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My Favorite Salad Dressing

Yum Yum Yum! This is my favorite Salad dressing and yes it's in the cookbook. Cara demonstrates just how fast and easy it is in this video.


Picking Silk Tassle
We went into the mountains and Cara used the opportunity to pick one of her favorite plants- Silk Tassle- a smooth muscle relaxer that can knock out the worst pain, cramps and soreness for half a day. It grows in Mediterranean climates and the Southwest. Enjoy her peppy fun video


Our Cactus Breakfast
Another example of edible landscaping most people don't know about. These cactus are very popular in Mediterranean climates and Hispanics eat this all the time, but most people don't know it's edible. Check out my cactus aloe smoothie video and this new little quickie video.


The Lost James Video:
Cancer Myths
I found this old video from May 2015 that I never posted because the audio was not good, but the information is just too interesting. James debunks baking soda, alkaline, Otto Warburg, Simoncini, the breast cancer BRCA gene scare and much more. Enjoy the video.

By the way- the Nun Amen-Ra video got 50 thousand views in 3 days! That's the most watched video of mine ever in that amount of time. If you haven't seen it, see it!

If you haven't seen the cactus aloe smoothie video, go to CactusAloe.com

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Hopefully we'll get a break in the next week or two so we can make the long awaited "Day in the Life of Markus and Cara" but there is so much great information I want to get out. Taking a break is so hard when there is so much to share :-)


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