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The picture on the left is a real family. They lived in the cold north, were tens of thousands of dollars in debt and moved to the tropics with only 400 dollars in their pocket. Not only did they survive, they thrived and have been traveling the world for 20 years now. All kinds of people have been waking up to discover the tropical dream is real. Watch this super inspiring video.

This one is dear to my heart. This subject matter makes my heart sing and its so exciting because it is truly life changing. So many people feel stuck in a prison with no light at the end of the tunnel. It's time to change that. Little do most people realize the door has been unlocked the whole time and don't realize how easy it is to step out of the darkness into the light. And I mean REAL light! The warm loving embrace of tropical sun and the soothing caress of a warm tropical breeze. People all over the world are starting to realize this is not an unrealistic dream, but in fact as easy as simply stepping on an airplane and starting a new life. Many of those people have very little or even sometimes no money at all. Hello my friends, and let me welcome you to a new world... the one you've only heard about but thought was unreachable. Let these people show you just how quickly this can happen. None of these people had any money worth mentioning. But they felt a calling to something better than the life they had. The only thing holding you back, and I mean this... is your fear. This is why I wrote the books "Instructions for a New Life" and "The Prosperity Secret".

There is no excuse. There really is magic in life if you allow it. There is always a way. You don't even need to know what it is... just start moving in the direction you are being called and the stepping stones will appear. Let this video spark something in you that just may change your life today. This may not be for everyone... but it is one more option to consider as your precious days in life tick away. You are worth more to the world as a happy, empowered shining soul, and I am doing everything I can to shake you up and get you there, with the help of the amazing fearless people in this video. Thank you Ka Sundance, Linda Zselenak, Raw Matt and Heike Michaelsen! We are one big family and I love you all.

To meet me in person and hear me talk about all this life changing stuff, come to the Total Health Show in Toronto Canada April 21, 22, 23 at the Metro Toronto Convention center, where I will be giving away a free vacation to Hawaii. This is worth the trip. This is the largest health show in Canada and its the 40th anniversary. See you there! Yes Cara will be there, as well as Cara's son, Jennifer and Bodan will all be at the booth!


4 years ago I was a broke single mom facing homelessness. I stumbled upon one video by Markus and it was like a defibrillator for my life. I worked 3 miserable jobs and spent my cable tv money on several of Markus's books. The tv was turned off and suddenly my life was turned on. I am now remarried,live in a beautiful home, never have to work if I don't want to and most important, I try to share life and happiness with others. Markus and Cara may look like living Ken and Barbie dolls but if you listen and practice what they share your life will change for the better
Denise G

Hey Markus, I have to give you and James Sloane many thanks. I was able to get rid of a cancer called olfactory neuroblastoma(sinus/brain cancer) by getting subcutaneous
injections of ozone on my face. The healing is all completely verified using before and after MRIs at UCLA. If this didn't work I was facing a craniotomy along with radiation treatments that were probably going to damage the optic nerve which would have made me blind.You guys stuck your necks out by giving this information and I found a clinic that did ozone sinus injections out here in  LA and the rest is history, my MRI came back clear! I'm still on "cloud 9" because all this. It's been three months since I got the good news.
Jose R

To anyone that is debating on buying the Green Formula, PURCHASE IT NOW!! I've only been using it for about 2 weeks, and I have noticed a DRAMATIC change in my body already. I have also purchased other products, but this one by far is a LIFE CHANGER for me, and my family. Marcus Rothkranz, THANK YOU! And please do not stop making these products!!

Markus I am currently 56 years old, I bought your book
Heal yourself 101 in late 2014. I read it cover to cover and followed your directions-ALL OF THEM. By doing so I dropped 80 pounds in 15 months and got off of 4 medications I had been taking daily for 17 years.. Thank you soooo much for telling me the truth about animal products, dairy, and processed foods..I look 10-15 years younger and feel AMAZING!! I could not have done it without you.
The Kist Vegan 92

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