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What to Eat?

People ask this all the time.
"What do I eat when I go out or travel?"
It's actually quite easy to be healthy once you know how. Watch this video and be inspired. All you have to do is notice the ingredients mentioned on the menu used to garnish the meat and put a bunch of them together in a salad without the meat (like pine nuts, avocados, onions, mangos, sesame seeds, cashews, beets, asparagus, figs, dates, raisins etc with the best sounding salad dressing. Say no to bread, pasta and anything made with wheat or flour. Enjoy!



You'll love this Interview!

This was one of the most fun lighthearted interviews I've ever done. Watch it and watch the smile grow across your face and heart

Watch video



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the Dan MacDonald Liferegenerator Markus interview "Give up on your dreams to watch them come true"
That was the most inspiring motivating deepest realest truth and powerful video ive ever seen im a markus and dan fan all this is some deep stuff.. soo true thank you for sharing this dan!and markus wooooah that stuff had me on the edge of my seat smiling i wanna be just like you when i grow up wow that was beautifully said and explained and expressed wow....

So, some time ago I bought and read The Prosperity Secret, - packed my suitcase and moved from Canada to Japan (my dream country at the time).Then I bought "Instructions for a New Life", read it once, then re-read second time The Prosperity Secret and The Instructions, - and I'm going to Philippines in 1 week with just my backpack. And I just bought The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant guide book Let's put it to a test in Philippines! :)))))
Markus, - thank you so much for inspiration!
Damian Ray

An AMAZING letter from Germany (the translation is below)
Lieber Markus, ich habe mir vor einigen Tagen das erste Buch von dir gekauft. "Heile dich reich". Zwar ist meine Gesundheit nicht da, wo ich sie mir wünsche, aber die finanziellen Sorgen drücken noch mehr und daher habe ich mir dieses Buch zuerst gekauft. Ich möchte dir einfach aus tiefstem Herz meinen Dank ausdrücken.Ich habe das ganze Buch in wenigen Stunden durchgelesen - es ist, als ob du es gerade für mich, wirklich ganz allein für mich geschrieben hättest. So ein Buch habe ich noch nie gelesen - jetzt verstehe ich deine Videos, wo du soviel von der "Wahrheit" sprichst. Du hast es wirklich einfach auf den Punkt gebracht, wo so viele wahnsinnig teure Seminare geben und immer nur um den heißen Brei herumschleichen.Ich musste zwischendurch sogar einfach heulen, regelrecht heulen, ganze Regenfälle waren es, ich weiß nicht einmal warum.Nun werde ich das Buch noch einmal Stück für Stück durcharbeiten. Ich danke dir für dieses Buch, für diese Energie, die mich so durchgerüttelt hat, das brauchte ich einfach.DANKE!!!
Liebe Grüße von


"I just bought your book "The Prosperity Secret". Im not that healthy but my financial issues are pressuring me much more so I bought this book first. I want to express thank you from the deepest part of my heart- I read the book in just a few hours. It was as if the book was written just for me. I've never read a book like this in my life. I now understand all your videos where you speak so much of the "truth".You really brought it home, where so many others give expensive seminars and just rehash the same old stuff. I had to stop several times and cry my eyes out, I mean really cry, it was a downpour.
I'm going to read this book again and again bit by bit. I thank you for this bookl, for this energy that drilled deep into me- I really needed it. THANK YOU!
Loving Wishes from

My daughter and I started eating like you (completely raw and using a bunch of your recipes;-)) and we feel like totally different people. We're not looking back at all. We went "cold turkey" about 6 days ago! We are like addicts for this stuff! I've lost 8 pounds in those six days......but that is not my goal. I just wanted to feel better and see if I could help my arthritis. You wouldn't believe me if I told you what this has done for my hands and wrists! My daughter has lost 5 pounds in those same 6 days, not her goal either. but she has noticed a huge difference in her bouts of arythmia, as well as countless other things! We love you both! Thank you soooo much for giving the gift of this information to so many like me! You guys are priceless!!! Gotta go make some of Markus' ice cream for dessert!
Deborah White

(Bladder cancer) Went to hospital to have the 7 tumors removed from  my bladder, The doctor was amazed that the tumors were not larger and their was no new ones. After surgery he has changed his mind about removal and wants to re-look in 30 days. At this point I am cancer free unless they come back. I have been using your greens, protein, ozone, raw food and enemas. After surgery the anesthesiologist came to see me and wanted to know what I have been doing, he said during surgery my heart rate was 40 and my blood pressure was normal for a 56 year old male. He said only an athlete would have these numbers. I told him its from a raw food diet for 6 month.This man was a 35 year old body builder. Can you imagine if he met you and Cara.Thank you  
Chris Elvig

