The end of the year brings lots of emotions. It's a magical time, but for many, it pushes relationships to the breaking point, because the end of the year brings out feelings of finishing everything that needs to be wrapped up. Some try to hide it and pretend all is fine, but the uncomfortableness, sadness and depression can become unbearable with all the holiday push for gift-giving and celebration. It's really hard to celebrate when things seem to be falling apart.

Let me shift your perspective on this, because it really IS a magical time and you need to understand what's really happening. You might not know it, but the Universe is giving you the greatest gift you could ever have. It's a very big gift and opening it can be scary, because it will change your life forever. Don't look at it as things "falling apart". Look at it as things finally "coming together" for everyone. Christmas time is a time of peace and love. You cannot have peace if you are living a lie and holding on to something that's burdening you. Of course you love those you are with. That's not the issue. The issue is- are they RIGHT for YOU? (this includes your job, friends, where you live… everything) Maybe they were at one point, but if they served their purpose, you must let things move on- just like yesterday's fabulous meal. It tasted great, gave you energy, made you feel good- but you need to let it pass through or you will become toxic and poison yourself. Don't hold on to ANYTHING but love and thankfulness for what it gave you. Life is about movement, change and growth. The future is not as scary as you think it is. Do you want to be happy and in a more fitting situation that's RIGHT for you? You can't stop the inevitable, only postpone it. That big push you feel is the Universe wanting you (and everyone) to be happy. If you truly want to give the best gift of all, you need to let yourself and others be who you are meant to be.

The greatest gift is not something you buy. It's something you allow.

The greatest gift is freedom.

It's the most unselfish thing you could ever do- giving those you love their freedom. It doesn't mean you will never see them again. Actually, quite the opposite. By allowing others to be themselves, they will be able to help, respect and honor you much more than if they were held hostage in a situation where they had their hands tied. People need to be empowered. This includes you.

It's all a matter of perspective. In the northern hemisphere, the end of the year is cold, but in the southern hemisphere, it's beautiful summertime. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are not stuck. The door is open, You are free to go and do whatever you want. It doesn't matter if you have kids or not. My new book "Instructions for a New Life" talks about all this. Let go and never forget this- WHAT IS MEANT TO BE WILL STICK AROUND. What isn't will fall away. You will NEVER be alone. That is an illusion. Never be afraid of losing anything, because you will always be given what you need when you get there. Your job is to be YOU. You are no good to the world living in a self-imposed prison. My friends- the door is open. If you really want to help the ones you love, you need to be in your element, and the only way you'll have true power is when you are free to be you. That's all the Universe wants, and it can only support you when you start living in the truth. Please, read my book "Instructions for a New Life". You deserve true happiness. Give the gift of peace, because you will realize at some point in your life that there are no good-byes. Love lasts forever. Allow it. Give the gift of unconditional love. Hug as many people as you can. Show everyone love. Look your partners in the eyes and tell them you love them and thank them for all they have given you. Remember- there is no loss. Everything recycles and we all help each other grow so we can do amazing things and experience life to it's fullest.

My friends, this marks the beginning of the next level of what I am sharing with the world.

For the last seven years, I showed you how to heal your body, mind and life.

Now it's time to show you what to do with it and what's possible, especially in the area of relationships- get ready- it will blow your mind. But you can't get there until you've completed step one- a clean new body, mind and life. The machinery needs to work right. You need to be shiny and new. If you didn't start yet, you better do it NOW because I'm not going to keep saying the same things over and over. I am now teaching level TWO- Relationships and Empowerment. This is where your dreams come true. This is where you meet your destiny. He-she-it is waiting. But you MUST be ready and prepared. Life is speeding by faster than you can imagine. If you don't start fully living and celebrating life NOW, it will be over before you know it. Hurry up and read my books because I'm not waiting anymore. The bus is leaving for the new world of passionate romance, beauty, peace and purpose, where your life makes a serious difference in the world. There's still room. It's not too late. Maybe your partner will join you, you never know. But don't wait. Set the example. They might follow.

My friends- your time has come. The old year is over. Your new life is waiting. Let the magic happen.

YOU are the greatest gift. God / the Universe has given you freedom. Use the magic of this season to make peace with everyone and everything in your life. Love is your ticket to freedom. I love you.


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I started taking this
(WildForce) product to get some wild food factors into my body and I never could have predicted how good the results would be! I've been going through deep detox and regeneration and my brain function is healing... Thank you markus you're one of the most inspiring people on the planet right now :) !
Anthony M

Markus, you sexy beast. I'm sitting here reading this book (Instructions for a New Life)- and it's blowing me away. Thank you for writing this thing. I never knew how I could live in true happiness until recently. Giving love and living light like a butterfly have got to be the simplest truth ever, but I can feel that it's, well, TRUE! I'm going to share the word! Not having to worry any more is pretty damn awesome. The time is now! Much love, much peace!  :D

re: New book Instructions for a New Life:
It is not a Book. It is a total Hook!
Can't get my eyes away.even for a short break.. 3 words to sum it up: "Wow! Sh*t! God!"
Brain Freeze ---> Heart Smile :-)
Swaha Salam

