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Hormone Replacement Therapy

There is finally hope for night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings and other hormone-related issues. What I originally designed for bodybuilding and stress relief, helped stop Cara's night sweats the very first night! Watch this video and listen to her talk about her eye opening experience. Read the article below for more.

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Caras First Interview

If you didn't love Cara before, you will now after hearing this beautiful interview. She is so down to earth, gracious, gentle, quiet and yet a wealth of information and super intelligent- an amazing example of health and love for all women. I am so proud of her. After this you'll definitely want to hear more of what she has to say! Feel the Cara magic like I did. It's super infectious!

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What to do for night sweats and hormone issues

First of all- STOP playing victim (its "normal" for my age, its genetic etc) That's a cop out.

One of the biggest causes of night sweats is stress. It may be tension in the relationship, money worries, aging worries (looking in the mirror), worries about your partner losing interest in you, depression for not being “young” anymore... could be a million things. It can be an issue with the hypothalamus, medications, stress, infections or acid reflux. In men it can also be triggered off by very low testosterone levels.Well you can change all that! YES you can become younger, thinner, get your energy, flexibility, sex drive, life force back again. But you MUST stop your addiction to comfort foods- bread, pasta, cereal, baked foods, cooked foods, wheat products, cheese, milk, sugar, processed, modern foods, AND you must stop stimulants (coffee, energy drinks, drugs, sugar etc).

The choice is yours- do you want to get better or worse?

To help your hormones rebuild and to get younger overall and healthier again-
do not eat for 3 hours before bed. Make this a regular habit! 70% of your body’s energy goes to digesting food and if you have a full stomach, your body cannot rest because it’s spending all night digesting- resulting in a worn our tired body in the morning... and aging. This is a form of stress because now you are tired all day and forcing yourself to stay up. Taking stimulants like coffee, sugar etc are NOT the answer. They burn out your adrenals, resulting in even more long term burnout. It also depletes your body’s ability to produce stomach acid, leading to undigested food, less nutrient absorption and ultimately... aging. Having nightmares or too many dreams? The energy from that food has to go somewhere- and if your body’s not moving, it’s driving your mind crazy. Your body and mind can’t rest with all that food energy. The first few nights of not eating late will cause cravings, but those will go away soon.

You should also be in bed by 10 pm because healing hormones are released between 10 pm - 2 am and you must be asleep for this to happen. You cannot make up for it by sleeping in longer in the morning. The 2 hours of sleep between 10 pm and midnight is like 5 hours of overall sleep!!!

Exercise- MOVE you body! Get out there and speed walk if you can’t jog. Swim. Dance Dance Dance

Cleanse your body and eliminate all the waste that’s been accumulating in your cells- get an enema bag. Do lots of juicing. Get rid of your stress! Stop worrying about your future and start living. Get rid of all the abusive, thankless deadbeats in your life that are draining you of energy and life. Start living, have something to look forward to- like a sexy, new YOU! It’s NEVER too late! If you don’t believe me, get the book “Heal Yourself 101” and look at the before-after pictures. Follow that book and change your life. If you’re in a life slump- also read “Instructions for a New Life”. It will change your life

The Night Rebuild formula is the result of years of research. It can help almost immediately- IF you allow your body to heal and give it the environment to do so. Also recommended is the GREEN formula in the mornings for supplying your body the missing nutrients you just can’t get from even the best grocery produce. Plus it will give you energy like nothing else! These are the things Cara and I personally take every day. It’s what’s keeping us young and our hormones revved like teenagers. (and looking like teenagers:-)

Take 2 tablespoons of Green formula in the morning with water, juice or smoothie, and 1 tablespoon of Night Formula with water one hour before bed on an empty stomach. Remember- do NOTR eat for 3 hours before bed. YES- go to bed hungry. You will get used to this and thank me down the road.

You only have one body. Treat it well. Clean it up, respect it, feed it only the best fuel and positive energy. This is the year of new living!

Love and Light, Markus and Cara


Marcus, you have done so much for my health and I want you to know that I transitioned to a 100% raw lifestyle and you inspired me so much……Cara as well;) 
You were the ONLY person to inspire me to do a water enema. I did it when  I bought your book and WOW, I have a flat tummy and I can feel how much cleaner I am. Much appreciation for the education.
Sherri Lynn

re: "The Amazing Fava Bean video recipe"
Absolutely amazing. This is a very easy and delicious meal: a must try. Tastes great with some diced tomato and freshly picked sage.  :D

re: Wild Force Green Formula
I took this into the office and my colleagues devoured it in their smoothies... I'm like 'Where the heck is my Green Formula?'
Catherine Chenery

Lisa Blackwell Markus !!!!!! We received the 5 books you wrote THE PROSPERITY SECRET FOR MY HUSBANDS SALES TEAM TO READ AND PASS AROUND !!!!! I've eaten the way you teach for 11 months and healed Diverticulitis
Lisa Blackwell

Miss Cara its taken me and my wife 7 months to lose 100lbs each, Going all raw and watching your and Markus's vidoes and books. You and Markus are such a big insperation to me and my wife. Going raw for us was hard at first but now we want to do it for the rest of are life. We are 55 and 56 and are feeling like teenager again. Heal yourself 101 and Markus's green formula's are a part of are daily life. Thank you both:)

‪Chris Elvig

You both look fantastic. Was thinking of you today. My front yard is all rocks and pebbles..the only thing growing is dandelions. I looked at my roommate and said you know...all the greens in this yard are edible, let's throw them in a shake! If I hadn't read your
(edible plant) book I would never of thought that way. Thank you Markus. What once was weeds is now super food and free!!

Anastasia Sharpe

re: Instructions for a New Life book
Dear Markus
First of all, I would so like to dearly thank you, with all my heart, for what you are doing. I found your books 2 months ago and in that short time, you have helped me change my life in ways I never thought possible. I am now more free than so far in my life. And words just cannot thank you enough, my heart is filled with gratitude! You are a shinning star that makes others shine and thank you so much for the work you do for this planet. You are such an amazing inspiration :)

Cecile -Denmark



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