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New Improved Liver Formula
Most people have no clue how important the liver is, or even what it does (no it isnt just a filter). It has over 500 functions, all of which are vital to your well being. All disease starts with a dirty liver. I have improved my liver formula and made it even more powerful. Watch this important video


New Age-Free Formula

I never stop making things better. This is one of the things I take every day. The only reason I'm even selling it is because people keep wanting what I take to stay young and age-free. The ingredients in Age-Free and Free-Liver are also powerful anti-cancer herbs. Your health is either slowly rising or falling, the choice is yours. Watch the video and see the power.


ABC Morning Show

Cara and I were on ABC's "The Morning Blend"
Watch how the hosts react to these two recipes from our uncookbook. The change has begun. We'll also be on the Ed Bernstein Show on NBC Sunday at 3.
Here's the Morning Blend segment.


The Terminator Interview

Wow, I actually got to interview the robot from the future, who has some eye-opening words of wisdom to share with you. If you feel insignificant, you need to watch this video and hear his important message.


Uncookbook Review

Cicily Corbett reviews our uncookbook and made a kale salad from the book for lunch. Read what she had to say when she tried it. Here is the article


Half Way- Hang in There!

We are half way to the December 3 deadline for the $5,000 Markus weight loss challenge. Your new life awaits. Keep reading and following "Heal Yourself 101"


Something Revolutionary

Next week, I will unveil something exciting I've been developing for some time.

Something that could help you and your struggle.

Stay tuned.



Enemas were a game changer to my healing on my long vegan journey , 13 years vegan 9 years raw vegan , my body really started to heal all the autoimmune diseases that were ruling my life when I went all raw and started cleansing my colon !!! Healing is possible , how many raw nutrients can ride on every fork full of food ! Love yall :)

Just wanted to reach out to thank you- My 95 year old grandfather started taking your Wild Plants power and vitamin C and has seen drastic benefits (thanking me for giving him a second life!).
Lora Vertue, Toronto Canada

I'm having amazing gains in the first quarter. I'm 55 years old and someone asked me the other day if I was in my mid 30's Ha ha. Love it! Thank you Markus!
Redstrom Fitness

re: Neti Pot for Sinuses
Wow!! Thanx Markus, noticed a big difference!!
Local Nomad

We ordered the Green Formula (which came super fast by regular shipping I should add) and we were so excited!! We tried it right away, just with water to get a good idea of the true flavour, we love it! It's got a good taste; even our 8 year old said "it's not gross, i like it"! We all felt something right away; I can't say what it was but we all felt empowered and almost like we had taken some drug or something LOL it was cool. Herbs awaken your cells like magic! We can't wait to see how our energy levels change as we take it more often. Thanks for the super awesome product. Bless you for putting out such a great quality green formula; there are so few out there offering what you do. Peace & Love :)

Hi i am 28 and have just tried this (enema) for the first time. You are so right Markus. I have had the enema kit for about a month now but was so scared to try it. I was also having an
allergy attack,cramping,and coughing all prior to trying the enema. Not even an hour has gone by since i administered 3 whole enemas till everything was coming out clear. And i feel amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =) no coughing or sneezing of any kind. Thank you so much Markus for the motivation to try this!
Jason Snyder

I'm taking your advice and purging all the stress in my life, including all the lies I've been living that have been weighing me down. I owe you so much Markus Rothkranz. You have literally changed my life. Thank you for introducing me to raw food, supporting my brain injury healing, creating books and food supplements that nourish me, and helping me live the life I've always deserved. This is my new project, and I owe it all to you. Oh, and tell Cara I love her.
The Guru Girl

Cara and Markus, I purchased your uncookbook months ago, but just made this amazing Naan. Cara, you are on point. This came out so incredible. It was fast, easy, but the taste was seriously like Naan. I had some mushrooms which I added. Thank you so much for this great recipe.
Jeffrey Zone

I finally tried cara's breakfast recipe and it really is like candy! It's so good and filling! It's so awesome too cus you dot feel like you're eating plane boring old fruits and veggies it was fun easy and delicious!!! Definitely a staple in my 'meal plan'

