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My Hair and Nails Grow Too Fast!
I have to cut my nails every few days and my hair every other week. Many people wish they had my problem, but this is ridiculous! Watch this video and learn what makes hair grow and what makes it weaken and fall out.
Hair and Nails video


Hummus Lettuce Wraps

A super fast and easy delicious healthy meal for people in a hurry. Cara shines her charming magic once again. She makes me this quite often.
Enjoy the video


Peace in the Desert
In our busy crazy hectic modern world, we as people drive as fast as we can through the deserts of life to get to what we perceive as the fertile goals of life, only to arrive feeling empty and unfulfilled. Have you ever stopped the car in the middle of nowhere and just sat there for an hour in silence? Did you ever step into the middle of a desert, knelt down and had a really good look? It is so full of life. One square foot of desert floor is a microcosm of beauty and life. Sit still for a while and seemingly out of nowhere come rabbits, turtles, birds, coyotes, ground squirrels, bugs, an eagle flies silently by. They are all super quiet. Seeing all these beautiful creatures and plants living so quietly together makes one realize how crazy our modern life is. I fell so in love with this tranquility and warming embrace of the sun, that I moved into the desert twenty years ago to live. I was far away from the big city, but ultimately became more successful out here in the middle of a desert, than in the middle of the rat race. Find your peace. All the good stuff will come as a result of that.


Coming in a few days- the long awaited Intermittent Fasting video! This could change your life!


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