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Let me start with an interesting question.
“What does love have to do with gallstones?”

While you ponder on that, let me enlighten you to the importance of the gallbladder. The gallbladder is where bile is stored. Bile emulsifies and dissolves fats and cholesterol. There is a big connection between liver, gallbladder, heart attacks,hormones, cholesterol,
diet, stress and relationships. As I've always said, you can't just "take" something to fix a problem. But first, let's learn some important things.

The gallbladder is a sack underneath the liver that stores bile, which is a multipurpose stuff that carries away neutralized poisons from the liver (your body's filter) and bile also digests fats. The emulsifier in bile is lecithin, which is why lecithin is good for us. We can take extra lecithin to help the body and the video explains why granules are better than liquid lecithin. If we take out the gallbladder, the bile shoots right into the intestines, burning them, eventually often leading to intestinal and colon cancer. So, let’s not have our gallbladders taken out, shall we? But if it already has, watch the video to find out what to do.

Another common myth addressed in this video is that oils (like coconut oil, olive oil) are bad you and we should only eat whole olives etc. This isn’t true. People all over the Mediterranean have been consuming lots of olive oil for centuries and are much healthier than most people in the modern world. When I interviewed one of the oldest men alive, Bernando Lapollo, who is 113 years old and still going strong, he attributed part of his health to consuming olive oil every day. He even smears it all over his body. I have been using olive and coconut oils for 20 years and when I was tested by Russian scientists in Moscow, they said m,y body was that of someone over 25 years younger than me and I was as healthy as their astronauts. I was just tested again by a life insurance company and they said they said my blood work was in the top 1 percent and classified me ultra-preferred. So for those who worry that olive oil and coconut oil is bad, stop worrying. Stop believing everyone out there ranting about something.

Another thing that’s gotten a bad rap lately is soy. It’s not as not as bad as people say, in fact it’s quite healthy for you. Sure it’s an estrogenic. ALL plants are! Flax is actually 4 times higher as an estrogenic than soy. There is a big difference between good estrogics and bad estrogen’s, just like there are good fats and oils and bad fats and oils. Watch the video to learn more.

James explains why phytoestrogens (estrogens from plants) are good for you. They are very weak, but strong enough to lock up estrogen receptors in the body, so environmental estrogens like DDT, dioxin, PCB and other toxic substances can’t latch on to your body. This means that plant estrogens help prevent cancer, strengthen bones, treat things like endometriosis, fibroids etc. Phytic acid in soy has an affinity for toxic compounds like mercury, lead and helping get them out of the body. Again, there are good estrogens and bad estrogens. Hormone influences have great effect on our health.

Speaking of hormones, women are much more prone to getting gallstones than men because estrogen stimulates the release of cholesterol. When there is too much for the bile to dissolve, the remaining cholesterol forms into stones. Along with estrogens, another thing that causes too much cholesterol is stress, which leads to gallstones.

The liver is vital to regulating many things including hormones and cholesterol. It creates bile to dissolve fats and cholesterol, so if the liver is clogged from not eating right, your hormones will not be working right AND you can expect gallstones. Low cholesterol is just as bad as high cholesterol- it can increase risk of heart attacks and stroke significantly, so when cholesterol is too low, the liver helps create more of it. Again, if the liver is clogged from an unhealthy toxic lifestyle and diet, it might not be able to create enough cholesterol which sets you up for possible heart attack and stroke.

Another reason to not have stress in your life! So if you are in an unhappy unfulfilling relationship or job, do something about it now or else it may kill you. Health is not just diet and exercise! Your relationship with the people around you is more important than you think. That’s why I wrote “Instructions for a New Life”. That’s why I keep pushing the importance of beautiful, loving, supportive relationships. Every now and then someone writes me saying “stop talking about relationships and get back to diet and food”. They don’t see the connection and will probably end up having their gallbladder removed and die of a heart attack.

It may sound funny - “What does love have to do with gallstones”. Love is more important than we think.

Lose the stress in your life. Cleanse your body, mind and soul and start really truly living before it’s too late.

To find out more and see all kinds of ways to get rid of gallstones and clean the liver, download my Liver-Gallbladder ebook at




I have recieved my Vitamin C 2 days ago, it is for my mom. She has been taking it for 2 days and she is totally energized, (we own quite big business in sweden and she has been "flying" among our workers, full of energy and life), she has been fighting cancer for 7 years now, still alive and kicking is it possible that it is the herb mix's effect or just placebo? Does it contain stimulants? Best regards

Lol, Welcome to the world of REAL herbs, the best in the world, no stimulants, no filler, nothing cheap

I made an aweesome shake after my bike ride using your formula:Handful of dates, hemp seed, dash of cinnamon, scoop of the green formula, and 2 scoops of the vitamin C. DELICIOUS!  :D  I recommend any of your products, especially if you're very active like me.
Franky 776

Franky- the Greens and Vitamin C are my two most favorite ones also, very very powerful

Hi Markus, I just finished your book 'Heal Yourself 101'. It was an awesome book. I've been reading a LOT about spirituality and most books are a bit difficult to comprehend. People write in a 'not to the point way'. But you write in such an enthusiastic and easy to understand approach. Even a child would understand this. (Children understand spirituality better actually).
Martine Peters

Finding your videos changed my life. Thank you for clearing the path.
Joseph Macloone

Hi Markus!I Start taking your products three days ago! Start working out again!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Love it love it love it!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!
Judit Gabor Kekedi

Good news! Three weeks raw vegan using your protein, energy, green formula and night rebuild formula, and I have my first big news. I went to the eye doctor today, and my prescription went from -5.75 to -3.75. It's been the same since about 8th grade, and a week ago I noticed my glasses were no longer comfortable. ...and I'm doing this to heal my head injury from a car accident! I didn't expect my eyes to get better, but it's a great side effect.
Jessie TheAxe

Instructions for a New Life)
Best book I've ever read. seriously!!
I'm trying to get the public and private schools in delaware to have this as a required reading. It's changed my life!
Caleb B

(Enema video) Sucked it up and did this! Just wanted to share for the ladies.... I was having my menses and wasnt sure about doing this, but what the hell is my approach and wow!! no more bloating no more cramps immediately!! So suck it up and just try it!!
kyra Jachode

Your Vitamin C powder is working wonders on my health. I believe it was a serious missing link. Thank you.
Dan Mulholland

Hi Markus, your Vitamin C Powder arrived yesterday and it is delicious and powerful. Yum!! 
Audrey C


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