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Cultured Fermented Foods
In this video, James Sloane and I talk about cultured and fermented foods, what they are, why they are good for you and how you can make them. I like to ask questions I think most people secretly wonder, like what's the difference between fermented foods and moldy rotting food? An interesting informative video. Click here to watch.



How to make Coconut Yogurt
I made this video a few years ago, showing how easy it is to use young Thai coconuts to make yogurt. The probiotic used is shown in the video at 1:45. I used Ascended Health ProAlive, but you can use any good one. Liquid is preferable over dry powder probiotics. Remember also you can now buy coconut meat and water at Whole Foods and other health stores.
Click here for the coconut yogurt video.



Take lots of probiotics, kefir etc. All that winter comfort food is still leaving its mark, it became a breeding ground for bacteria and you need to get rid of it! Get my colon formula to help push it out. It also contains apple fiber to draw out toxins. Your liver needs cleaning too, so get the liver formula, and of course you need vitamin C- but only the herbal kind- not ascorboc acid from the store. This is the strongest vitamin C you can get. Get everything here.



Night Formula- No more Night Sweats (video)
This is very true!!! Over 40 and using this formula!! Night sweats gone!!! Also shared with a friend who has the most restful sleep now. Her words " I wake up SO refreshed and ready to start the day"!!!! Thanks Cara for the info!!!
Geneva Livingstone

Your book "
Love On A Plate". And that's exactly what it is! I purchased the hard copy because I just knew it was going to be great and it was more than I expected. The colored picture pages and quality of this book is unbelievable. This is a must recipe book and in my opinion the best out there. I have never seen or tasted anything like this. I usually drink my raw foods but I've been taking a recipe from the book at least three times a week so that I can try them all. They will be now a part of me throughout the years. They are the best! You have taken the beautiful foods that are given to us from creation and blending the flavors for an excellent eye catching health invigorating "Love On A Plate". Thank YOU AND CARA for changing lives and teaching others how to let light pass through and awaken our inner self to that light. I love you. Light, Grace and Peace
Rita Martin

If it weren't for people like Markus Rothkranz I would have been dead years ago, "Pancreatic Cancer Survivor"
Naomi Poland

(re: the last newsletter "Sick? Learn from Animals")
100% true. I got sick a week ago and I remember Markus talking about the miracle of fasting so instead of stuffing myself with chicken soups or foods, I simply stopped eating and only drank warm lemon water, tea, and some green juice. My extreme sore throat was gone by the next day while my co-workers who got sick are still getting worse and they are going crazy with supplements and cooked foods they think are good for them and more stimuli.

You guys are the best...after six months of following your advice, I'm setting personal records for distance and speed.
..fastest mile was last weekend, 6'53"...thanks for giving me my life back! Also, you're incredibly entertaining.
‪Chris Byars

(re: the book "Instructions for a New Life")
Thanks.... great suggestion to re-read the best book I've ever read in my life
‪Carla Barnes

Thank you Markus! The Bangkok soup was delicious! Loving the uncook book!
Bianca Matheson

Hi Markus and Cara, I just received the
Uncook Book in the mail today! I just gotta say you both just knocked yourselves out on this one. This Book goes beyond EPIC! It's brilliant, beautiful, and totally Gourmet! I love it and can hardly wait to begin creating some of the recipes from it. I know I will be using it for years to come. Thank you both Much Love ‪
Danielle Hamilton


I received my book today. Very high quality.
Patrick Boyle

Your videos are so entertaining.. Waiting to receive my uncookbook, green formula, and vitamin C powder! For everyone who hasn't tried his wild force green formula, it's the best and most effective green powder I've ever tried.
Kayla Chandler


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