Post Menopause Bliss- Empowerment and Freedom video
I quit my corporate job at 47 and spent my 48th birthday snorkeling in Belize. I've climbed temples, white water rafted, gotten my PADI (scuba) cert, volcano boarded, etc...just in the last 6 months. I'm in Asia now, and will relocate in the US when I return. I have no idea what im going to do for a career or money, but I'm just trusting that I will know when the time is right. I can't think of a time that I've been more happy. Thanks for sharing this video! There lots of rocking mamas! Weight wise, I'm not where I want to be, but it's coming off slowly. I just don't worry, and because I'm not anxious, life seems to just flow. I'm not scared or depressed any more.
For the first time in years (may be ever), I'm having a love affair with life. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! 

Where the money goes video
Wild Green Formula Is great and worth every penny and probably More.
Tonya Hunt

I've just finished reading "
Instructions for a New Life", and it's as if you were actually looking into my soul. It was a bizarre yet amazing read. Thanks for this! I've always been curious to know why certain people in my life wouldn't support me or even talk to me as much as I would to them but now I know.
Stan Efraimov

Markus, I am so HAPPY!!!
I just got your plant book (Free Food and Medicine) and I am over the MOON!! first of all it's jam-packed with information and, even though I was sure it was going to be great,  I really couldn't have imagined just how much. There's much more in it than I'd  have thought. I'm so excited!!!! Secondly, it's just so lovely to touch!!  And I wasn't expecting that either as the other two books of yours that I have are downloads. It's so shiny and such good quality. And the postcard of your painting you put in it! I love it! I can't decide whether to use it as a bookmark for this book or to stick it up in the house ( so far it's a bookmark) . Even the sticker on the outside of the box...I love that too! You should have seen me yesterday when it got here, jumping around in glee, running around the house with it shouting 'I love it!!' and flashing it at my daughter who kept rolling her eyes at me and smiling. And last but not least....I'd been told it could take 4-8 weeks to get here and it took about two weeks so that was an extra well-appreciated surprise; I was so happy to see it arrive that it made the man who was delivering it happy too. At the moment, just to start with, I'm reading it as you would a novel and so far there's not a wasted word;  it's pure gold. I have to tell you that even though I paid nearly twice the price due to the postage cost to get it over here I now realize I would have paid 4 or more times that amount. It's now one of my most precious possessions!
ThankYou, You're brilliant.
Sharon Campbell
P.S. I'm also so excited as the plants are actually out there right now! Every day I see enormous changes all around me as Spring springs forth. All the better for using your book! Big smile from ear to ear Markus. xx

Heal Yourself 101
One of the best books I've ever read!
Ms. Alex

re: Post-Menopause Female Sexuality- the Fun Should Never End video
Great video that doesn't make me quite as sad about aging. Markus, you have done so much for my health and I want you to know that I transitioned to a 100% raw lifestyle and you inspired me so much……Cara as well;) You were the ONLY person to inspire me to do a water enema. I did it when  I bought your book and WOW, I have a flat tummy and I can feel how much cleaner I am. Much appreciation for the education. 
Sherri Lynn

The Menopause Special newsletter
Yep I'm jumping in to the unknown. I'm leaving my relationship and the house. Found a nice place to live with my kids. Who knows what my future will bring.
ackie Cresswell

re: How and Why to do an ENEMA video
Just did my first enema and I feel great! This is better than drugs lol
Thank You Markus!

Make your own tea for STRESS and WRINKLES with backyard plants video
Imediately after watching this... Went for walk picked rosemary and pine needles near by...and made the tea... Thank you.
Rachel Harrington


‪Majer Christian

Hi Markus and Greetings from London. I just read your book Heal Yourself 101 - absolutely terrific stuff. My life changed when I read 'Fit for Life II' over 20 years ago which had a similar message to yourself HOWEVER the Raw Greens element was not emphasised in their publication. Joel Fuhrman's excellent 'Eat to Live' is also great where he (like yourself) emphasises Greens Greens Greens although he favours cooking in some cases. Your book seems to encompass just about everything - many thanks ! Are you planning to come to the UK anytime ?

Markus, we ordered and read your Prosperity Book. It is excellent and inspiring. Your work reinforces what we already know from the Bible: "The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it." Proverbs 10:22 NIV. Thank you for your work!
Ed & Linda

Spicy Thai Cabbage- the MOST FUN Markus recipe ever !!! video
Marcus I just made this recipe. It is like
WOW AND POW!!! So tasty and filling. Very rich flavor. Reminds me of flavors I used to enjoy before I went vegetarian and now vegan
Debra Mezger


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