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No Menopause!

Menopause does NOT mean weight gain, hormone loss, grey hair, less energy and aging. Nothing should change in your life. As a matter of fact, things should be even more magical than before. Meet Linda Zselenak, a great example of what life should be like at any age. Also listen to her speak about true freedom to live your dreams. Do not worry about security or anything, no matter what age you are. Be inspired.

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You NEED it for Health

Forget hormone replacement therapy.
Stop thinking sexuality is less important the older you get. You need it for health, your immune system, vitality, energy, well being, youthfulness and life force. The less you have it, the more you age. If you aren't what you used to be and the magic is fading, you MUST watch this video! Stop slowly dying inside. Femal sexuality expert explains it doesn't matter if your, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 90- you should be fully alive until the day you die.

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If you haven't used this stuff yet- RUN and get it! It's the awesomest all-purpose skin cream, moisturizer, lip balm, massage stuff and personal lubricant that will instantly make your sex life magical. It relieves itchy skin, cuts, burns and improves skin texture and tone. Also rub some in your hair to knock out frizz. 100% natural and safe to use anywhere on face, body and um..inside private parts :-) It's basically olive oil and bees wax, propolis and royal jelly. 2 different brands, same basic stuff. Egyptian Magic is more expensive. Cara and I use Bee Magic all the time.


Hear Me Speak

This is a free webinar you can hear right now, where I speak about the 7 KEYS TO A NEW LIFE and creating true freedom. Start living your new life today. The truth is universal and incredibly simple. It's easier than you think!

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Dear Markus, We followed the advice from your book and it has truly given us amazing health, and it has been even more of a blessing to Andrea as the changes we have made have helped to clear up a severe digestive disorder that she had suffered with for over 8 years! Thanks Markus, keep up the good work, you are an inspiration!
Fabian & Andrea Fortier

Good Morning Markus! Just want to to say a big Thank You!  for your
Heal Yourself 101 guide, I am already feeling the benefits by adopting some of the principles in your book and am going the full way soon. My Acne which I have had for nearly 30 years has cleared up after nearly trying everything. Thank you for the great work you are doing for the human race and I will promote your healing to as many people as i know in the UK. My very best wishes to you, your lovely partner and all those that support you in the excellent work you are doing. 
Chloe Cameron

My cousin Tana is singing your praises!
Denise Aldelia Ward

Hey Markus, I first heard you on a podcast in 2008. Since 2008 my life has changed. You helped my life considerable professional and privately. I could go into what you've done for me but you won't have the time to read and I honestly don't have the time to write but I did want to thank you very much. I hope to meet you one day,
Leonard Tam

re: "
Post Menopause Bliss- Empowerment and Freedom" video
Perfect story at perfect time. I just decided to let go of my place, my job, and everything provides me with security. I am going to travel and spend the summer in one of the most beautiful places on Earth, no plans after summer yet. Before that, I was spending hours looking for a job, doing interviews, and nothing seemed to work out for me. Then this opportunity came to me very easily I couldn't believe it at first. But now it is happening. A place to live, food to eat, and extra money that I will get for doing something I have always dreamed of doing. Open your heart and believe in your dreams.

re:"How and Why to do an Enema"video
I ordering an enema bag online like you suggested. It arrived in a few days let me tell you as a 19 year old I figured there wouldn't be that much to come out...WRONG...a
nyways, I've been feeling great and I do an enema at least once a week. Thank you Markus for your work and drive to spread advice you know as true! You and Cara are beautiful souls of Light! :D
Hannah Steeps

Hi Markus! I purchased your Wild Force Energy Formula; and have been taking it for about two weeks now. This is Sustained Energy, I feel more ALIVE; and like STAYING productive.
Daylandro Andretti

I have been a plant based vegan for twenty seven the last three years a raw food-ist, and I love it!!!!! Eating raw has changed my life. I was very healthy before but now my health has sky-rocketed. I need less sleep. I can think more clearly. I can work out more and jog more. I am a pro ballroom dancer. I have worked with people from dancing with the stars and I can teach ten lessons a day! The best part is that I am 5foot eleven inches tall and weigh only 147 pounds!!!! I lost thirty pounds and can eat all day and not gain weight. WOW to the RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE. I thank you so much! Best regards,
Avie Klein.

Hi there Markus, I bought your Free Living 101 and it's changed my perception of life.
Joshua F. Rodriguez

I bought single packs of the super plant protein and greens to try. Bought the full size containers. If your looking at them try them! With mix them with my raw almond milk or fruit and water. Digests great. Great energy, body loves it!
Michelle Heath

Today I read out loud a part of the Heal Yourself 101 book about the immediate plan to my husband. He first did not really show interest but suddenly it just was like a fire that got lid ad he said Ok Miriam let's do this I'm driving you to the vegetable "bazaar" so we can fill up the fridge with what's necessary for this healing to take place. Because I'm on asthma medication I have decided to go straight to the juicing part and incorporate water fasting down the track when I'm of the inhalers. Sincerely
Miriam Gardner

Hey Markus , I've read "Heal Yourself 101", "the Prosperity Secret" ,and "instructions for a new life" they all changed my life. I now eat more bitter greens and did my first enema tonight . Prosperity, health and my biggest dreams are on their way. Also with my more clear mind, I was able to make a breakthrough on a design concept I have been blocked out on for 2 years. Thanks for sending message to the world.
Adam Oh

Hello!  I recently met Markus for the first time, in Toronto, Canada, at the Total Health Show. I will be forever grateful to have had those few minutes of exchange with Markus him as he autographed the books of which he authored that  I purchased at his display.  After reading his work, I am very keen to purchase more for both myself and some friends. I must mention, Markus left such a powerful, dynamic impression upon me, it will no doubt last a lifetime, (which will be a long long time! J) The magnitude of positive energy he generates is truly remarkable and awe inspiring. All the best, With kind regards,
Karen Cobb

Dear Markus,I would like to thank you and give some good energy to you. I am reading your book and I am so happy. I love reading and I read a lot of fact literature, lately I read a lot of health related books. I do follow you and I get emails from you and I watch the videos too. But to read your book is such a pleasure. I love the way you write. So simple, even an ordinary person can read it without feeling exhausted, yet full of important facts. You use language that does not bore the reader. I also wanted to share what my son said when he was just 7 and maybe make you smile and have a good feeling about next generation.

Jakub (my son): Granny why do you have a dark spot on your belly and why does it itch?

Granny: Because I didn’t know how to take good care of my body when I was younger and now my body is
- - - - - - sending messages to me, to do something about it.

Jakub: Why didn’t you know how to take good care of yourself?

Granny: Because I believed to what our sociality thought me. You know, the doctor would give me some cream
- - - - - - and send me home, but I have to heal this symptom from inside my body not to suppress the symptom.

Jakub: Does this mean that the doctor is plugging the mouth of our body when they hide the symptoms?

Have a very Blessed day
Anita Krulik

Thank you Markus Rothkranz for your Friendship, your knowledge and the love and care you put in all your work. Your books, DVDs, formulas, herbal products have all been a wonderful blessing assisting me on my journey, so much great information! Really LOVE your new formulas!!!! Much love to you and Cara Brotman

Linda Zselenak


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You can't build your future on the past you're trying to get rid of



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