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Part 2: How to Be Limitless
Life is speeding by faster than you can imagine. Every day that goes by will never happen again. You are not here to merely pay bills- you are here to see what's possible. Stop with the excuses and allow me to give you a powerful heartfelt kick in the butt- Watch this video.


Part 1: Your Road to Freedom
If you missed the first part, here is the intro to your new life. Consider this your wake up call.
Watch Part One

I can't stress this enough. Your life is a gift. Every day you are alive is a chance for greatness, ...doing something amazing that makes a difference in the world. And the best part is- it's something you LOVE doing! Something that excites you and makes you feel alive. The sad part is, most people are afraid to do it. Don't be one of those people consumed with depression, fear and bitterness. That's no good to you or anyone else. It's time you started taking chances, beating the odds and doing the things you've always wondered about. I've lost everything I had many times over, but each time I became more powerful and free to live my dreams, and I realized everyone else is in the same boat. Money issues, health issues, relationships... they are all connected and you can start changing the situation instantly. I wish I knew forty years ago what I know now. One of the greatest joys of life is knowing no matter what happens, you will always be free after making these changes. I wrote about all this in my books "Instructions for a New Life" and "The Prosperity Secret"but many people are too lazy to read nowadays. Ok, so I'll explain as much of it as I can in videos. Of course nothing beats the power of a book, but I'm doing what I can to kick people in the butt. And boy do some people need it! Don't waste one more minute of your life. That's what life is for- living. Experience it. Fully!


You saved my life 7 years ago. Fully raw and never looked back. Cancer and celiac is gone! Keep up the life changing common sense Markus
Pitou Bella Youtube

Markus I want to say thank you for changing my life. You offer real solutions to real issues. When I was 53 years of age I was 230 pounds, tired ALL the time, and had a hypo thyroid issue that was just NEVER resolved. I was so tired of being sick and tired..I bought your book
Heal Yourself 101, and DID it! ALL of it :) I lost 90 -100 pounds in 15 months, and I feel sooo much better. My thyroid is working properly and I am off the 4 medications I was on for 20 years.... Today I am 56 years of age.. I include silica, plant based vitamin C and exercise to keep my bones strong now that I am postmenopausal . Making changes and staying committed is where its at!.. The reality is that things can get tough when you are putting in the work :) .Thank you for being a example to me, and shining a big bright light so I could find my way.. Markus what you have done for me is priceless!!
The Kist Vegan 92

I eat only raw cauliflower (broccoli, kale...) and even though i diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease i don' t have any problems. you can heal yourself with raw food and other things (mindset, selflove,....) I don't take any thyroid-hormones and my thyroid was destroyed....but now my doctor think it is unbelieveable becauce now my thyroid looks absolutely normal!‬

Thank you Markus your book Heal yourself 101 2nd ed and Free food and Mediceine inc your conversions with James sloane, set us on a path of learning and healing our family got healthy and wife is now recovering from st4 colorectal cancer and halted secondry lung cancer from growing, You inspired myself and family to plant based happiness, Lots of love to all from Scotland. xxx‬
Maurice Buddin-North (Facebook)

I found Markus online while wondering how to rid my bags under my eyes. How to
heal your face. Ah the kidneys.For me it was animal protein. Good riddance. I was free of most bad foods 23 years. dairy first, 23 years, wheat, grains 11 years, soy soon after, sugar(minus fruit) 4 years. Sometimes it takes baby steps. But my bags have been gone for three years. My relationships have become stronger- family,love, work and friends. I definitely sleep better. I am 47 years old with a physic of a 20 year old(mind and body). I myself am an inspiration to others. I love that the body heals itself with proper care. The only thing you have to lose is pain. It's a wonderful journey and Wayne Dryer was a beautiful light on my road. As is Markus. Gratitude and Love.
Al Mil youtube

Markus, I just wanted to say thank you! Ive had restless leg syndrome for a while and it was driving me insane! up all night but I couldn't actually get out of bed and move or else my baby would wake up and scream (I cosleep). doctors say there's no cure or it can be genetic but I want about to resign myself to that for life. I searched "markus rothkranz restless leg" in Google and immediately found stuff related to taking magnesium that can help. I took magnesium as soon as i read that and immediately the awful sensation lessened and within an hour it was completely gone! my sanity has returned. I knew magnesium was important but it's amazing to see firsthand it's effects and that what doctors think are incurable syndromes and diseases really can be successfully healed with diet and exercise. thank you
thank you.
Happily Vegan Youtube

Almost three months ago I tore at tendon in my arm lifting weights. I was pushing myself to the limit and I apparently went over my limit and I've been in pain for months now. I could hardly move my arm without hurting and I could could not lift even a full coffee pot to pour into the coffee maker without it being very painful. I started taking the
night rebuild almost 3 weeks ago and within a couple days of drinking that stuff before I went to bed not only did I sleep better at night even if I got less sleep I still woke up refreshed, I noticed my arm pain has gone down 95%. I am just amazed at Markus's products. Yes they are expensive but to me how can you put a price on your health and your life? I don't think you can and it's worth the money to me.
John H.

Something that I am excited to share with you and anyone else who is sick and tired of being sick and tired. The last time I had played basketball was back in high school. I made it up the court once and I had to sit out because I was out of breath and my body just shut down. I am a father and I took that as a warning for my health and things I might miss with my own son.  I made a goal almost 2 years ago that I would be able to play basketball just like I did in high school and I have reached that goal! I am now playing intense, full court basketball every Sunday for 1.5 hours. I make my “energy” smoothie with 2 spoonful’s of your
Energy Formula and one spoonful of the Green Formula.  After each game I am the only one still standing on the court not having to get water or having to sit down…still full of energy nagging everyone else to keep playing when everyone else is calling it quits! Thanks for doing what you do Markus!!!!
Van Garmon IV, Vice President A Solutions Co.

Thank you for everything that you are doing for this wonderful world and specially for Humanity in General.
Edwin Barrera (click here to see his video testimonial)

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