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Why I'm Glad
Nobody Helped Me

Don't waste one more minute of your life being upset at someone for not helping you. Getting upset is a waste of time and energy. As strange as it sounds, find out why someone not helping you is actually one of the best things they can do. This is a major step towards personal freedom, empowerment and success.
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Fun Interview with Abby Lodmer
Humanitarian Chronicles
Secrets to vibrant living wrapped in a sheet of giggles and happy hummingbird energy.
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I volunteer for Tony Robbins and manage his leadership staff.  I luv paper work, organized, calm and amazing at this task. This December we had 250 people in my room and they in turn were the leaders for 51 teams, the total of which was 3,100 participants for a total of 10 days. My hours were from 8 to 2am as I opened that room. And closed it every day. I have done this before and with little sleep, energy and nutrients get depleted.  Two years ago I was so tired the minute I sat down in the bathroom I fell sleep. Last year I took the longevity products and it was better but I still got tired and of course caught a cold at the end and that is the norm for most everyone participant or crew.

This year I went to bed early by 10 as per your advice, joined miracle morning group which means you are up st 5 am and do whatever improves your life and started taking the products along with all the other stuff that goes with it from cutting sugar from 3 tsp for coffee to 0 and taking out the slowly to the greens smoothie made in vitamin a few weeks before the event.  I started using the green powder, the protein, vitamin c , Irish moss and of course the enema. I went from a 16 to a size 12, mostly raw and eliminated grain, dairy, meat, processed foods etc

I drive to Florida along with the vitamix solo and implemented the protocol. Luv it and I also look better skin wise too. I have that raw glow and after hearing the many reports of illness I got it. My body says no to cooked foods and yes to my morning smoothie and the magnesium too. Got to get love on a plate and the heal your face book, the sugar and ...well eventually everything. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have you and Cara in my journey.
Blessings to you both

Ps a documentary  was made of Tony Robbins program called date with destiny titled "I am not your guru" it's in Netflix. Both of you have the same outcome just different approaches.


I'm a filmmaker,  ballroom dance champion and model. I  look younger than most women my age- around 50. For years I've been dealing with put-downs from jealous people, who said I looked anorexic or my energy was too "room filling". God bless you for letting your lights shine and for inspiring so many people to live healthy happy lives!! Going all raw with your amazing recipes and powders will  give me the energy to deal with some challenges I'm facing, including shooting my own movie in the next 3 months.
Love and light and so much gratitude!!!  


Wow MARKUS been following you two a while now , and ALL I CAN SAY IS A MILLION THANK YOU's - really !!!! I spent a couple of years researching and I finally made a decision last year to JUMP ALL IN and go for it with ALL your videos and inspirational words and OF COURSE the PIX of Cara for even More Female encouragement and inspiration . I FOUND it So EASY . - thank you thank you thank you . OMGOSH thank you . - really YOU CHANGED MY LIFE I weighed 173 pounds on a 5' 1 1/4 " tall I HATED IT . and I needed a serious change - I now weigh in at 116lbs and could not be happier . I AM SO Grateful that there are still caring souls such as You and Cara to continue to shine the light on the natural way to maintain your health THANK YOU´╗┐


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