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It's funny, I tell people how to make mayonnaise and they love it. I tell them how to get personal and financial freedom and they get weird. It makes them uncomfortable. They don't want to hear it, because they believe they are stuck in a rut and nothing can get them out. They are poor victims of circumstance. If someone offers help, surely there must be a catch because everyone is in it for a buck. Right? That paranoid negativity so ingrained in people is exactly what's keeping them down. If you believe you are a victim, then that's exactly what you will be. I know, because I was there. I lost everything I had many times over. I lived out of a car, I lived in someone's closet. I was naked in the desert without even an identity. I mean I started from absolute zero. It took me 40 years to realize the only one holding me back was myself and my excuses. Back when I had no money to pay rent and I was literally looking for coins for food... little did I know I was just as powerful then as I am now. Little did I know how everything could change in an instant. People write me with all kinds of excuses, like they can't take chances because they have children or a mortgage. It doesn't matter. Do you want to teach your children how to be miserable... or how to be fearless and resourceful like MacGyver using shoelaces and an old coathanger to escape to freedom. More millionaires were created in the great depression than any other time in history because they didn't see bad luck and disaster- they saw challenges as opportunity and got creative with available resources. It doesn't matter if you are a single housewife with children living in poverty. One of those women sat with her child shivering in the cold furiously scribbling notes on old pieces of paper... those notes later became a book called Harry Potter which became a billion dollar empire. From a poor destitute mother who had "nothing".

There are no excuses.

I was in hell myself. I know what it's like. You will not get pity or handouts from me because I am a drill sargeant and my job is to kick you in the ass until you finally have the courage to stop asking others for help and follow your inner guidance. Yes this is tough. Yes it's bitter medicine. And bitter stuff is the most powerful medicine there is, not just in the food world, but also in life, money and relationships. Nobody can heal your body for you. You must stop eating junk, stop the addictions and clean out the mess. The same goes for your money and relationships. You may be in the worst conditions thinking there is no way out.

There is always a way out. Always.

But it won't be handed to you. You must follow your guidance to the door. You must walk through it with your own legs. Yes you may lose everything. Then again, maybe not. Yes it will be uncomfortable. Yes it will hurt. That's what it takes to build muscle. Welcome the challenges because they are testing you- seeing what you are made of... ripping you apart like muscle fibers being ripped apart at the gym. They heal and become stronger... and that new hard-earned strength is what gives you the strength to overcome the challenges in life. Weak people don't get far. Strong people do. Strength requires pain. See it for what it is and everythin changes. I am not going to blow fluff in your ear. I want to see you make it in life. I will not tolerate complainers. I've already shown you how you cannot starve because those wild plants in your neighborhood are the most powerful food and medicine there is. I am well off and still eat weeds. Come on. I was naked in the desert. If I can do it, so can you!

A drill sargeants job is to be tough. He is hated. ..until the bullets of life start firing at us. Suddenly that tough love is the best thing in your life.

The days are ticking by.

I don't want you to just survive. You are not here to "just get by". You are here for a special purpose.

Now take a chance and follow that whisper inside you. Let the adventure begin. You won't be sorry.

I say all this with love.

Read Instructions for a New Life and The Prosperity Secret over and over until your life changes.

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