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All About Probiotics
and Prebiotics

Yay, I got James to come over again! (bribed him with Cara's food) We talk about the importance of probiotics and prebiotics and what they do. Very informative.
Watch the video


German Vido
I finally made a video for my German followers. I've gotten a lot of requests for this, so here you go! For those just learning about me, this will help you get to know me a little better.
Enjoy the video (it's in German)


For those who missed the new stuff reveal 2 weeks ago, here is the video explaining everything. The video is 27 minutes long but there are a lot of things to cover. I thought hard at what people need and want the most, and making it affordable. Enjoy the video


My Zero Calorie Sweetener
Announcing my revolutionary sweetener. Zero Calories.
Zero Insulin / Glycemic. Zero tooth decay.
Doesn't feed Candida.
And it's actually good for you!
See the product page here


Prebiotic Fiber
This is the best way to get healthy strong probiotics, get rid of excess estrogens, cholesterol, toxins, fat and heart problems. One of t he simplest yet most important things we need for health. Super helpful for helping breast cancer, ovarian, uterine, prostate and colon disease. Get thin and healthy again with prebiotic fiber. Here is the video and product page


DVD Collectors Set
Now you can watch all the famous Markus videos on your big screen TV at home! This 24 DVD set is packed with fun and educational material you can watch anytime. Includes behind-the-scenes bonus materials!
Heck, even the product promo video is exciting!
See it here


Heal Yourself101 FREE !
Heal Yourself 101 has just been updated to Version 3, and so nobody can say they can't afford health, I am giving away the ebook version for FREE! You can download it right now here.


Ebooks Redone
My massive health condition ebook library has been completely revamped, updated and overhauled with the latest findings, healing cures and beautiful graphic design. All health conditions are $10 or under so health is affordable.Download a free sample of the ENERGY ebook here.


New Websites
Both the MarkusProducts.com website and the personal website MarkusRothkranz.com have been completely redone with a clean new look as per the suggestions of customers.


New Bags
I listened. You wanted less expensive shipping. Ok. So in about a month, the Greens and Protein will switch to bags instead of bottles so they can be shipped in envelopes instead of boxes. I do everything I can to help you.


Shipping 30% Less
After months of negotiating, I got the shipping to be 30% less. This discount starts immediately. Right now!


Send me a video!
If I've helped heal you in some way, make a video testimonial and email it to me. Doesn't matter what it's made with, a cellphone is fine. Email it to Video@MarkusWorld.com or post it somewhere and send me the link. And of course allow me to share the video on my websites so the world can be inspired. Watch my video explaining it here

If there are any issues or questions about shipping or the new product website, please be patient and contact the fulfillment center either by emailing info@markusproducts.com or calling them direct 1-888-517-3820 during normal business hours CST. Thank you.


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