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they just too beautiful to not share. Cara is inspiring women worldwide with her dazzling beauty. We are living a life many only dream about, but anybody can have this. Let us help inspire you.
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Why even slightly overweight can be dangerous

This video is a serious eye opener for many people, especially those who have "a few extra pounds here and there". Being thin is NOT a superficial vanity thing- it's something to take serious if you want to be really healthy. The longest living people in the world are thin. Yes, fat serves a purpose- it is supposed to protect us from toxic stuff. But it's not meant to be long term. It's time for some serious cleansing and letting go folks. See what that extra weight is doing to you.
Let this video inspire you



The Liver is your
Weight loss requires a clean liver.

If you want to lose fat, you need to clean the organ that burns your fat- and that's your liver. Download my Liver ebook to educate yourself on the cleansing program. Drink a lot of lemon juice in water (no sugar) the acids help dissolve and flush, take lecithin, bitter greens and my liver formula. Click here to download an interesting chart I made for signs that your liver or kidneys need cleaning. The best thing of course is follow my book Heal Yourself 101 and do a full detox.



Hi Markus.
Just letting you know I appreciate you so much. No, WE appreciate you. I give God the glory. Thank you for helping save my mother's life. Every thing you said might help did. I know you are bombarded with emails but this is so valuable that I can pass it on to my HUGE family and friends who loves and respect you. AND I totally agree. Started the cleansing last week and mom is good as new. It was antibiotics that caused her problem she had taken for a bladder infection. What a domino. Mom is always positive and happy. But now she is a million bucks.THANK YOU. Doctors SUCK and some are so one sided that they don't even pretend to want to know. They wanted to pump her with garbage and I and her refused. You can pass this on to others.
Rita M

The Night Formula WORKS!!!

Markus, I was having such terrible PMS yesterday and was feeling so emotional and felt like crap basically.  I ordered this but had not been taking it.  I took it last night before I went to bed and woke up this morning feeling great.  Screw you PMS, I have a weapon for you.  
Tammy Bates

Re: Night Formula
Its great stuff!!! You get great sleep, even when you don't get 8hrs sleep :)
Dean Middleton

I have used this product (Night Formula) and it is excellent! It does make you feel balanced and refreshed in the morning. I wasn't expecting that to happen. This is a high quality product.
‪Kathleen Righetti

• No More Night Sweats and Hot Flashes, Stress
This stuff works. I don't have any known hormone issues, but the first night I took this I woke up the most refreshed and energized in months. I was surprised it worked so fast.
Javi A Cal

It really does work in just one night! Amazing formula! I love it!
‪Debbie VanDevelde


re:(Why even slightly overweight is dangerous- -eye opening demonstration)
Thank you, Markus!  You are transparent, authentic and compassionate.  Wow, this world needs you right now.  Your message is so 'on time'.  As a nurse for 25 years, have seen the decline of American health/fitness in a very personal way.  You are so right - people have become like an ostrich- burying their head in the sand and turning toward the next 'magic' pill/detox/surgery for a 'cure'.  Love your videos!  Love your passion and reach!  You are touching so many, Markus!  I just love to watch you and Cara live the message of truth!  Many thanks!

Joan Hartsough

video: The amazing & powerful high protein FAVA BEAN, recipe for HGH, anti-aging, bodybuilding, weight loss
omg this is the  most amazing yumminess ever!  Try blending it. W o w. Velvety smooth, delicious and so satisfying (which btw = healthy). Yummier than Hummous. When the body and the palate are happy with delicious food, it's usually a sign that it is  g o o d for you.
Navaro Franco

I have your
Free Food and Medicine set here and watched this video and can't believe that almost every single plant you showed is literally in my back yard . I'll never take for granted my beautiful plants again thank you Markus and cara
‪Beth Cox

I absolutely love your stuff, your edible plant guide and Heal Yourself 101 has changed my life! Much love!
Amber Walsh

This is to best wild plant book I've ever seen. It's a must buy. Thx markus for writing it
Becky Thompson

‪Markus my life changed so much more for the better after buying your books and your products, I am forever grateful for this new journey I am working towards. I just wanted to say thank you.

Anastasia Sharpe

I wanted to tell you that your
protein powder smells soooooooo yummy!!  I have taken a few different brands of greens, and I like yours the best.  Sometimes I open the lid just to take a whiff ..... because I love the way it smells!! So clean and refreshing!
Janine P

We are having success with your products, we just wanted you to know!  We are really happy that we can do your
protein and weeds formula.
the Porcelain Twinz  

Stunning Raw Vegan Chef Cara Brotman Interview- WOW!
That was a really honest interview. I was truly inspired. She makes it sound so simple. I've really benefited from all of the info and books that have come to me from Markus...Free Food and Medicine and now I am reading Prosperity Secret. Most of my green foods come from my back yard in the form of free plants that most people call 'weeds'. I can't say enough good things that I have learned from Markus and Cara. God bless you both.



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