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One of my most inspirational videos for women


A New Middle Age

Here is one of the most inspirational videos featuring middle aged women that will blow your mind and what their secrets are for staying young, healthy, thin, happy, satisfied and beautiful at any age. Let this be the video that launches you into the new year and a new life.
See the video here

Sometimes we just need a little push to do the right thing, and nothing motivates more than seeing others succeeding at something and proving it works. The greatest investment you could ever make in your life is yourself. That is where it all starts. The women in this video are a living testament to making the right choices and sticking to them. The rewards are endless. No excuses. Some of these women have 4 children. Don't blame lack of money- some of the most powerful food and medicine is growing wild right outside your door and neighborhood. Even in winter, nature supplies amazing things. The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant guide is the world's best reference to edible wild plants. Yes even grass has uses. Houseplants. Pine trees, desert plants, weeds, you name it. Stressed? Relationship problems? Afraid to make changes? Read my pocketbook "Instructions for a New Life" right now. Want a step by step guide to clean your body and what to eat to heal just about anything? Read "Heal Yourself 101". Want an amazing uncookbook showing how to make healthy raw vegan gluten-free dairy-free versions of your favorite junk foods? Get "Love on a Plate". There are no excuses. Start now. The rest of your life needs to start right now. This minute.

Let this new year be your new life!

We're always amazed how many followers are out there. When Cara and I were doing a photo shoot in Pikes Peak Colorado, Van Garmon IV from Pikes Peak posted a pic of the products of ours he uses. Definitely made me smile :-) You can see some of the pictures from the photo shoot at CarasFanPage.com


The Alkaline Myth video hit


The controversial
James Sloane video surpassed one million views this month

Originally posted Jun 2013, no video has caused more debate than the James Sloane interview exposing the alkaline myth. It's funny how many people don't read the clarifications in the comment section and think we are saying to not eat what many call an "alkaline diet". The term is a joke. Of course eating greens are healthy- but NOT because they are alkaline (they are not). Obviously nobody has ever stuck a pH meter in celery or kale. It's not alkaline (it's neutral). The reason a plant based diet is healthy is because of the phytonutrients, fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc, not the pH level. Citrus and apple cider vinegar for example is acidic yet very good for you. We are made of amino ACIDS. This video explains some common sense. Stomach acid doesn't just digest food, it kills bacteria found on food and protects us. Alkaline water neutalizes stomach acid. Acid shuts off the Candida growth gene. An alkaline environment actually encourages yeast to grow. Here is a previous newsletter on the subject for those interested. People can believe what they want, but this video is definitely interesting for open minded people. My personal advice is don't waste your time worrying about the pH of anything- just eat plant-based foods found in nature as raw and fresh as possible and watch wondrous things start happening.


You Markus have CHANGED my life! Last November I was a size 2X now I am a 10-12.. I bought your Heal yourself 101..did it and... my life has never been the same... The best decision I ever made.. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! I GET YOU!! thanks for showing me the truth, and give me the tools I need to do so... I appreciate you!! Happy New Year..
GMM 92

Thank you and I absolutely love your Trim Force. its the first thing that actually works. (feel free to use that as a testimonial) best wishes
Louise M

re: The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide
I've gotta say Markus this is not one but the best book I have ever had
. God is love <3
Derek Quach

I received my shipment of Markus's sea moss and this morning prepared the gel after rinsing multiple times and soaking for 12 hours. I added it in my smoothie and porridge for breakfast along with the green formula and vitamin C. The directions in this video were spot on and I have two large jars of moss I will be consuming daily, this is a quality product and happy it's now part of my routine. Thanks Markus
Saffie Anderson

Markus I am just thankful i ran into your videos. You have helped me so much I have been struggling with diabetes and with your help i am no longer taking insulin. I turned 60 this September, and i feel better than when i was in my 30's. Ever since i have listened to you I have noticed so many changes. People can not believe i am 60. I have seen a lot of wrinkles disappear. friends have asked what was i doing and i try to tell them but unfortunately they don't listen. Thank you for being you.
Dana Roane

Thank you Markus. It's been quite a journey. I have kicked heroin and cocaine and truly sugar is and has been harder
I was naturally thin all my life then after a decent into drugs and the subsequent recovery my body freaked out. The saddest thing was spending a year in a recovery facility where they fed everyone bread and pasta as the main food group. I've been clean nine years now but my body has paid the ultimate price for that addiction and recovery. I wish recovery centers had the mindset to heal people with raw and vegan foods rather than fill them with bread and pasta. I was one of the lucky ones. Many others are dead now or relapsed. I truly believe your vitamin C your greens and several other produces including the CalMag Calm have helped me. The Trim Force seems like a true miracle
Anastasia Dias

green formula is so powerful that it keeps you getting up, and for me it stopped all pregnancy symptoms because I had no idea I was pregnant.

