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What? No recipes or free health tips? Once in a while, you need to step away and have some fun. Hobbies are healthy. Let me inspire you to get into some, like in my case... photography. And can you blame me with a goddess angel like Cara walking around here? Ok, it may be fun, but there is a deeper purpose. Many people in the "health" world talk big and use fancy explanations... but have a good look at what they look like. Do they look healthy? I don't know. All I know is Cara and I are going to celebrate life and stay young in our hearts like the movie Blue Lagoon. No one is going to tell us to grow up or put clothes on lol. Seriously though, we want to show the world what healthy people can look like. People need PROOF as well as inspiration, and I hope my videos and images do that.
So many people keep asking me what kind of photography equipment I use... so I worked hard to answer that for all of you. It tookTHREE videos because there is just so much to cover. If you don't care about photography or lighting equipment or pictures of healthy people, then wait for the next newsletter. For the rest of you who want some inspiration and encouragement to get a hobby, maybe this will help. Enjoy!


Do What You Love

This is more than just a hobby for us, it's a business and tax write-off. Let this inspire you to find something YOU love to do and make a living doing it.
Watch the video



Video 2:
The Cameras I Use

I used to use Canon, but switched over to all Sony Cameras, particularly the A7 line. Check out how amazing all the Sony cameras are! They can see in the dark and film at one thousand frames per second! Simply amazing.
Here's the video



Video 3:
The Lights I Use

The most powerful pro camera flashes are also less epensive than almost any other pro flash out there. The brand I use is Godox and I just love everything they make. Here is my flash equipment for still photography.
Here's the video.

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