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Stop living in Fear.

Don't just survive- THRIVE!

OK- enough of the scary stuff. Everyone's telling you how many ways the world is falling apart and why we should be dying. The issue isn't if that stuff is true or not. The issue is if it affects you or not.

What if I could give you the freedom to not have to worry about that stuff anymore so you can get on with your life?

Watch this powerful video.


If everything in the media were true, we would all be dead right now. People like to use scare tactics to grab your attention and make them look like whistle-blowing heroes. Geez, with all the radiation, chemtrails and GMOs in the world, why are we still alive? The Fukushima radiation scare is small compared to everything else that’s been going on out there. Yet we are still alive.

Did you know there are still people alive today from the 1945 Hiroshima nuclear blast? And yet kids in this country are dying of cancer because they live a standard modern toxic lifestyle and eat dead foods. Radiation is everywhere (including cell phone radiation beaming through you right now) Almost every inch of the planet is toxic now, and I don't just mean physical, I mean emotional and mental. But how it affects you IS UP TO YOU. You see, life never ends. It just changes form. You can't stop change. But you CAN change the direction in which things are going. If you set a good example to others, they will follow. And people the world over are desperately looking for direction. The first lesson is DON'T RUN FROM A PROBLEM. That doesn't fix anything, and if we learn anything from nature- if we run from something, it will run after us and kill us. Step one is NO FEAR.

How you feel changes everything.

Everything is energy. Science has proven it. Spirituality and religion teaches it. Radiation is not an enemy. It's just radiation. People emit a form of radiation. The sun is radiation. Every thing is the universe radiates. It is the essence of life. How do you survive anything? You resonate with your environment. Fish resonate with water. Birds resonate with air. I personally resonate with light. I thrive in light. I live in the desert with 360 days of blazing heat and sunlight. I also live in a city not far from where EIGHT HUNDRED NUCLEAR TESTS were done for over 50 years ! I am not afraid of it. People say the economy is collapsing and I need to run to Ecuador. I don't run from anything. This world is what me make of it and I choose to make it something really amazing. I can get into quantum physics, but let me just boil it down to this-

1. Start doing what feels right for YOU and forget about everything else
2. Clean out and seriously simplify your life. This includes cleaning out your fears (even of death)
3. Follow what inspires you, despite what others say
5. Start living YOUR LIFE and Loving everything right NOW

Keep doing this over and over and never stop. You will be invincible. Read my book "Instructions for a New Life". It will clear your mucky energy. It will set you free. It will make you an example to others. They will copy you. It will change the world. Look at Gandhi. What can people find when their health, homes, money, job and relationships are taken away?


We have become so reliant on things outside of ourselves. We rely on grocery stores and restaurants for our food. We rely on pills and doctors for our health. We rely on jobs, banks and the government to save us financially. We rely on other people's opinions to tell us we are ok and loved. Any time you depend on ANYTHING outside of yourself for security, peace and happiness, you are setting up yourself and everything around you for disaster. And many see the world as one big disaster right now. The world is doing just fine. What's happening in the world is exactly what needs to happen. The Earth is doing what it has to, to wake us up. People in Japan are taking it quite well. They are not looting. They are not crying "oh poor me". They are setting an example for the rest of the world and getting us ready because there are many more wake up calls on the way. Surf the wave of life my friends because this is an evolutionary storm that is pushing us to evolve whether we want to or not. The only way we can survive is to adapt, flow, simplify and LIVE THE WAY NATURE INTENDED !!!!!! You CAN heal from radiation, and even live without having to worry anymore. Watch the video!

It's what I have been saying all along in my book Heal Yourself 101. Because healing the world starts with YOU. Stop worrying about radiation and other toxic stuff. They are just the background setting of the movie you are in. Of course be smart, like

Keep your body and mind as clean as possible- do enemas and get rid of negativity in your life

Radiation is chelated by minerals and neutralized by ozone. Only plants can chelate inorganic minerals out of the ground, so do lots of green juices, green smoothies, seaweeds and green salads. My WildForce GREEN FORMULA is one of the richest sources of chelated green plant minerals. Take this stuff every day for a new life!

Keep my Charconite formula around for emergencies. It's a super powerful mixture of charcoal and bentonite to help absorb radiation and any poison and carry it out of your body

stop eating and doing toxic things that lower your energy- sugar, milk, bread, flour, cooked foods, negative energy, bad relationships, electrical fields, the "news", etc

If you're dealing with radiation or any kind of poisoning or cancer, watch my video on ozone therapy

Just do what it says in my book Heal Yourself 101 and you will be light years ahead of everyone else.

Call it whatever you want, but the big change for humanity is happening. Live in the power of the light or perish in negativity. Even if you did, remember- this is all just a video game. You will not cease to exist- just the video game you were playing.

So lighten up.

Watch the video



Only plants can take minerals out of the ground and chelate them so our body can use them. These minerals can also chelate radiation, poisons and toxins out of the body. My
WIld Force Green formula is maybe the most powerful mineral-rich formula anywhere because it's made from wild plants that grow roots hundreds of feet deep, pulling up minerals that other plants can't. You can feel the power the moment you take it. It's an amazing source of energy and healing power. Try it and feel the difference. I take this stuff every day. I designed it for myself originally. There is nothing like it anywhere.If there's only ONE product to take, this is it!


