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Powder vs "Fresh"
Yes we should be eating fresh fruits and vegetables,
but the stuff you get from the grocery store is not fresh. Watch this video or read the article below to learn the difference between my herbal powders and groceries. My powders are dehydrated at 118F 45C to keep enzymes and life force intact, while others bake their ingredients at high temperatures so they can make money faster. Not me. I want the best.


How do powders compare with fresh fruits and vegetables? This is a fascinating and important question. We are supposed to eat fresh juicy plant foods plucked right from a tree or bush, but we don’t. The problem is- the moment something is picked, it starts losing it’s vitality and life force immediately. Within 45 minutes, half the vitamins are gone. The reason is moisture oxidizes, and fresh juicy plants are full of moisture, and herein lies the problem. Stuff at the grocery store is not “fresh”. It was picked unripe over a week ago and grown in soil that has been depleted of nutrients over a hundred years ago. For example, there is no more magnesium in farm soil, and it’s one of the most vital nutrients our body needs. By the time you get your farm produce, it’s a limp, oxidized cellulose shell of it’s former self… and it was picked unripe, so it didn’t have full nutrition anyway.

If you pick a plant and immediately throw it in a dehydrator, you will be preserving most of it’s power.
Take the water out and you have minerals, enzymes, vitamins, glycosides, sterols, resins, oils, alkaloids and lots of phytonutrients. Yes some of them dissipate, but a majority of them stick around for a long time. Indigenous people all over the world use powders for nutritional and medicinal use. And because many of the nutrients are antioxidants, powders can remain viable for up to ten years. (they lose about 15% per year) The difference is moist vs. dry. They found 3000 year old corn and other grains in the dry desert pyramids, planted it and it still grew! The reason is the dryness. An orange lying on your counter for a week will start to grow mold because of the moisture. That same orange lying in the desert sun will still be edible indefinitely (dehydrated). Grinding things into powder loses a bit of nutritional value, but not much because it’s already dry and preserved. My Super herbal vitamin C was tested in two labs and the results were astounding. A grocery store orange has 150 mg of vitamin C per 100g. My herbal vitamin C powder has 6,400! Herbal powder sources are very stable and keep their nutritional value for many years, whereas synthetic vitamin C (ascorbic acid) for example is very unstable and in many cases, by the time you buy it, much of it has already oxidized into oxalic acid. There was a university that tested a bunch of grocery store oranges and found they had absolutely no vitamin C at all! However- if you take a fresh ripe orange from a tree, dry it and grind into a powder, the oxidation stops, especially for vitamin C since its a strong antioxidant when dry. Dried, powdered plants high in vitamin C have been shown to retain vitamin C for up to 10 years!!!  

It’s vital the plant is allowed to ripen before eating to get it’s nutritional value, and most things you buy were picked unripe (and they are oxidized). My Wild Force plants are picked at full ripeness, grown in virgin nutrient-rich soil far from civilization.

Even if you ate farm fruits and vegetables all day long every day, you would still be lacking in many essential nutrients because of the depleted soil.
The WildForce products are made from ripe wild plants growing far from civilization, many of which grow roots hundreds of feet deep, pulling up massive amounts of deep minerals, vitamins, saponins, enzymes, etc, so adding these to your already existing food will fill in the gaps. My wild force formulas have a hundred times the nutrition of anemic store bought foods. This stuff is so nutrient dense, you can actually live off it (but I don't recommend just eating powders haha)- one fellow in Norway who was wheelchair-bound started walking and walked 500km on this stuff. Its pretty phenomenal.

Next are the medicinal herbs.
There are plants that cannot be consumed fresh, like chaparral, which has resins toxic to the liver and cause liver failure. BUT if dried several months, the resins dissipate, leaving the beneficial constituents, which in the case of chaparral are mitosis inhibitors- meaning cells can't divide and grow when in contact with this stuff- making chaparral an awesome stuff to take for cancer.  Many plants have very strong medicinal chemicals in them, like silk tassle has 14 aglycones (instead of uva ursi which only has 2) which makes it so strong that one capsule of powder can knock out the most powerful menstrual cramps for 10 hours. Manzanita has natural antibiotics specifically targeted for kidneys and bladder, making it one of the best things to take for UTIs or bladder infections.  Powdering concentrates the medicinal and nutritional power, just like a "reduction" at a restaurant concentrates the quality of a food, except it's my case, it’s not cooked- it's dehydrated at low temp so the enzymes are still intact. It takes lots of fruit or an entire branch with hundreds of leaves to make just a tiny bit of powder. That's a lot of concentrated power. 

