Part 1: Joseph Hill .
Few people have impressed me more than Joseph Hill in his weight loss results. Look what happens when someone follows the raw vegan lifestyle and eats the recipes in my book "Heal Yourself 101". I'm proud of Joseph for going all the way and becoming a great example for everyone, not just for weight loss, but getting younger again. Watch the video.



Part 2: James Sloane
A highly packed informative video covering all the reasons for weight gain other than food and exercise and why even healthy eaters gain weight. Medical expert James Sloane explains the weight gain resulting from estrogen, thyroid and adrenals... and most of all, what to do about it! (watch to the end) See the video here.


Part 3: Cara Brotman . .

Here is the long awaited video interview where Cara explains how she maintains her incredible timeless body as she slowly approaches the half century mark. This video is so full of important information, it couldn't be edited any shorter than 34 minutes. Let this inspire you! You'll laugh, smile and feel your heart glow.
Watch the video here.


Part 4: Markus Rothkranz

I saved the most powerful video for last.
This time it's me personally. This is the grand daddy of all weight loss videos. Hang on. This is quite an epic ride! Watch the video

You can see all of the weight loss videos in one place at MarkusWeightLoss.com


Why even slightly overweight is dangerous
Most people think it's no big deal, but those extra pounds could mean your life! Even if you are "only" 20-30 lbs overweight, This eye-opening video demonstrates how much it really is and how much of an effect it has on you. "Normal" is NOT healthy.
Play video

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