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This video is perfect for the subject of today's topic. It's a taste of life with Cara and me doing our photo sessions and videos and the loving creative fun we have. Enjoy the video

Loosen Up to Live Longer ...Read This if You Want to Live

This is one of the most important factors of health. Without even knowing what people eat, I can tell how long they are going to live just by the things they say and think. Even people with the best intensions can become ill from their obsessions and worries. In short- uptight people are poisoning themselves and everyone around them. They drive people away, which makes them even more unhappy and uptight and eventually they get eaten up from the inside out and decompose. Is this what you want? Of course most people will say "that's not me".

O.k. Check list time.

Do you think too much? Worry too much? Do people tell you that you do? Do you obsess with the order of things? That something must be done exactly at a certain time of day every day? That everyone and everything must be 100% perfect or else they are flawed in your eyes? Do you judge people because they don't follow the same religion as you, or they aren't one hundred percent raw foodist or vegan or paleo or whatever? Do you hate people that don't dress like you or have breast implants or color their hair or have more money than you or choose not to have children or have a different skin color or... (the list is endless)

One of the longest living ladies in the world smoked till she was 100 years old. Remember George Burns? On the other hand, there are raw foodists who dropped dead at 65. Jim Fixx, who wrote the book on running, dropped dead at 52. So does that mean smoking is good for you and jogging is bad? The answer is not as simple as you would think.

Let's take for example people's obsession with Cara's breasts. She had implants 15 years ago because she breastfed for many years and didn't like the way she looked. It is NOT a serious health issue if the person takes care of themselves and their body and mind are working right. We do not advocate a 100% all natural lifestyle - that is physically impossible nowadays. We advocate a HEALTHY fun lifestyle of beauty and freedom to express oneself in ways that make someone feel good. People may ask "How can you be healthy with something foreign in your body?" The person in denial here is not Cara, but the person making that comment, who I can guarantee you has even more toxic substances in their body.
The daily exposure in people's homes to chlorinated water and formeldahyde from particle board cabinets and plywood walls is much more toxic than medical grade silione. Women that have problems with implants don’t take care of themselves or their health. Remember, simply being vegan or vegetarian doe not mean healthy (see video) I know people that have had them in for 30 years with no problems. If it makes someone feel good about themselves, they will outlive the most strictest raw foodists and I know quite a few of those who died early because of their OCD stress.

Something much more dangerous and damaging to the body is SUGAR because it feeds cancer, parasites and disease. To anyone who wants to attack Cara, I say- do you eat bread? Pasta? Anything made with wheat flour? Fruit juice? Alcohol? That all turns into sugar- rocket fuel for cancer. Let me see what you put in your mouth every day. How much of it is sweet and how much of it is bitter? Because BITTER is natural, sweet isn't. So if you want to get on the "natural" soap box, let's see how many bitter things you eat and drink. Bitter cleans the liver of toxins and keeps your body clean and healthy and is the best antidepressant, while ironically- sugar is a depressant! Let me make this clear- the two most toxic things that age and kill- are SUGAR and NEGATIVE THOUGHTS.

People who get up in arms about being “all natural” should not drive cars or use computers or have carpeting or mattresses because they are much more toxic also. They should also not wear clothing because that is not natural. 

You are not a naked hippie living in the woods. You need two people like YOU living in the modern world who are exposed to the same things YOU are and found a way to be healthy, young and happy despite exposure to all these modern things. Here is a video I just reposted about surviving radiation in the modern world.

The secret is keeping clean and positive. This means not just a clean body, but a clean MIND and HEART. I see all kinds of Christians dying of cancer because they are so uptight and judgmental about others and forget how to live themselves. Geez people, give it a break. Let people find their own truth on their own time. You are no good to others if you are negative and judgemental. Focus on your own health and relationships. Just remember- everything ends in peace eventually. Everything.

Cancer is something that eats you up from the inside. Think about that. Let me say that again.

Cancer is something that eats you up from the inside.

What is eating you up?

DON'T LET ANYTHING BOTHER YOU! Don't let anything eat you up. How much simpler can I put it?

If your body is working right and you are happy with yourself and your life and full of love and purpose, you can handle just about anything!