My green formula has so many medicinal properties, it’s mind boggling. For example, it helps regulate blood sugar for diabetics, and the Night Formula is so powerful for rebuilding hormones and helping sleep, it even helps people get rid of night sweats where nothing else worked before.

Most other powder formulas use cheap powders from questionable sources that have been in warehouses for many years. Mine are hand picked from organic non-gmo virgin sources, cleaned and dried immediately, ground the next day, and in your hands usually within 1-2 months, sometimes just weeks! That’s as fresh as it gets. I created this for myself after years of trying everything else, and realized most of it was hype. I wanted to something that really worked, no matter what the cost. Some of these ingredients are so rare, they are almost impossible to get- like the Gubinge kakadu plum, which is harvested by native aboriginal tribespeople in the Australian outback. Mallow, Lambsquarters, pine needles- they all have to be hand picked by people I hire. We are the only ones anywhere going into the wilderness and getting this stuff. Kind of like how each part of a supercar is hand built to create a super performance machine and work of pure art :-) Wild Force is the Rolls Royce of plant powders. Watch the video.


Just in time for spring- the EDIBLE PLANT APP is now available for your cell phone! Over 2,500 beautiful full color images covering over 950 plants and what health conditions they have been historically used for. It will help you identify the plants that you see outside your house, and use their natural powers to live a truly healthy life. Click the links below or you can get it at the app store, or itunes or Google Play
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Wild Force in Action !
Cara started going to the gym 4 months ago, and became a warrior. Check out this video of us after taking our Wild Force Protein and Greens. The Wild Force line was originally designed for bodybuilding- Greens in the morning for minerals and energy, Energy formula before the gym, Protein Before and after, and Night Rebuild for hormones and sleep. But of course this powerful stuff helps everyone, even normal people who don't go to the gym. Enjoy the inspirational video!


Finally, after years of requests, the Markus collectors book of paintings is available. Photos of beautiful hand painted images of fantasy landscapes, animals at peace in nature and tasteful nudes in nature. These paintings were sold in the biggest art galleries in the world. Just looking at them will give you a healing sense of peace. Beautiful Hardcover coffee table book to inspire your heart and seand healing beauty through your eyes to heal your heart. Watch the video and get the book here



Little did i know that by becoming 100% raw vegan after coming down with Shingles and pre cancer symptons, would completely change my life. I am also seeing without judgement that being 100% for most part is what really causes the food to become medicine for total healing, from all addictions and Psychological as well. Cara, you and Markus were there right when i needed guidance to do the most radical and transforming change of my life at 59. Holy Cow, i can't thank you enough showing how regardless of blood type,( i am 0 positive), everyone was born orig. to eat as close to Mother Earth as possible. I first got real skinny from tons of dead matter leaving me. My clients in Santa Barbara freaked out in terror and emotional anger stirred up in them. I had to let them know that i was ok, actually doing great. Only need 5 hours sleep. Now i am in the gym working out and creating a younger body. My waist 27 inches. My crows feet around my eyes are gone, wrinkles going away, my eyes are shining blue and doors of opportunity are starting to happen, i had all but given up. California was, now changing, the most difficult place to get my body work, sound healing therapy, etc going. Every day is shining brighter. I love all the stuff you put out concerning safety to animals. Thank you and know so many love you so much for all you are showing the World, Now is the time!!! U2 are amazing pioneers in the 21st Century.
Darrell Deerborn Hicks

Following his plan changed my life. While I had always considered myself a healthy eater and knowledgeable about nutrition, Markus flipped my belief structure on it's head.‬
Skate Binkley

I LOVE Irish Moss! I have made some wonderful Skin recipes from it! I am 46 with no wrinkles!
Caroline Thompson

Hi Markus and Cara. I just wanted to share with you that my wife Ginger Droback loves the both of you so much. All I hear is "Markus this and his greens are so good for you and Cara and Markus' video is awesome! Check it out!". Because of her love for what you are doing, I started taking the greens and making the smoothies that you and Cara recommend and I've lost 15 lbs so far. That's with little to no workout!
Doug Droback‎ Coronado, CA

