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Relationship Magic

Life is too short for jealousy, anger, resentment and negativity. The only thing that holding a grudge does is hold you back. Let this magical video show you what's possible and warm your heart. This scenario isn't for everyone, but hopefully it will lighten your heart and show what really matters in life.
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Insecurity is a Waste of Energy

Health is much more than just what you eat. Even more important is your mood, feelings and emotions (although food does affect those). Your outer health is a reflection of your inner health, and just like the physical, cleanliness is key to inner health. Negativity is toxic poison to your body, your relationships and success in life. If you want to never get sick again, regain your youth and prosper financially, then there can be no room for jealousy, resentment, anger or bitterness. I cannot stress this enough. Stop wasting your time trying to prove why others are wrong and you are right. Stop comparing yourself to others and trying to make yourself feel good by cutting them down or trying to find flaws in others. What you put out immediately comes back to you- so if you wish bad things on others- the same will happen to you. This is the way the Universe works. The moment you realize this, everything in your world changes instantly. People will treat you differently and magical things will start to happen.

Get over your fear of loss, failure and poverty- those very thoughts will keep you in loss, failure and poverty. Whatever you have of value- give it away and watch what happens. Do not do it expecting anything in return- it must come from your heart selflessly. Start doing good and good will start coming to you. If you feel stuck in a situation of hopelessness, STOP waiting for others to save you. The only thing that will get out out is you own attitude and view of life. The harder you hit the ground, the higher you will bounce. That’s why I wrote “Instructions for a New Life", a simple little affordable pocketbook that just might be the most important thing you ever read. I don’t want to hear anyone whine they can’t afford 15 dollars. Stop eating for a day- fasting is one of the healthiest, most cleansing things you can do. The money you save not eating for a day will get you the book. No more excuses. Nobody wants to hear them. Stop wasting your energy, pull yourself up and start making a difference in the world. Even if it starts with saving a little bug from drowning or giving someone a hug. Miracles are not rare- they happen every second of every day all around you. All you have to do is throw away your dark glasses and start looking through the eyes of love. Through them you will see the road to freedom. It’s been there all along. All you have to do is see it.


Cara's famous Weight Loss video

This instantly became the most watched video I've ever released...13 thousand people saw this within the first 36 hours. Cara talks openly about her health secrets and how she looks so amazing while slowly approaching the half century mark. She is so darned lovable! See the video here.

newlife prosperity h101

Start Your New Life

These 3 books can change your life. If you haven't read them all yet, do it now. See them all here.



Hi markus, my self from india age 32, a software professional. I am your ardent follower and you have changed our lives. We had failed to conceive after 2 years of vigorous trying and lost all hopes. Was about to go to ivf. But before that me and my husband attempted raw juice and diet and in just 3 months i got pregnant and now have a 5 month old beautiful daughter.
Snigdha Agrawal Dasgupta

re: The Prosperity Secret and Instructions for a New Life
Your books are rebellious and dangerous and there should be a warning sign before reading. Thanks to you the first month i made a LOT of money and the second month i made double. In the beginning I was telling people how much i made so they would read your book. But I've stopped doing that and not without a reason. Now only my parents know, cause they thought I'd become manic. (LOL)  My boyfriend didn't want to join me in the business and is still struggling. I am kinda sad because he didn't want to become active, nor raw vegan, nor abundant. I had to let him go. He is an amazing guy and really sweet, but we don't match anymore.  And thennnnn OMG....it is really happening! All by my freaking self I'll be moving to one of the Dutch islands in a couple of weeks time. I have had a lot of pain in my back lately to the point i needed a wheelchair, but as soon as i knew i was leaving Florida the pain went away. I decided to not run away from the debt that i left behind in Holland a couple of years ago. Abundance is not really abundance when you live in wealth, but you never can get back to your motherland because of all the debt you left behind. I look at houses that I once dreamt of. Wauwwwwww, thanks Markus. But in the end all praise to God haha. He made it all possible. With kind regards, 
Martine Peters 

All your products are wonderful. I especially appreciate that containers are full, not 1/2, not 3/4, but full of product. Just that alone makes them a good value. Add on that you use such superior ingredients and that makes your products well worth the money. I feel like my money is well spent whenever I purchase your products. Thank you Markus and Cara for all you do! PS-I love your videos. They lift me up to a nice positive vibe. :-)
Michelle Sandoval

‪I am totally loving your
Irish Moss... Amazing... cup irish moss, water, raspberry, 2-3 dates, a few chia seeds, bit of lime, fridge.... delicious...thank you‬
Ramona Mehrbrodt

Just wanted you to know your wild force green formula is amazing I've actually lost weight...those stubborn after baby ponch...thank you...some days I just have one glass and I forget about eating all day and have all the energy to run after a 20 month old...which by the way loves it too !!! Much love and blessings to you and Cara and the rest of your clan, keep it up the world needs you
Danielle Hughes

I just wanted to thank you. My english is not very good (I'm from Bulgaria), but I really think you are so inspirational. And first when I hear you - I was thinking this is it. The food we eat is cause of all our problems.But then, when I examine more I realize that it's not just food. It's about love. It's about being yourself and not judge  anyone. And that point you talk about it - Just to give to others with open heart. And  not to want anything. Like you said -  appreciation. And instead of complain that someone is not with us we must just love them and be grateful just for that they are exist. And yes you are right the more important is not what we eat it's what we can get rid of. 'Cause we can eat all the good stuff, but if we don't have love what we have?
Thanks again.
Petyo Zdravkov , Bulgaria

I just tried your nutritional powders for the first time and I got an immediate surge of energy & after a few hours a feeling of calmness came over me. I'm a nutritional consultant and have been selling whole food supplements for over 30 years and I can say with certainty that your formulations are far better than the rest. Now I feel guilty offering second-rate products to my clients. Your notoriety is the absolute best thing to ever happen to the Holistic Health Industry. Thank You from an appreciative customer who will remain loyal forever!

