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This One Simple Thing
Can Cut Heart Attack Rates

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This one simple fact is amazing. People who drink 5 or more glasses of water a day cut their heart attack rate in half.

If you already have heart problems or eat animal products, drink cold drinks only between meals because cold solidifies and hardens fats and oils, and animal products are high in those. Warm water (tea or soup) during meals and first thing in morning helps things move better. Try to eat less and less animal products, including milk, eggs, fish, chicken, butter, cheese, creamy salad dressings, cream soups etc.

While you’re at it, take a spoonful magnesium with your water once or twice a day. It relaxes blood vessels and blood pressure.

Stress is the hearts worst enemy. The 3 fastest ways to mess up your heart are alcohol, smoking and stress. Stop smoking. Get rid of your stress and don’t eat too much, especially animal fat, and sugar because sugar turns to fat, including refined carbs like bread. etc. Elevated insulin levels strongly contracts blood vessels causing high blood pressure.

Don’t eat after 7 pm. Give your heart a break. It needs rest just like you do or else it's like keeping your foot pressed on the cars accelerator all day long.

Hormone replacement therapy increases heart attacks- take my Night Formula instead. To learn more about hormones, read the Women's Edition 2 ebook (post menopause) and Womens Edition 1 (pre menopause)

To help rebuild your heart::

-Hot cold therapy (alternate hot and cold water in shower 7 times, holding it 30 seconds each way)
-herbal vitamin C formula which also happens to have pine needles- high in sulfur, pycnogenol
-Magnesium (like the product CALM)
-Silica for collagen and help prevent atherosclerosis. My Green formula is high in silica, minerals, very high in B vitamins and fiber
-Trim Force helps burn fat, lower cholesterol, lowers blood sugar and has Carnitine to rebuild the heart
-Age-Free and Night formula for stress and sleep
-Sunlight for vitamin D. If you have a fast heartbeat- go in the sun!
-Sleep early, don’t eat after 6

And remember- at least 5 glasses water a day!

To learn more, download the Heart ebook and Arteries and Cholesterol ebook at MarkusEbooks.com

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