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Caras Amazing Pancakes

A Raw Vegan Masterpiece!
And yes they can be served warm right out of the dehydrator.
A feast for the eyes as well as the body.

Enjoy this beautiful recipe video!

2 Pancakes (serves 1): In blender:
2 cups coconut meat,
1.5 cups ground flax cookies (see cookbook)
1 banana
1/3 cup nut milk (1.5 cup nuts, 3/4 cup water)
2 teaspoons MarkusSweet
2 teaspoons vanilla

Whip Cream: in blender:
1 cup almonds, soaked 1 hr, skin removed
1/3 cup cashews UNsoaked
1 tablespoon maple syrup
1/2 cup water

stiffens as it chills

After blending the pancake batter, mix in some chopped walnuts and frozen blueberries. Dehydrate several hours at 118F 45C, flipping over half way so both sides are evenly done. When ready, sandwich nut cream between and on top. Suggestions for toppings: strawberries, cacao nibs, pomegranate seeds, mint leaves

...and of course.. maple syrup!

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You Must Do It Yourself!

If you came to my house wanting me to teach you, I wouldn't tell you anything different than what's already in my books. All you have to do is actually do what the books say!
The Video


(In German) Live in Balance

Ich werde immer gefragt etwas in Deutsch zu sagen, ok ok, hier!

Viel Spass

Happy Thanksgiving!


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