Totally works. Going on about 4-5 months now. Feel and look what I did when I was 20 years old. I was tired of being sick and tired and stumbled across some of these videos and decided to change my eating habbits then my life style. Great to see other things in my life change for the better.Many thanks Markus!!!
Van Garmon

‪I've been feeding my 6 month old baby your wild greens and she LOVES IT! I added that to my raw plant-based infant milk recipe book. Thanks for all you two do to inspire and spread the word! My healing is in great part to your message‬
Stephanie Meyer

‪That Wild Force is great. Especially when you know you have a lot of work to do and don't want to be bothered with stopping for meals. Or when you have extended travel periods.‬ I took 3 Tbps the first time and could not eat the rest of the day. ‬There just was NO HUNGER. Got a ton of work done!‬
Sharon Matrisciano‪

My husband found you on YouTube and found you quite entertaining walking out of your house to pick some wild edibles in you're big yellow slippers never realizing the life changing impact those slippers would have on my life.  A stay at home Mom of 4 small children, I tend to forsake my own needs and just grab whatever I could at the last minute, which was chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner After buying free food and medicine and Heal Yourself 101, I now do not miss a day with a wild edible (dandelion) drink, raw meals, and a biweekly enema.  For the first time I slipped right into my pre pregnancy size 4 jeans and I am really living now~ friends see the change in my face and healthy body and are coming asking me for help now ~ God has used you in saving my life and I want to take this journey that you are on and I do not want to go back. I now but Heal Yourself for family and friends as gifts! 
Sheila Shellman (Colorado) 

Raw Vegan Sushi video
Let me just say...WOW! I tried this today and was blown away. I can't wait to get my hands on that uncook book!Planett Nicci

WOW, OH MYLANTA! First time doing this enema bag instead of those dumb squeeze bottles I been dependent on and off. I had anorexia problems which caused some stomach/ heart burn issues since 13 yrs old. I  have had nasty IBS for the last 2 years and on and off constipation all my life. I am 27 years old now, I had a stressful job that I recently quit and have had good and bad eating habits. I feel great after this enema bag. I will keep up the maintenance. Now I have to get my husband to do this because I know he is full of poop! Thanks Markus your video is clear and honest not like other videos and stuff I have found on the web. Blessings Markus and thanks again. :)
Neyda Rodriguez

It's been 1 1/2  year ago that you inspired me to leave everything behind in Holland and I came to Florida with only one suitcase. I was sick of the cold weather there and in Florida it is easier to live of avocado and mango and papaya. That salad recipe you gave was a piece of heaven on earth. I bought your cookbook and the abundance book Prosperity Secret and instructions for a new life. Now I just need to buy the heal your face book and the pluck your own vegetables book. The transition to make my own living went really well after reading your book. It's basically simple. You behave like a business woman, think like a business woman, dress like a business woman. I like your style of writing and how you make the difficult teachings from Eckhart Tolle, Abraham hicks etc easy to digest With a sense of humour. So after reading your book i started to make $300 a day in the first month. Realise that you have a lot of impact on the lives of others and the Universe will reward you for it. I want to write a good testimonial for you, but I don't know what to say other than awesome awesome awesome. Whenever I want to go to the driveway i think to myself 'what would markus and cara think of that'. So gradually i stopped eating meat and dairy products. Now i just have to go raw. It took me a year to go vegan, because I am from Holland and we eat tonz of cheese there. Also your paintings book is awesome and so inspiring i don't know what to say. You are such an inspirational person and everything i say about you, is also meant for your wife. You have a beautiful gorgeous wife and i like it that you are really the masculine guy and she is the feminine woman. Much loveeeeeeeeeeeeee from me to you and your wife. I wish you a blessed life and lots of fortune. 
Martine Peters

Almost finished reading Instructions for a New Life. Hit the nail on the head with everything Ive been thinking about, going through and my habits of resistance. Helps me to sort of have you "here" as I read, confirming what Ive been sensing I need to do. Reminds me of the me Ive been missing and not wanting to admit Ive gotten away from. So while I feel emotionally like crap now lol with this recognition, thats the start of my starting over..well, my life detox. Thank you Markus for helping me break out:-)‬
Gina Tucci‪

Love my Wild Force products !! Making all kinds of gains all kinds lol‬
‪Joe Bishop‪





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