Download help for your condition

I spent years putting this information together. No matter what health condition you have, I probably wrote an ebook on it. Each book describes the condition, the symptoms, what causes it, and most importantly what to do about it to clear it up. These ebooks get right to the point- no fluff. They are like cheat sheets- they list what herbs to take, what things to do and even where to get the things you need. This is a lifetime of research, all totalling over 3000 pages of information. You can buy each book singly (all under $10) at, or buy the whole bunch as a lifetime reference set here.Any time you have a health problem, just go to

watch the video


I LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS!!! AND YOU ARE BOTH SO AMAZING!!! I just made your Awesome Cranberry Apple Almond Oatmeal dehydrator cookies recipe with my kids, AND I can't wait to taste the cookies!!!! Thanks to beautiful Celebrity Chef Cara Brotman. Here is the video of Cara and Markus making the original recipe.


(Don't Fear Radiation video):
Powerful message: spread it, bookmark it, study it, apply it. I have been introduced to and used every technique suggested. They are all easy. In the process, I've lost 80 lb. Sharing. God bless you, Markus.
Dorothy Kulik

Instructions for a New Life)Markus' new book was Excellent.  Very helpful and well worth reading.  I lent it to a co-worker and 6 weeks later, It looked like it had gone through a tornado.  She thought it was amazingly helpful for what she was going through at that time in her life.  I bought two copies to give away it was so good.

i just quit my 25 year career, and am going through the purging process.. losing the things that aren’t me, and becoming open to new opportunities.I’ve started learning to make music, which is already bringing more joy than I’ve ever known.  while things re-align to higher energies and potential, its been extremely important to keep my thoughts intentional, and to stay excited about my life.  I’ve abandoned “opinions” of things, and am more in the moment than ever. Ive even become a bit of a wise man in a spiritual community i frequent, and i stand for non-judgmental support of all life, and common sense delusion breaking.  A member posted a video with you in it, and i just wanted to say i love you, you’re so amazing, after watching some material I’m realizing that my personal success is tied not just to my job, but my body, teeth, etc… you really reminded me of the wholistic nature of happiness at a time where i was beginning to cave to family and social pressure to re-conform.
Braden E Wilkerson

Instructions for a new life is the best book ever. I wish I could buy a copy for everyone.
Kenya Whitworth

I just want to say THAAAAANK YOUUUUUUU!
You've changed my life FOREVER. I don't even know how to say this properly, it is so beautiful what you do and what you say and live. Was du sagst hat eine tief verborgene Wahrheit in mir zum schwingen gebracht. Ich bin dir unendlich dankbar!Viel Liebe aus Deutschland!


Greetings Markus my friend!I bought your book online and think its the greatest book ever written.Seven days ago I started your vegetable juice fast with some granny smith apples along with taking your Parasite Free.
Thank You For Saving My Life. Markus Go Bless You!
Robert Dorna

(enema video) omgoodness this video was amazing. and i actually feel like 100% amazing thank you
Juliana Lachance

(re: Ozone machine video)
Hey Markus, great videos. I started watching them yesterday and have to say great job. Lots of people give Ozone a bad rap. I clean A/C air ducts for a living and when a customer has a mold issue in their home I always recommend for them to get an ozone generator and run it when they aren't home to kill the airborne spores. They look at me crazy until I explain the science behind it and how it's basically like replicating a lightning storm in their home to clean the air. Anyway I started watching your videos as a week before xmas I ate some chicken and instantly felt discomfort in my lower abdomen. I got freaked out thinking I have cancer or crohn's disease or whatever. So being scared but not trusting western medicine I do my own research.I started eating right and lots of probiotics and already I'm feeling better. Next step, ozone. Keep up the great videos !!  
Zombie Life

Just finished reading
the Prosperity Secret for the third time. I AM A BIG FAN OF YOUR TEACHINGS!
Scot Campbell

I got your
Free-Liver formula.
Lol i spent around 10-15 mins sipping that bitter water, but it WORKED magically ( day 1!!! ) :))) I feel lighter and look BETTER, had three bowel movements in a day which is totally not usual for me. I also found myself letting go of many stuff and limited beliefs that weighting me down.. body and emotions are a reflection of each other hmmm (a new realization ;)) Awesome! !!!!!!!!!I LOVE your stuff .. all your stufff <3 <3

Markus... you are the best really.... after seeing 6 hours videos of Free Living 101.. was really a big help... please keep going... a waiting your new lease :)
Omar Albada

Read your book (
Instructions for a New Life) recently, and gave up on my expectations, disappointments and longing to find him..and then poof my guy just showed up out of nowhere! My attitude and vibration was keeping him away. It's a very easy, comfortable, giving and sexy relationship. Thank you, Markus!!! :) He is exactly how I imagined him to be. He couldn't be more perfect. It's magic!!!

"I love the
WorldWide Edible Plant Guide book! Markus, thank you for putting this wonderful information together! If you want to know how to eat for less or maybe even for free, while knowing what wild plants are edible, and which are poisons. This book is for you. It's pack with 484 pages of beautiful photos and loads of valuable information. The detailed descriptions will help you easily identify wile edibles in your local surroundings, and so you can break free of total dependance from your local supermarkets and other food suppliers. I have loved eating wild foods and weeds from a young age and now love then even more. I highly recommend this book so you can find what fruits, berries and wild plants you can eat. Not only saving you money, but saving your health. Take back your health and connection with nature! This book is the best edible plant book I have seen.
Jesse Bogdanovich

Instructions for a New Life) Buch die mein leben total verandert hat..(The book that changed my whole life) Thank you Markus for all what you do,i love you!
Viktoria Makogon

Wonderful summary. Very deep. Definitelly buy this book (Instructions for a New Life) if you are not living a spiritual lifestyle yet, what covers this all. This information is available for every, you have to feel it rather to simply know it. I feel so wonderful hearing this because Markus is making the same changes as I do and did. It's like "yeah, yeah I have been there I know exactly what you say.." type of joy. Again, wonderful.
David Widmann


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