Hi Markus I just got
your newest book and I LOVE IT completely, the portable size to have with me all the time to bring a good perspective on life. It is well organized into bite size chapters with specific points making it ideal to read in any order and just focus on one thing per day. THANK YOU!!!!
Monika Kasprzak

I'm really enjoying
HEAL YOUR FACE beyond words...the implications are ineffable!
Karen Kellock

Thank you Markus for your
spectacular book Heal Yourself 101! Im on day 5 of my juice fast and I feel like im high on ecstacy, Im doing Green juices with Cacao and it is mouthwateringly delicious. Im hooked on health! Blessings to you!
Peter Ati Man

After learning 20 healing methods, i felt deep transformation watching your video. Since then one miracle to other. And yes! Truth!!! Much love to you and my appreciation. Should you make any seminar in Germany-im there!!
Happy holidays,

Finished reading
The Prosperity Secret. Highly, highly recommended. Thank you, Markus. Very grateful.

Hi Markus,
My job at at&t is an intense 14 hour day.  The job that has sucked my soul for 33 years and gets worse every year. I have multiple health issues and your information has been instrumental in my healing!  I had some serious kidney and liver issues - my numbers were so low that my Autoimmune doctor was testing me for Lupus, Hep A&C etc.  I read your books and started flushing out immediately - major citrus, apple cider vinegar, and herbs all day long.  I even went on a one month juice fast as you suggested.  When I went back to the doctor my numbers were so much improved that my doctor said the original tests HAD TO BE WRONG.  Whatever! Then I met you in Sedona last year and you suggested I read Prosperity Secret - which I did.  I have been trying to reach retirement age (4 more years) at this job I hate, and it really got me thinking "is it worth my health"?  Then your new book came out and I read it right away.  I decided - "hell no, it really isn't worth my health". I  JUST QUIT MY JOB! I realized that I had to release on the fear!  It wasn't worth 4-more years of bad health and possibly death at a job I hated. I am going to take a year off and heal my body, mind, and soul.  Then I'll let the Universe decide where I need to go. Thank you for giving me my life back Markus! See you in Southern Calif at the Raw Living Expo next month!
I love you!
Laura Hugel

Recently because of you Markus i'm becoming a
wilderness survivalist...Now, I'm cleaning out all my room and even my house...its amazing how much clearer i feel just seeing all the junk put away and organised.  I'm also only going to learn about nature and what is already here, get a job and spend it on nothing (being absolutely as frugal and meditative as possible).  I won't become a part of this mainstream world...well, except computers...HAHA.  I guess I want to say, THANK YOU MARKUS FOR YOUR BRAVERY AND COURAGE.  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR INSPIRING ME TO LIVE ON MY OWN TERMS AND NOT FEEL SO RUSHED!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

"Instructions for a New Life" is a must have
Ringo Rodriguez

I always bring
Charconite before I go to parties! Came in handy a couple times when someone has too much fun. This stuff is gentler on me compared to just bentonite clay which felt like it was ripping toxins out my brain.

(Prickly Pear cactus)
this stuff is amazing.  it is helping me heal from an immune disorder
i love you,
Pamela Pollock

Hey Markus my name is Alastair and I just want to thank you for being you and sharing your amazing gifts with the world. I started doing my own research on self care 2 years ago, after my parents started looking for better tasting water, which lead to a Don Tolman event. I was 21 at the time and I am so thankful that I was blessed with an open mind so I could start my quest for true health. I decided to do my own research and put my body to the test and do what felt right, which ultimately has been the best thing I have ever done. Along the way I came across Victoria Boutenko and learnt the importance of greens and started learning wild edibles. By now I had completely changed my life from who I use to be, then some how I discovered you Markus and had this connection with you. It would of saved me a lot of time and research if I had come across or known about you earlier
, but I am thankful of how everything has happened along the way as you reinforced everything which I had learnt on my journey reassuring me that I was doing the right thing. You have incredible talents and now I am learning to master my mind through your words of wisdom, and am on my way to  becoming successful being truly free and enjoying life with no worries. I am so grateful for all of your books and videos, (and brilliant artwork which comes with your products the angel is my favourite one! ) Thank you Markus, I really appreciate everything you have shared with everyone, so many people have lost their colours, thank you for bringing them back.
Alastair Willmore

My husband is using the
Night Rebuild formula and he hasn't had night sweats since and it's only a few days. Amazing. And I love the Green Formula.
Jessica Brown

Hi Markus, I am reading your new e-book,
instructions for a new life and really thankful to you for writing this book it fills the necessary parts for the complete transformation of mind body/spirit in many levels. I have read all other books that you have written and benefited very much and this books covers other necessary uncovered horizons. Thank you.
Ali Sharifzadeh

Your passion to create is a journey worth taking.

Holistic Chef Barry , Thailand

Comment on video:
Avocado Tropical Salsa- Warning- ADDICTIVE !
For those of you that haven't tried this one yet - stop what you're doing right now and make it. It's absolutely delicious. It's probably the best dish I've ever had in my life. I could eat all day long. In fact, It's so damn good, I'd even roll it up and smoke it. A must try.



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