Last night, I did three full enemas because I really felt full of crap. In the past, enema's to me seemed bothersome. Regardless of how I felt, I couldn't get it through my head to do them. Let me tell you, I FEEL GREAT TODAY!!! :) Definitely the missing LINK to my health progress with detox. You're absolutely right on this, Markus!! It took a while for the message to sink in. I'm glad it did.
PutMe Down

Buy it. its worth every dollar.
Aaron Morgan

I got your herbs a view weeks ago via Sweden.
I'm constantly loosing little weight although that's not the main issue. I've got so much energy, always good mood... I'm in peace with myself and everybody and everything that surrounds me. After getting the herbs I started the cleaning. Although I've been nearly raw for almost three years now, I feel a huge improvement. Enemas are more usefull together with the herbs. I'm so glad I found you a few years ago and now it's getting WOW!!! Tausend Dank. My life would be less joyfull and much darker without you.
Antje aus Berlin 

I have the English version of "Instructions for a New Life" and this is definitely a MUST read. Everything Markus says is straight and to the point. If you want to learn more about life and relationships this is the book!‬
Penny Lee

We love you guys, My wife and I bought your book Heal Yourself 101 two years ago when we were 300lbs and sick and unhappy with life, We as a couple changed everything and have lost half our weight in less than a year. With your greens and Protein and raw food it has made it so easy to stay away from processed and dead food. Yours and Cara's videos keep us modivated and Inspired on a daily bases. Your biggest fans:) gods peace‬
‪Chris Elvig

You are a true inspiration the both of you. You books, product and videoes has given me so much knowledge, insight and confidence! It has helped me change my life and now at the age of 65 I have more energy than ever before. I've had fibromyalgia, migrane, digestive issues, allergies ... you name it. IT'S ALL GONE! Thank you, thank you, thank you!‬
orhild Marie Haug

I'm attempting your weight loss contest and this answered so many questions I've had. I'm a newbie so there's still things I don't know about this lifestyle and until you, I had never even heard of raw, or I did and didn't pay attention. Well now I'm paying attention. I've lost a pound a day (13) and I can't get over it. Not to mention what going raw has done for my many ailments. This has really been a life changing 13 days. I'm looking forward to seeing what else happens in the coming months.
Lexy Berry

I so agree with your message! I had the fortune of reading the Prosperity Secret a while back, and this experience has truly changed my life for the better!!! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom!!!‬
‪Karo Caran

I have already lost 65lbs in 3 months since I found you Markus

‪Jose Vazquez

Markus helped me cure my Crohn's disease
with this lifestyle. No more Remicaid infusions every 2 months for 3 hrs a shot and $5K a pop, like chemo. And that was after only 1 month on this diet. Enough said about whether or not this works and is how we're supposed to eat. Now, about the cost of eating fresh raw whole foods being more expensive, I say "Poppycock!". I'm 48 yrs old and have noticed that when I was a kid growing up dirt poor, we ate the canned, boxed and jarred sh** because it was cheaper than fresh fruits and veggies. Now, it's the opposite. All the crap that people are hooked on in the canned, boxed and jarred foods is now way more expensive than lettuce or berries. I often wonder if it was engineered that way all those years ago, just to get people hooked on the crap and then sell it pricier to make more money these days. Check it out for yourself in the produce aisles. Anyway, if you don't see what I see, then you're shopping in the wrong section of the store and possibly the wrong store altogether, honey.
Marta Kempton

I love the
Night Rebuild It work like nothing else I ever tried! No more hot flashes! This is a porducts that people need to know about!‬
‪Samantha Bronzeill

Thank You. You helped me cure my Crohn's disease and many other things. So grateful for your work! My husband and I are you, Markus and Cara...just 7 years sooner. Took a long time to find each other, but we did (we're so deeply in love and perfect for each other) and now we're embarking on this amazing lifestyle that has done so much for us in just 3 months time. We love you guys, your products and your inspiration. Please keep up the good work in food and in relationships. They both mean so much. We'll be watching, supporting and spreading the word ourselves!
Marta Kempton


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