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Complaining Kills
This is one of the biggest secrets to success, health and longevity. Do not shrug this off or take it lightly. There is a huge difference between complaining and seeing something as a creative challenge. This is what separates successful people from the rest who think negativity leads to results. It doesn't. It leads to more negativity and shortens the life of everyone involved. Watch this important video.


Markus Products
Now in UK!

Markus products are now available for shipping from England at MarkusWorldproducts.com
These are genuine Markus Products that can be shipped from England (yes they ship outside UK also) Please note this is a separate company from mine, so please do not contact the original MarkusProducts.com for customer service questions about European distributor sales. Also note- this is an entirely new and different company than the Germany-Holland distributor (Boombee). These are companies that buy my products wholesale and resell them. I am not personally associated with them and they have their own customer service numbers and emails. I apologize for the people who were on backorder with Boombee, that is out of my hands but I did tell them not to receive payment for things they do not have in stock. The new English company (not associated with Boombee) promises to also never sell things they do not have in stock. I am excited about the Brits- they personally flew out to meet me and I really like them. I think you will have a great experience with their company. They do not sell all my products yet, just the main ones to start, but they are available immediately. Here is the website.



The parasite formula saved my life several years ago. I was really sick, could not remember anything, even forgot how to fold my clothes. I was praying for a solution, quit eating for 19 days and somehow stumbled across Markus and this product. Within 13 days of taking it a brain fog left that had been there for years. It is one of the most comprehensive formulas available and works where other parasite cleanses do not. Definitely recommend it. In fact I just ordered again because I caught something funky running around in the Amazon jungle. An annual cleanse is a must for my kinda life. <3
Sarah Sherman

The GREEN FORMULA has changed my life FORVER
. Please don't EVER stop making it. I honestly thought this product was another typical "greens product". But I was blown away by the exemplary effects of what these products do. God bless you Markus Rothkranz, and Cara Brotman.

There is no need for all of the other green powders I used to buy. Just a few days on this formula in smoothies and in juices clears up my eczema super fast! There is no question that my body is absorbing this formula and loving it. At first the taste was bitter but now I'm used to it and it's not as bitter because my body likely adapted/cleaned up. Read the label because it is true that if you are supposed to be sleeping don't take it before bed because you'll get a burst of energy and be up for a while. I've made that mistake and was bouncing off the walls. It improves my overall mood.  I love this green formula! I just need to take it more steadily and not just use it to clear up my skin in a pinch. Thank you Markus!

(The Prosperity Secret): the best book everrrrrr! TQ markusss for explaining every things as clear as possible!
syira salmi

I am writing today to thank you for your remarkable products but in particular your Kidney formula. I was diagnosed with a 7mm kidney stone.  Everything I read said that a 7mm stone is not gonna pass by itself, so I opted to get the lithotripsy to have it broken up.  It was a 3 week wait to get the procedure done.  Within that time, we bought your kidney formula (and the kidney ebook). Since it was not specific on how often to take it, we did a muscle test to ask how often and got 3 times.  So, I took it every day 2-3 times a day for 2 weeks.  I went in to get my pre-surgery X-ray to see where the stone was and that stone had shrunk and made it 90% of the way down the ureter!  Needless to say, we cancelled the procedure!  I'm still taking the kidney formula to get it the rest of the way down!  Thank you so much for saving me from an unnecessary procedure and possible complications.  It's a shame more people don't know about this!  Warm regards and blessing, 
Laura Roemmele

Dearest Marcus yesterday was day four of the parasite program taking my first dose of 10 Capsule I woke up this morning and out came a worm of a Enormous proportion I even took a picture where you can see the vein running through the worm. How can I ever thank you! I am on my way to being free of them for good!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Sonia T.

Markus’s Wild Force Super Plant Protein has changed my life completely:  I used to be a low energy, "get tired by 2pm" dad that would struggle to find energy by the end of the day.  This mixture has empowered me to be a more energetic dad, to do better at my career, still have energy by 8-9pm at night, and it's improved my health considerably.  I'm not saying this magically cured all of my negatives in my body, but now my body is much more balanced and healthy.  I feel much better as a person.  My mental health has never been better. Thank you for everything you've done for me.  I literally owe you a HUGE thank you for making my life better.  Cheers,
Deric M

Instructions For A New Life You guys have NO CLUE how much TRUTH this book contains! If you only REALIZED the VALUE of the information contained, you would be eternally grateful for it ever crossing your path.... LITERALY, this book should be worth it's weight in GOLD! Trust me, I've researched success from the very BEST - I am still BOGGLED how well Markus put it all together or that he even knows about this information - almost makes me wonder, lol it's truly unbelievable! Stop wasting your time trying to figure out "the secret to success"... just CUT STRAIGHT TO THE CHASE = Instructions For A New Life - this IS the "Secret To Success!" It is so SIMPLE you are MISSING IT!!!
Lorenzo Juarez

Markus I bought your green formula, vit c, and night time formula for my opioid withdrawal. I am on day 4 with no meds. They are helping so much, thank you. I am recommending them on my YouTube channel as well. I will be reviewing them later. I have shared your info with other addicts who are trying to overcome addiction. Take care! Xo

I am 56 years old female and started smoking when I was almost 21. I recently stopped smoking and started taking your herbs and one for my skin. I noticed the vast improvement of my skin especially on my chest. The skin tags, moles, bumps, and carbuncles from old age are disappearing right before my very eyes! This is so exciting for me! Every product that I have used, including the uncooked book has tremendous positive results including better teeth.

A few months ago I went to the dentist and they informed me that it was necessary for them to pull a few of my teeth due to gum disease. Mortified about loosing my teeth, I promptly downloaded your ebook about teeth and gums. I stopped eating sticky foods that stuck to my teeth and started oil pulling to name a few. As you can see by the dates to the left that back on Feb. 21st my gums were horrible! See all those high numbers of 6, 7 and even 8?!? Thats bad! Now look! On June 6th my numbers dropped  down to 1, 2, and 3; that's beautiful!!!  Here is the proof!!! This is for real! (see test results)

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