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The most magical recipe video ever
It took 3 months to this true work of the heart. It's only 3 minutes long, but it will hopefully touch your heart in such a way it will forever be better. This recipe is so magical, all it requires is sunlight, so no matter how bad your life is, always remember this video! Dreams do come true if you stick to what you love. The recipe is at
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The making of the video
Want to see what it took to make this video? This was an epic undertaking, a true Hollywood production. See the lengths to which Cara and I will go to inspire people to a healthy lifestyle. We don't do things half way. No recipe video has ever been made like this. Let this inspire you and touch your heart.
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Hey Markus I'm taking night repair, and I couldn't believe how it made me so relaxed and drifted me to the best sleep. Keep up the amazing work!

I am looking forward to your video. Thank you for your excellent products. I am feeling better and sleeping like I haven't in ages!
Michelle Marie Louise Lambert

Although I still have a lot more changes to make, this book (
Heal Yourself 101) really reasonates with me. When told I had Type 2 Diabetes I made up my mind that I was not going to accept it; and I didn't have to! I don't have diabetes anymore!!! If you want my testimony, just ask!!!
Kim Harper

re: (
video on how and why to do an enema) Markus I just wanna say thank you for the advice! This really does work! I bought a kit at Walmart for under 10 dollars. (BEST INVESTMENT EVER) It sucks at first but once you get used to it the process becomes routine. Seriously the stuff that was coming out of me smelled like death and paint yuck! I run a lot at the gym and now do enemas on a regular basis and I feel great! THIS MAN, HE SPEAKS THE TRUTH! Thanks homie ive lost so much weight! Your friend J.D

Collagen kit: I have been mixing these 3 items in a blender together upon waking after drinking a liter of water first. I have noticed increased energy levels since adding in the Moss. (I used to just use the Greens and Vitamin C)  Never knew about adding the Apple Cider Vinegar for better absorption!
John Vella

Markus and Cara, You two don't know me, but I wanted to thank you with all of my heart. I've been following your principles for a while (wish I had found them much sooner!) and have your cookbook. Numebr 1- delicious! You guys did an amazing job. Number 2- I'm proud to report that I went to the eye doctor today and my vision has actually IMPROVED from last time! It's slow but steady progress, however I am utterly grateful for what you have found and what you are sharing. I am so thankful for you two. Don't stop doing what you're doing. If you only helped one person, I am it!
Heather Wood

I bought the cookbook and I LOVE IT! It is the BEST RAW cookbook I ever bought. It is so informational and overall easy. Would love to meet the two of you o eday :-) oh yes I also bought heal yourself 101 and the seaweed too. Have a great day. Please let me know if you have a talk in the US. I would love to go.
Yesenia Hernandez

re: enema video
I just did it! The crap that came out was amazing

GDM Fitness

Uncookbook: We had our book shipped to us all the United Arab Emirates (no need for a UK store - just buy the book and have it shipped) ...absolutely worth every penny recommend this book to anyone thinking of getting it. So much love placed into each page - and the recipes are phenomenal.
‪I-am Presence

Markus: I am glad I have decided to start using your products. Positive changes all over

‪Daniela Gotta

This is an AMAZZZZZING cookbook! The recipes are for dishes that are gorgeous, delicious, healthy, and easy to make! I never knew "cooking" could be like this!
Tina Derby

Oh my gosh! I am IN LOVE with this garlic Naan recipe from the video you and Cara Brotman did!!!! Mine turned out beautifully!! DELISH too! Looking forward to getting your "Love on a Plate" cookbook (which I asked my Co Op to start carrying) along with an Excalibur and Vitamix once our tax return comes in! TY TY for making raw fun and yummy! 6 weeks in to a raw vegan diet and have lost 20 pounds and feel GREAT!
Beth Dougherty Blair

Mr Rothkranz, the speech you made at the Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona in 2008 (I just listened to the audio in your website)....I have never, no never heard a man speak that way about a woman. I feel as if, through your speech, I was transported to heaven and allowed, for a split second to touch with my finger tips the magic that a relationship was originally designed to be like. I tried to share the audio with all the young people in my family, especially the young women who are allowing their hearts to be dragged through the mud, however, the set-up did not allow that option. Thank you so very, very much for allowing yourself to be this magical transporter of light. I always think you are not of this world.
Rozanna Bojdo


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