Natural Healing and Sustainability DVDs by Markus Rothkranz

YouTube Videos Collector Set on DVD

Now you can watch all the famous Markus videos on your big screen TV at home! This 24 DVD set is packed with fun and educational material you can watch anytime. Includes behind-the-scenes bonus materials!

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Prosperity Secret DVD Set

Video interviews with some of the most successful people out there, explaining how they started with nothing and ended up living their dreams. After a while you realize they are all saying the same things. The laws of success are universal. There is no reason you cannot be super-successful. The world needs you!

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Free Food & Medicine DVD Set

No matter where you live there are hundreds of edible wild plants growing in your neighborhood, many of them are powerful healers. All plants are here for a reason. Nature is your grocery store and pharmacy. This 5 DVD set is a must have! Includes free wild food recipe booklet.

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Free Living 101 DVD Set

Everything you need to survive is within one mile of where you live. Gary Tibbo shows you how to live on the wild plants in your neighborhood, make house payments without a job, heal any health condition, and truly be self-sufficient no matter what. This highly-inspiring 6 DVD set is a 2 day workshop that will show you true freedom!

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Raw Vegan Muscle DVD Set

How to get muscles without eating meat or dairy. The people featured in this video eat half of what they used to, only work out 2 to 3 times per week, and yet look like superman. Here's the proof you don't need meat anymore. Be inspired and learn from their secrets!

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To the Ends of Time DVD

This is the epic movie Markus made in 1994 that played in theaters all over the world. It’s a romantic storybook fantasy with flying ships, castles above the clouds and a love story that transcends time. A film for the whole family starring Christine Taylor, Sarah Douglas, Tom Schultz and Joss Ackland. Newly remastered 92 min DVD.

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Thin & Beautiful CD

By popular demand, my Thin & Beautiful CD is now available for separate purchase. This hour-long audio CD or MP3 explains what fat is and why healthy people even have it. Become thin and beautiful again 100% naturally. Order now!

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Solar Power for Me DVD

Power your home with sunlight! Take a tour through my solar home and see how easy it is to start savings serious energy right now. If you can hook up something to a battery, you can hook up solar panels. This DVD shows many ways to make your home more efficient and fun!

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