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It's spring time, time of new life, a new beginning for us all. All living things feel it. New ideas, new projects, new relationships and creativity.

And lots of sneezing.

Don't blame the pollen. Clean your body and you can handle anything. You can't just "take" something for allergies- it's what you get rid of that counts.

I used to have allergies worse than you. I could barely breathe. I went through a box of tissues every hour.
When it comes to the overwhelming urge to procreate, animals hold nothing against the power of plants. They dress up with pretty flowers and when they explode, their pollen covers everything. Forget Vegas, plants have the ultimate party! Nature is so vibrant and amazing. There is actually rhyme and reason to why the weather is "all over the place" in springtime. First, there are those beautiful sunny warm glorious days that makes us and all life spread our arms and go "Aaaah" in celebration. This makes flowers blossom and produces pollen. Right after that it gets windy. This is to spread the pollen all over the place as much as possible. Then there's a bit of cloud and rain, which waters the plants and makes them grow. This cycle repeats over and over in the spring. Do you actually think this is random? The more you step back and really open your eyes to the glorious design of everything around us and how is all works together, you realize there is a much bigger plan at work here. And it's amazing. And very reassuring there is indeed a greater, more elegant intelligence than our little messed up realities we are so caught up in.

OK, on with the allergies. I know I know. "I don't care, just tell me what to take to fix my symptoms". Haha. Sigh. Why do you think we are the only species that has these stupid allergies? (not including house pets being fed dead chemical foods). Normally, our bodies can handle just about anything if they are clean and working right. But not if they are filled with unnatural substances. Your body is having a hard enough time trying to deal with bread, pasta, sugar, flour, chemicals, preservatives, plastic, stress, candy, cheese tots, fungus, mold and yeast. Oh yeah- that's right- remember I said all living things are sending out their seed? That includes FUNGUS and MOLD spores! Yep- they are happily spewing forth their spawn along with all the plants and animals. And those guys are designed to eat up the unhealthy so only the strong can survive and continue. This is nature's grand design. The sick die off so the healthy can continue the species. Make your choice now which you want to be.

So- step one is to say NO to fungus, mold and yeast. How? Come on people- you should know this by now. That's right- stop feeding them what they like! (bread, pasta, all flour foods, sugar, sweet stuff, dairy, processed and cooked foods,etc)

Step two is CLEAN OUT your body !!! IT'S SPRING CLEANING TIME. Time to get rid of all those comfort foods you have been stuffing yourself with through the cold months. Get my detox kit and an enema bag right now and clean out !

What is pollen? It's protein. Normally, pollen is amazing stuff. In fact, pine pollen is one of the most powerful hormone-boosting substances known. It's in my upcoming bodybuilding formula. But, if you are run down and unhealthy, your stomach acid is probably too low, so your body isn't properly digesting things entering your body, which means undigested foreign proteins (including gluten) are entering your bloodstream through holes in your intestines caused by leaky gut from runaway yeast, and now you're on your way to autoimmune disorders. This is very draining on your system, making you tired, run down, congested, with bad headaches and sinus pressure. That's why protein-obsessed people are so messed up in the springtime.


1. Close your windows in house, car , work. Change air filters often. Vacuum and clean everything. Pets that go in and out are pollen magnets, wash them and keep them out of your bedroom and workroom. Do not wear synthetic clothing or use satin sheets that cause static which attracts pollen. brush your hair before entering house.

2. Wash your hair every day before going to bed so you don't get pollen all over your pillow.

3. Clean out your body in this order:


B- 2 ENEMAS (just warm water, no coffee)

C- clean out sinuses and nose with NETI POT (warm water with bit of salt)

And take the herbs in my DETOX KIT to clean your liver and colon. There is a connection between histamine reactions and constipation. Almost all people with allergies are constipated. Even if you had a huge bowel movement today, there is still hard stuff in there that's stuck and not coming out. Don't believe me? Do an enema and find out! If you have headaches, you are guaranteed to be plugged up down there.

Do this every day. Stop eating all gluten foods and mucus foods like milk and dairy and do the cleansing I described above, and let me know what happens :-) You might start believing in miracles.

If you have ASTHMA, you need to do this even more!