Your book
Instructions for a new life is by far the best book ive read hands down. Everything in it rings true to the heart. we love you a lot Markus.
Angela S

I am one of the 100,000 people who watched your call for the weight loss challenge and who did not sign in for it. Here is why...
In 2013 I bought and (!) read your book “Heal yourself 101”. And this is a compliment: you were the one who kicked my ass into the right direction when it came to healing my severe eczema, low energy level and victim feelings. Thanks to you I am now a different person: no more skin rash, stronger willpower, clearer mind, being open for new and brave ideas in all aspects of life. Published a little book describing my journey of getting rid of eczema in order to help other people (especially children) to dare the same. Separated from the guy (and father of my children) with which my life felt being pulled down all day long. Reduced the working time from 8 to 6 hours a day at my job – so I can live a more family-oriented life. And something in my heart tells me that I will quit that job next year and that my purpose on earth has nothing to do with sorting papers and calming down customers. I soak in your regular reminders on youtube, they give me so much strength and keep me on my true track of life. I did not register for the weight loss contest as I am already in perfect shape (also thanks to you!!). So I am one of the 5% of people to whom your messages mean a lot. And I am very happy that your book found me back in 2013.
A big thank you from Germany,

I tried the protein powder this morning.  It is the best I have ever tasted!
Gretchen B

Omg!! Markus! Your Trim Force is AMAZING. It sounded too good to be true but I trust you as always and ordered some in the capsule. I opened one and put it on my tongue and it actually tastes like strong green tea to me I love it. But it's so crazy afterward I tried a raisin and fruit punch and it tasted of nothing!!! Even the raisin was like "ew what am I eating". Even my friend who was super skeptical tried it and was amazed!! Also since I been getting used to your powders today I tried a serving of the super plant protein after a workout and it was so filling! I didn't even need dinner afterwards. This time I just took it with water. I was so surprised because so many people were saying it fills them up and I didn't think it could be true for me but it is! You're truly amazing Markus I love all your stuff and I LOVE Cara. Keep being amazing.
Francesca Stith

Green formula
This stuff is AMAZING!! As long as you offer it, I will use it everyday until I die. I couldn't believe it. I've grown to really like the flavor because my body just craves it! Taking two tablespoons a day. My hair grew 3 inches in a few weeks!!! It normally takes my hair about 7 months to grow that much. I was blown away. I have so much energy, I lost weight and I didn't even have to try. It pushed a lot of junk out of my body. The first few days it was a bit much (I recommend working your way up to the full amount) but after about two weeks no more detox effects. I actually have so much energy now, that I just have to be doing things! My mind is clearer, my sight is better. I can't recommend this enough!
Gracie Decker

OMG !!! I ordered the
Trim-Force and I just wanted to give to you my "Praise" this product is great.. I've only just started using this but whatever you have put together is the greatest product I've ever have used.. At the age of just turning 59 I was finding myself tired, fa·tigue all the time and not able to lose any weight or inches. I eat well no processed foods nor processed sugar, cane sugar only, sprout bread only and not even much of that, but just not able to lose nor have any energy.. After taking this just a few days I am noticing no bloating in my stomach and have the energy of a 42 year old again..Oh by the way the look of a 42 year old..tee hee.. Please keep up the great work you are doing for I believe in you and your products..

Because of you and cara, I've allowed myself to be FREE. Your book "
Instructions For A New Life" Changed my existence for the better! I do not leave home without it!
‪Michelle Hill💆‬

I started taking
trim force just yesterday and after just one dose I felt a difference! You are amazing and thank you!
Samaya Scheler

I bought " Love on the Plate" book and must say it is the best culinary book I've ever read. We tried some of the recipes, and they taste better then cooked food. Cara is a magician. Many thanks to Markus and Cara.
Natalie Jones

I just received this stuff as well as the
Vitamin C today and I tried the recommended “start off” serving of 1/2 a teaspoon for the Greens Formula. Here is the he best I can explain it, within 10 - 20 minutes of taking this with about 12 ounces of water, I actually felt my body absorbing this stuff (I think I know now what Cara meant about “the Power coursing through”). I have been dealing with some nasty fatigue issues lately, (Yes, Stress) but tonight I feel steady and much more balanced. My body was like “Ahhh, Finally!” Another thing, the shipping is really fast! I’m impressed.
Dawn Allen

Just think of all the people you have helped along their journey, like my self. I am not 100% raw but have lost up to 80 pounds and am a much happier , lovely and loving person. ‬
Thank you and Cara for all you do in this world to help people!!!!!!‬
Andrea Faye Farrington



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