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The Cookbook
on Morning Shows

Here's a quick glimpse at how TV shows all over the country are reacting to food from our uncookbook, which will premiere at the Toronto Expo this weekend. Enjoy this video and be inspired!



See you in Toronto this week!
By the time you get this newsletter, Cara, her son, Jennifer , Bodan and I will be on a plane to Toronto, where you can meet us in person, hear me speak, see Cara make food and maybe even win a trip to Hawaii!
Here is the Expo website.


(WildForce Vitamin C):
This stuff is absolutely brilliant. It's helped me greatly in healing my adrenals. My test results have improved significantly in the past couple of years. My parents take this now and love it!!! I would start with the Vitamin C before you take anything else.
Kelli Klein

I turned my bfriend onto you and your Heal your Face book awhile back. He was so impressed he quoted a major part of your book for a local rag he writes for called Truly Alive. It may be that they wish to spotlight you for the magazine. Here is the link to peruse magazine and Bill's article:http://www.trulyalive.net/  http://www.trulyalive.net/synchronicity/ Very sincerely, 
Amy Immel

In the middle of preproduction of my feature film about domestic violence, which I'm writing, directing, producing, casting and acting in a no budget, while being in a stressful situation with my home,I had a death in the family and somebody very dear to me almost died and had to go to the hospital. Needless to say, I felt very affected and stressed by those circumstances. Sure enough, I started feeling achy all over, signs of a head cold and other things, where in the past I would've had the flu for at least two weeks. I've been taking your powders religiously since the beginning of the year, daily age free, green powder, protein powder and vitamin C powder and within one day all the symptoms disappeared!!!! I did not get sick! I could feel how my body has such a strong immune system, that was able to override my emotional pain and stress.Even though I'm in my early 50s, I feel like I'm in my 20s.Thank you thank you thank you for your amazing products, inspirational videos, God bless you've changed my life!!!!!
Very gratefuly yours, Marianne Hettinger :-))))

(I think she's talking about Heal Yourself 101)...
This book absolutely changed my life and way of thinking. I could literally see real CHEMICAL FREE results within 30 days! Even a brown spot on my hand has started to fade! Every little girl should be given this information on her 13th birthday- I wish I had been! Thanks, Markus!!
Kristen Wilson

I've been following Markus for years. I have ALL of his books, DVD and some of his products. I love them all. :-) I've been plant-base since I was eight years old and now I'm forty-five. Markus' videos and books help me kick my health up a notch and I couldn't be happier. With the information I have obtained from Markus and Cara l feel more confident my life is on the right path. THANK YOU! LOVE YA BOTH.
Yesenia Hernandez

I just got 3 of your products. I was amazed at how I felt after taking the
green formula. I was so happy to feel energy all day long. I never felt the need to nap, which is what I usually end up doing. I am so grateful to have tuned into you again in the last couple months. I love your talks, recipes and ALL you have to say, and what you do for US!!! Thank you SO much!!! : )
Marty Schumacher

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