parents - my dad is overweight, depressed, no sex drive - and he thinks it's "normal" because he's "old". He's 67 and should NOT be feeling this way! My mom takes bio-identical HRT, and thinks that is the only solution.  I weaned them off of their sugar addiction by making them your freezer chocolate, and now that's the only sweet treat they eat - so again, thank you!!!

Works great ! On the first night I used, no sweats.‬
‪Madonna Hewston

My name is Candie . I didn't realize how sick I actually was until I saw your videos . I started taking your products and there amazing. My family also suffers from diabetes and an inherited disease call Huntingston's disease which is pretty darn close to Parkinson's disease, both are a nervous system disease. I started to notice that my body would twitch involuntarily and that I was having memory loss. I was so scared that this was the start of bad things to come so I started to research and started taking your powders and it wasn't until last night that I was looking up all the ingredients in your wild force powder that I found you put Hu Zhang ( Japanese knotweed ) in it, which helps with Parkinson's disease and memory loss and the nervous system. And it was at that moment when I realized that the twitching in my body that I was experiencing had completely diminished. Along with that my memory has also improved along with so many things that were going on. I'm no longer in fear of my future. I can't say enough about how it has changed my life so far and I've only just finished my first containers. A sincere thank- you   
Candie LaSala

Thank You. You helped me cure my Crohn's disease and many other things. So grateful for your work! My husband and I are you, Markus and Cara...just 7 years sooner. Took a long time to find each other, but we did (we're so deeply in love and perfect for each other) and now we're embarking on this amazing lifestyle that has done so much for us in just 3 months time. We love you guys, your products and your inspiration. Please keep up the good work in food and in relationships. They both mean so much. We'll be watching, supporting and spreading the word ourselves!
Marta Kempton

I am so Thankful for your life-giving message... I have been eating mostly organic whole foods for years and still struggled with my health... I watched your videos on YouTube and was so inspired that I changed my mindset. I gave up meat, dairy, and grains, and leap-frogged to another level... My asthma and eczema cleared up completely. But the real triumph came when I read your books and started taking your Wild Greens! The Energy I now have is incredible! I am losing weight for the first time in Years... And believe me, I have been trying for years! I have tears in my eyes as I write this... My life at 59 is not growing dim any more... I am mounting up with renewed strength... I cannot thank you enough. I am excited to feel renewal inside and out. I made up a batch of Sea Moss and mixed it with some of your Vitamin C and ground up dehydrated orange and peel that I had made, and use it on my skin as a mask... It is now so baby soft that our 17 year old girl got excited about it and used it on her face. She was tickled to see her skin clear up over night.Thank you so much for sharing your life with us... And for showing us how to renew our youth... God bless you richly with all good things... As you have blessed ours.
Susan Wells

(Enema video) Dude Thanks for the help, was having problems with my plumbing and bottom hatch , it was getting serious, This helped me after the first try am almost problem free and now doing a routine like you said.
Alberto Hayes

I love enemas. I noticed that absolutely no matter what I eat, when I do enemas twice a day my face looks WAY younger, wrinkles disappear, skin becomes smoother. And when I fast (water only for a day or two), I look like 20something instead of my 37. I live in Japan now and when people ask me how old I am (very important subject here :) ) and I tell them, they get very surprised :)
Damian Ray

I'm so thankful to have been blessed by your knowledge. It has helped to change my life forever. You truly are an angel!
After I got out of the marine corps infantry and after serving in Iraq in 2006, I came home with a slew of health problems. Knee, back, stomach and arthritis pain. Not to mention very bad post traumatic stress disorder. The veterans hospitals were only making me worse for almost ten years now. I knew inside that there was a better way. I typed heal yourself in Google and came across your material about a year ago. I fasted and juiced and I finally felt progress and my strength begin to return. I'm still healing as it is a journey to recover, but I know it's the truth that nature will create miracles! Thank you so much for spreading your knowledge and for introducing me to others such as Don Tolman who do the same healing work! Your friend

It's you and Cara I have to thank. Please never stop making your informative videos. I SERIOUSLY enjoy the videos you do with James Sloane, they're life saving. I've learned so much and they've made an impact in my life. II also wanted to share with you that about a year ago bought your Night Rebuild. I didn't dig the taste so, I just left it in my cupboard. I recently watched one of your videos that was talking about menopausal night sweats and your Night Rebuild was mentioned again. I pull it out and put 1/2 tsp in a green juice. First of all, I love the taste, go figure! Secondly, but importantly, from the very FIRST day of taking your formula, I have not had one night sweat... nada! I still have moments during the day where I get hot, but I'm going to increase my dose to 1 tsp. I'm impressed that very little of this uber high-quality formula of yours is giving me a more peaceful sleep. Hey, it works!! Thank you, Markus, for caring enough to create a product that is so awesome and healing!
Much Love to Ya

I wanted to say im loving the vitamin c powder!! i just did my first facial with it and its amazing! i exfoliated first then mixed tsp with drop water and smeared on my face let dry for 15min. washed off and my skin is so taut and shiny glowing! i will def do this twice a wk now. i also drink it three times a day one tbsp and gives me energy. just love this powder

Addy Proulx

Sometimes a small change makes a huge difference. Y
our video on the importance of drinking water not only made me laugh but it came on time. I realized i am NOT drinking enough plain water. in fact, i am barely drinking !Just this morning, i had only a first big glass of water.. and after 2 hours only, I saw a change in my lips (intestine): they were dry before water, now they look full! Ialso, the foggy brain and moodiness disappeared after 1 hour! amazing. One should not wait until he/she feels thirsty. coz it is already too late! So, thanks a lot for this huge reminder, Love,
Christiane Boustani

I received my order of Night Rebuild last night and wanted to share that I could feel a peace and calm drench my system within seconds of taking it! I slept better than I have in a few weeks and woke feeling good rather than tired. Thank you! I'm looking forward to experiencing the long-term results with continued use (along w/my Vitamin C powder, Greens formula and Sea Moss). I love and appreciate you and Cara and your work, art and videos! Thank you for sharing your hearts and lives to benefit the health and well-being of everyone and everything!
Ginger Droback

We are so pleased with the
Vitamin C results. True. Thank you. Our skin problems on face are disappearing. We believe our insides are healing as well. Bless and keep you.‬
‪Sunny Rose


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