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Yes I live in the desert, where is gets to 120F sometimes. But I also like the cold. Each has their purpose. Did you know cold helps you lose fat? That it can help you think better and faster? That is can help heal almost any illness? That it helps you live longer.
Cold therapy boosts metabolism 500%. It burns calories and fat, clears blood glucose levels, helps build muscle, enhances exercise recovery, rebalances hormones and helps cells live longer. Watch the video

Cold is misunderstood and underappreciated. After this, hopefully you will have a newfound appreciation and love of nature and the grand design of things. Firstly, I am NOT saying you need to live in cold places. But cold has serious health benefits that are different than heat. Having one but not the other is lacking. We need both. So go get your heat therapy, but also your cold! Here'e why...

The longest living people live in places where it gets cold (higher elevations or latitudes), whereas people living in the tropics usually don’t live as long. Parasites, bacteria and viruses love warmth. That’s why so many people get terribly sick when on vacation in warm tropics. That’s why hospitals and doctors offices are so cold. The only reason people get sick in the winter is because they eat processed unnatural warm comfort food, and don’t move their bodies very much.

Electricity moves better in cold. Supercomputers must be in refrigerated rooms. The colder it is, the faster information moves because there is less resistance in matter. Your body’s electrical and nervous system works better, faster and much more efficiently. My office where I work is very cold, the air conditioning is always on, even in the winter. I’m like a supercomputer when I work. The cold helps me focus and be more alert.

The most advanced, powerful cultures and richest cities in the world with the most technological advancements are all in the colder northern latitudes (New York, Berlin, Moscow, London etc). None in the tropics.

Sleep is much better when it’s cold.

It’s very healing. Sure it may be uncomfortable, but the shock factor is what helps get things moving inside you. Ever heard of hot-cold therapy? (It’s in my book “Heal Yourself 101” if you ever read it). When you are hot, your skin gets red because the heated blood goes OUTWARDS to use your skin’s surface to cool off. When you get cold, the blood rushes INWARDS to protect your vital organs and keep them warm, so your skin gets white. Hot-cold therapy is when you stand in a shower and douse yourself with really cold water for 30 seconds. Go ahead- scream. Then turn the water hot and stand in hot water for 30 seconds. You’ll go Ahhhhh. Then ice cold again 30 second. AAUUGH! Then hot water again 30 seconds Ahhhhh. Do this 7 times. Each time the pain will be less and less, until finally you are so numb, you don’t even feel the cold anymore. In the winter, we move our bodies less and our blood and lymph becomes stagnant. What you are doing with hot-cold therapy is forcing all the blood in your body to rush inwards, then outwards, then inwards, then outwards, then inwards- you are washing your entire insides. It’s very healing. It helps get everything moving. In fact, people have held shower heads on skin cancer spots and after many hot-cold sessions, the spot just fell off. This helps any pain or illness you may have in your body. It’s great for lazy people, wheelchair people, paralyzed people and sick people. It’s common for people to jump back and forth from a hot tub into snow. Last year I posted some pics of naked German people sitting outside, covering themselves with snow. A few uptight people complained about the image subject matter. Geez. They need to do this!

Cold burns stubborn fat.

The most stubborn fat is brown fat cells, which you can kill with cold. Dr. Schulze and Christopher talk about putting people in bathtubs filled with ice cubes to heal “incurable” diseases. People in America scream for their lives when this is done to them- they literally have to be held down by several other people. Funny, because in other countries (especially northern Europe), ice baths are actually quite common in the natural healing world- and for people trying to lose stubborn fat. The colder it is, the more fat you lose. And despite what some people say, yes you can spot-reduce fat in specific body areas by strapping cold packs to your abs or butt during the day. It’s called “Cold Thermogenesis”, which causes blood glucose to be burned off as fuel before it can turn into fat. Adiponectin is a hormone released by cold that breaks down fat and sends glucose into muscles, increasing the number of skeletal muscle mitochondria, meaning it might even help your muscles grow and heal faster!