So the next time you catch yourself being judgemental or jealous or depressed or miserable, STOP! Let it go! It's not worth it. Make every moment you have left count and do whatever it takes to be happy because nobody knows how much time they have left.

Happy people far outlive uptight people. 

Love and Light
Markus and Cara


I think it's time you saw this again


WOW! Marcus, I have taken all type of supplements and found the benefit to be little or none. My family airs on the side of not taking very much and just eating healthy here in Thailand. However I must write this testimonial to tell you your green formula as it had an impact on our family. It makes us feel more alive and energized. Even my four-year-old daughter loves it. My wife has found it handy when she does not feel 100% and takes a little teaspoon to help along the healing process. Thank you very much for creating this amazing product. Feel free to use our testimonial we appreciate what you do in this world.
Thank you very much!
From the Land of Smiles
Jimmie and The Cox family

Just finished your book, "
The Prosperity Secret". I had also discovered "the secret" several years ago and ordered your book just out of curiosity because I wanted to know if it was the same thing as what I had learned. Yes, I was already doing half of it and have felt so much peace and happiness. However, your book is more than I was expecting. All your work is truly inspiring!
Mona-Britt Folds

You and Cara look unbelievable! I am off diabetes meds thanks to you two, and getting better every day!♡‬
‪Erin Gibson‪

I'm following your advice on raw food eating and I've lost 22 pounds, my blood pressure is back to normal and my energy is thru the roof, I feel great and healthy! Thank you Cara ‬
‪Beth Eskritt

I turned 58 last year and read Heal Yourself 101 and Free Food and Medicine, got a Vitamix and started making raw, green drinks stuffed with wild dandelion greens, parsley, watercress and celery or basil or cucumber and ginger root and turmeric root and green apples or mangoes or tangerines or kiwis, whatever I can afford or get from food pantries. The more raw green drinks I drank, the better I started to feel. I could barely walk 30 minutes and I took Ibuprofen round the clock - 400 to 800 MG - and other pain meds depending on the severity of my chronic pain from 2 autoimmune diseases, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Now I'm running up and down 15 flights of stairs for 30 minutes of cardio every day, I'm completely off all pain meds, I've lost 55 lbs, I have a love relationship with someone who supports all my health and diet goals and has joined me and lost 75 lbs with me and LOVES my raw green drinks, ala Markus and Cara! Thank you for putting a smile back on my face!‬
‪Cheryl Ann Lewis‪

Honestly, this cookbook has changed my life.
RanK Stargate

vitamin C powder is hands down his best formula! Highly detoxing and filled with incredibly rare and wild stuff. Highly recommended!‬
‪Bryan Cal

I have my "Love On A Plate" book on my coffee table and use it all the time. Friends are amazed at how easy and delicious the recipes are.‬
‪Marci Ann Fox

the Speech of a Lifetime
I have been struggling for years to make what I feel is my life's purpose a career and have struggled with thoughts of suicide and fear for years. Even though I have lost 50 lbs and take care of my body now, I still feel like I am not enough to have and be and do what I want in life. My mental state has affected my health to the point of having chest pains and having a weakened immune system. I was truly afraid that I was going to die young despite adopting a whole-food vegan diet and exercising often. I can not emphasize enough how much I needed to hear your message in this video. I feel such a sense of freedom, like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. It's all stuff that I think we all know deep within ourselves, but we forget. I watched this twice and will continue watching it whenever I forget. I am truly grateful for you and your courage. Thank you.‬
‪Nicole Manuel‪

re: the Speech of a Lifetime
THIS PRICELESS GIFT YOU HAVE SHARED HAS CHANGED ME IN A MATTER OF DAYS. I am SO GRATEFUL to you Markus Rothkranz! I really hope I get a chance to meet you one day. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.‬
‪TK Ruzicka

re: the Speech of a Lifetime video
I cried. Having gone from a high paying job to being made redundant within the last 8 months I have learnt that the universe does provide for you and that finding the gifts and appreciating everything even the smallest of things makes me feel alive and so happy. ‬Sometimes it's when you think you have nothing is when you really notice that you do have everything you ever need or want in life. I so adore, admire and respect you and Cara so much thank you, THANK YOU!!
‪Caradi Shaye Miller‪‬


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