Barry Strongin

‪For the first time in twenty years using Markus' wild force greens the vitamin C and just ordered the charconite and your night time formula I am almost completely off all antidepressants three different kinds I'm almost over the worst case of bronchitis I've ever had without antibiotics just greens with the wild force and Vitamin C powder as well as lemons from the tree out side my door. I listen to my body now. I eat less. I crave green apples and cucumbers l have no idea why I just do so I go for it. And I àm so freaking thrilled to have the edible plant guide on my iPhone it is the bomb!!!!! Blessings love light and joy to you and your loved ones ‬
Anastasia Sharpe‪ ‬

Just got the green powder and it DOES suppress hunger!!! Thanks you both! I love you guys
Izzie Thizzlyn

I LOVE your green formula! I will never use another brand again! Xo
Nicki Caps

Because of the change in my eyes and health, my VIP client has hired me to not only do bodywork for his family, but bought me a home, paid cash, for me to rent cheap in Carpenteria, and has hired me to be a driver for his kids and personal things he needs done. I am moving out of Ventura,(Ventucky). Thanks to you.
Darrell Hicks

‪ I made your pepperoni recipe and it is AMAZING! It honestly does taste like the real thing...only worlds better! Everyone in the family was totally impressed. With a grateful and joy filled sicilian heart, I say BRAVO!!‬
‪Theresa Rose

Your raw energy sets us all on fire, and shoots straight in the heart. I've switched to raw food 1 1/2 month ago after seeing one of your videos, the one about attracting a soulmate. Sure enough I've done my homework with "Family Constellations" releasing negative emotional patterns in my family going back 3 generations. BIG Thanks for all you do!‬

‪Teodora Atanasova‪

These potato chips are very good! Can't stop eating them.
Pescataria Pam

Great video! I am excited for the Cara interview. She looks incredible, I can't believe her age! It is insane, she looks 25!! I have been making recipes from Love on a Plate and they are awesome!! The pizza is seriously insane!!! I used to be addicted to eating Dominos pizza, and since going raw vegan I couldn't find a replacement, but woah, since making your pizza now I have my replacement!!! The pizza sauce has such a great flavour. I even make the garlic naan, and then dip it into the pizza sauce, because it reminds me of the "bread stix" that pizza places sell. So outstanding! You two are inspiring and make being raw easy!
Miss Jumpin Jackfruit

Prosperity Secret book:
Every now and again i send you a message about how you helped me to become wealthy. I was thinking about buying a house near the beach in Florida. But it doesn't look good when I don't have a healthy beach body to go along with it. I'm going to buy your book for a healthy skin from you. I like your all round holistic approach.
Martine Peters

Hey my name is Łukasz matusewicz im Polak who moved to Canada 11 years ago... My buddy at work started to talk about your diet and stuff at first I must be honest I did not believe it... Till he gave me your book.... I've read it in few days and decided that going to give a try! Since I've started to eat a lot more raw foods and eliminated white sugar I'm still trying to improve on my dairy and breads...the results are amazing !!! Just after 4 months I've lost over 20 lbs and Ohh yeah I've started also work out with my own body weight slowly I'm getting more and more confident that this is it!!! I've orderd your books of prosperity of life ect now I have my 8 month old son my priorities have changed I would like to be the most helpful father to him !!! Let me tell you YOU changed my life and I would like to thank you so much !!! Dziekuje bardzo (in polish )
Luke Matusewicz

Here in the UK is huge demand for Markus Rothkranz books! Perhaps I shall ask Markus to send me a box and I will sell them here‬
‪Katherine Sola‪

Dear, dear, dear Markus!
Your books and your great being changed my life. Last year (2014) in march, i bought first your book in german „Heile dich selbst“ (German version of Heal Yourself 101). It was a revelation to me…wow…Then i bought there your E-book „ Heile dich frei“ (Prosperity Secret)…woooooooow…another „revelation-book“ for me. It really changed my life for a second-time…While reading the book, i had some „back-tensions“. Then i thought: ok, Markus says, that and that…don’t make trouble about everything …and…wooooooooooooow: my back-tensions where gone…..in MINUTES!!!!! Markus, since two days ago, i don’t make trouble about everything. I let go all…I know now, i can be, like i am. I don’t have a much of money, but i give away money. I care about my parents (80years this year both), and i like, to care about them. I care also about an older man, his wife died in december 2014. I know, he loves me about that, i do. Since i  read your book, so much people give me a smile…it is so great to see, that people can change….only about a little smile! Last, but not least, lass dich umarmen, lieber Markus und ich wünsche dir und deiner lieben Cara alles, alles Liebe für euren weiteren Lebensweg,

Gelgia, Switzerland


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