Many raw foodists complain they are always cold. Good! That means you are healthier. Most people are in a permanent state of inflammation where their bodies are chronically trying to burn off some kind of low-level infection. They get so used to it, they think being warm is normal. Actually cold is more normal. Lab studies have shown that animals with a lower core body temperature live much longer. Part of what raises body temperature is digestion. It’s hard work on the body. Eating less lengthens your life. As for feeling cold- here’s what I do. Take you clothes off and let yourself get as cold as you possibly can for as long as you can. Walk around the house naked or even better outside naked in the winter, whatever. Then make a hot bath or shower and go ahhhhh. Then later, let yourself get cold again. Go through this several times a day and watch how you feel. As the years go by, you will find yourself acclimating more to the cold to the point where you can go out in the snow wearing only shorts.

I know a lot of you are thinking “Ice baths? Cold therapy? No thank you. I’ll try other alternative therapies”. But remember- always staying in the comfort zone is what got you sick, bored and unhappy in the first place. Not just with your body, but with your personal relationships and money health also. If you want to really thrive and be successful, you must constantly be breaking your comfort zones. If you learn to not be afraid by using cold-therapy, it might just help you with not being afraid to do other things in your life that are keeping you in a rut. It’s all connected.

At least approach it this way. OK, so being in ice cold water in the winter is not fun, but it makes getting into the hot tub 30 seconds later something to really look forward to. Then, once you’re in the hot tub, you feel a sense of accomplishment and newfound courage seeing that you survived it. So you go again for another 30 seconds in the cold swimming pool or shower. Again- you look forward to the hot water. After the fourth round, you notice how the cold doesn’t affect you anymore. You are starting to become superhuman. You feel refreshed, clean, calm, focussed and alive like never before.

That’s my job. To wake you up and show you what real living is really like! Watch the video


(from a cancer patient)
I had a blood test done with a top nutritionist in Utah with 30 years experience. The doctor said I have the blood work of a 18 year old male and wanted to know what I have been taking, When I told him about your powders and showed him what was in them he said he can't believe their not from Japan and they are all Organic. He was very interested in looking you up. He made copies of what was in your powders and made a comment to continue to take them for the rest of my life. As you can see by my test that your protien powder, greens and the vitamin C are in her words are beautiful. Blood tests don't lie. He wants me to continue to take them the rest of my life. Honestly markus gods truth I have never felt so good in my life, from a year ago I was 286lbs now I am 145lbs. I don't look as good as you, but I feel fantastic. One of these days markus we are going to have a bet who can walk the longest in the desert.  Thank you Markus and Cara for everything:) We want everyone to know you and Cara have helped alot of people with all your products and insperations. Like my nutrionist said your powders are beautiful. Blood test don't lie:) Big Smiles:)    Thanks
Chris and Barbara Elvig.

P.S. How long is the shelf life for your powders, Because we want to stock pile all your powders. If you ever plan on not making the powder let us know in advance. I am 100% serious barb and I are not going without your powder on a daily basis for years to come.

SO proud of you Chris- the Wild Force powders last for several years, the BodyForce cleansing products for at least 10 years.

Thank you again. Always thought provoking. BTW I went from a tight size 18, to a loose 14
with your products and information. THANKS!
Diane Zeisler

Your products are great especially your
vitamin C. I just can't live without it
Janet Johnson

I have used your
liver formula for ten days and the hvite spots on my skin are already reversing. Thank you for this great product :)
Petter Lekang

I think you are an amazing, incredible, intelligent, and gorgeous human being. I pray you keep soaring higher and higher every day! I hope you have an amazing day! 
Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother really helped clean my liver and my skin acne in addition to eating clean. It worked better than lemon water. If anyone else has issues similar to mine, can you please recommend this and spread the word? I know it can change a life. Love,
India Shy


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