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European Distribution!

Ok, we are beginning the trial phase of European distribution of my products. The website is MarkusEurope.eu or MarkusEurope.com. This is a limited test with a limited number of products that are already in Europe. A distributor bought a number of my products and is now shipping them within Europe and Germany. If you have any questions, DO NOT EMAIL ME or the normal American shipping center, contact the European customer service who's contact info is on the MarkusEurope.eu website. You can however email me feedback on how things are going. Remember- this is a limited test and products might run out for a while while they get all the bugs worked out. Please be patient as they figure things out. The German cookbook is still 5 months away. If everythiong works out, we might finally have a way of getting my powders into Germany!


Fun Interview

BeautifullyBoundless asked me some fun questions in this entertaining interview. Enjoy


The Inspiration of Living

Here's a great article written on my speech of a Lifetime.They must have been really inspired because it came out the same day as the speech video!


New Photo Shoot

Here are a few more photos of Cara and me to inspire you to a life of health, beauty and sunshine.
Here is the basic album from my Facebook page
and for those who want to see more of Cara,
here is more in her fan page


Capsule Option Available Now
in Package Deals

Some of the items in the package deals are now available in optiional capsule form, like Trim Force, Age Free & Colon formula. The Greens, Protein and Liver are still powder for obvious reasons. Just choose the type of package deal you want


All Those Questions!!!

I made this video in 2012 and need to post it again. I am getting inundated with people's health questions. Even if I was legally allowed to answer them, I really can't and here's why. This is important for you to know so please, if you really want to improve your health and life, please watch this video.


More Inspiration!

Meet Daniela Gebert (from Germany of course) Upper Bavaria. Age is no excuse. Having kids is no excuse. You can be in your 40s and still look and more importantly FEEL like you are still in your 20s! This is how life is supposed to be when you take care of yourself. Congratulations Daniela! So proud of you!


You and Cara look unbelievable! I am off diabetes meds thanks to you two, and getting better every day!♡‬
‪Erin Gibson‪

I'm following your advice on raw food eating and I've lost 22 pounds, my blood pressure is back to normal and my energy is thru the roof, I feel great and healthy! Thank you Cara ‬
‪Beth Eskritt

I turned 58 last year and read Heal Yourself 101 and Free Food and Medicine, got a Vitamix and started making raw, green drinks stuffed with wild dandelion greens, parsley, watercress and celery or basil or cucumber and ginger root and turmeric root and green apples or mangoes or tangerines or kiwis, whatever I can afford or get from food pantries. The more raw green drinks I drank, the better I started to feel. I could barely walk 30 minutes and I took Ibuprofen round the clock - 400 to 800 MG - and other pain meds depending on the severity of my chronic pain from 2 autoimmune diseases, arthritis and fibromyalgia. Now I'm running up and down 15 flights of stairs for 30 minutes of cardio every day, I'm completely off all pain meds, I've lost 55 lbs, I have a love relationship with someone who supports all my health and diet goals and has joined me and lost 75 lbs with me and LOVES my raw green drinks, ala Markus and Cara! Thank you for putting a smile back on my face!‬
‪Cheryl Ann Lewis‪

Honestly, this cookbook has changed my life.
RanK Stargate

vitamin C powder is hands down his best formula! Highly detoxing and filled with incredibly rare and wild stuff. Highly recommended!‬
‪Bryan Cal

I have my "Love On A Plate" book on my coffee table and use it all the time. Friends are amazed at how easy and delicious the recipes are.‬
‪Marci Ann Fox

Seit ich das Buch von Markus Rothkranz gelesen habe "Heile dich selbst" , hat sich mein Leben verändert.Alles was ich bis dato über Ernährung wusste, bekam Sinn. Er nennt die Dinge beim Namen, offen und schonungslos, einfach wunderbar. Wenn man dieses Buch gelesen hat, wird es schwierig Leute übe Ernährung zu belügen. Danke Markus!‬
‪Lilli Studer
translation: the book "Heal Yourself 101" changed my life

Ich habe meine Schilddrüsenerkrankung in Vergangenheit geheilt durch "Heile dich selbst"+ "gesund und schön"... Danke dafür!‬
‪Simone Broders
translation: I healed my thyroid after reading "Heal Yourself 101" and "Heal Your Face"

re:the Speech of a Lifetime
I have been struggling for years to make what I feel is my life's purpose a career and have struggled with thoughts of suicide and fear for years. Even though I have lost 50 lbs and take care of my body now, I still feel like I am not enough to have and be and do what I want in life. My mental state has affected my health to the point of having chest pains and having a weakened immune system. I was truly afraid that I was going to die young despite adopting a whole-food vegan diet and exercising often. I can not emphasize enough how much I needed to hear your message in this video. I feel such a sense of freedom, like a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders. It's all stuff that I think we all know deep within ourselves, but we forget. I watched this twice and will continue watching it whenever I forget. I am truly grateful for you and your courage. Thank you.‬

‪Nicole Manuel

re: the Speech of a Lifetime
THIS PRICELESS GIFT YOU HAVE SHARED HAS CHANGED ME IN A MATTER OF DAYS. I am SO GRATEFUL to you Markus Rothkranz! I really hope I get a chance to meet you one day. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.‬

‪TK Ruzicka

the Speech of a Lifetime video
I cried. Having gone from a high paying job to being made redundant within the last 8 months I have learnt that the universe does provide for you and that finding the gifts and appreciating everything even the smallest of things makes me feel alive and so happy. ‬Sometimes it's when you think you have nothing is when you really notice that you do have everything you ever need or want in life. I so adore, admire and respect you and Cara so much thank you, THANK YOU!!
‪Caradi Shaye Miller

I LOVE your Collagen Kit. After two weeks I've noticed the quality of my skin has improved and most dramatically the skin on my hands. They look younger, softer and more hydrated. Thank you! I'm so pleased!
Mary White

I am raw vegan for almost 10 years but never ever dared to make pizza, because I thought this would be a big disillusion and I would only be disappointed. But when I saw "Antonio's" recipe video this week, I decided to go for it. And so today I made my first raw vegan pizza ever - so what should I say..... O M G!!!! I am so surprised about the result!!! :D Thank you so much for sharing this great recipe with us, "Antonio" ;) I really appreciate it very much! Big hug!
Isabel Avery


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