GO TO BED EARLY and get proper sleep. A big reason people have allergies and asthma is their adrenals are burned out from STRESS. Weaks adrenals lead to reduced epinephrine and corticosteroid production. These are the compounds that counter allergic responses. In other words, stress = allergies. You can't just "take" something for it, you need to allow your body and adfenals to heal and rebuild. This means sleep by 10 or 11 at the latest. The longer you stay up, the more you burn out your adrenals. There are some things you can take to help:

Quercitin- anti inflammatory
Histidine- amino acid that fights respiratory infections. Strong vasodilator
Potassium- major electrolyte thats helps control allergy reactions- Celery juice is a good source
B complex vitamins, especially B6, which inhibits histamine release
Licorice root- helps rebuild adrenals
Zinc- 50mg -must be taken with food or you'll feel sick
Vitamin C- from plant source like Amla berry, Acerola, Camu Camu, Rosehips etc
other adrenal herbs- Astragalus, Ashwagandha, Nettle, Ginseng, Schizandra
Ephedra/ mormon tea (in my Free Food and Medicine dvd and book)

Remember, simply taking herbs isnt going to do much unless you CLEAN OUT FIRST !!!

For a more in-depth description on allergies, hayfever, inflammation and celiac disease, read the ALLERGIES ebook at MarkusEbooks.com, where you can learn about almost any health condition imaginable.

To get rid of almost any health condition, read "Heal Yourself 101" and change your life.


Since buying "Heal Yourself 101"in June, at age 57, just had my bloodwork done at the V.A. and after 100 pounds later, at age 57- all my blood levels were "perfect" - ALL-LEVELS ! Thanks!
Jerry Scott

his message may get lost in the thousands im sure you recieve everyday so i'll make this quick..I was sick two years ago. After inspiration from you and many other living testimonials of the living raw way, I have not only dissolved my illness but I've acheived a vibration that i never thought possible. I moved to Washington state on the penninsula to live off the land.Everyday I run through the forest eating wild plants and loving every breath!.You're an incredible inspiration Markus. Lately I've felt a NEED to help this movement. I love you...peace
Zachary Andis

After 3 months of colon and green salad, my wrinkels/lines are starting to vanish. All Markus Rothkranz are telling us is right. Our body realy can reboot to nature:-)
Kjetill Moberg

I just want to tell you I feel so blessed having found your book Free food and Medicine. Thank you so much!!!
Arianne Bakker, The Netherlands

Thank you bery much!!! I love your books- they have changed my life !!!!
Iris Monica Pohl

Eres una persona que marcaste el rumbo de mi vida, gracias Markus
You are a person that
marked the course of my life, thank you Markus
Tomas Thomas

I'm better again! I used your Free-Liver formula, chlorella, spirulina, and alfalfa. My bloodwork, liver readings, kidneys- everything is super. I had myself tested TWICE. Everything is super. Got a mini trampoline and use it every day 20 minutes. YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!! THANK YOU MY FRIEND!! PLEASE KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!! Best wishes from Germany
Thilo Fischer, Germany

I am from Syria and I would like to get to know people from Syria or Lebanon who are spiritual and know about raw food.I
f u can send these people my email address, would be great: salmagreenday@hotmail.com salmasings.com Thanks for your help
Salma Greenday, Syria

Hi Markus,
At the end of the day I bought your book "Heal Yourself 101" at the most recent health expo on April 7th in Canada. I rifled through it and was amazed to find simple, SOLID information in the juicing section; landing in the wellness, "food" and recipe sections produced the same results.  I think what I like about you best is your simplicity and your direct, to-the-point manner.  Some of your blunt remarks, in fact, made me laugh out loud...not at you, but in empathy and resonance in relation to the "gist" of the situation.This world needs a little simple, powerful, uncomplicated information, especially in relation to the health or "wellness" field which can get a little overwhelming sometimes in relation to "info".

As to the recipes and preparations, you have provided a good, basic foundation and I can tell you, I have had to PAY for morsels of information such as this elsewhere, more...and then some.

And there's another thing...  Sometimes you "know" something but you have to HEAR another person say it...in order for it to finally sink in deeply and "take" 100%. I do "know" a little but, well, let me put it this way...something "took". Mostly, your authenticity comes through in a way I didn't expect and I realize you are genuine.  Not only is this refreshing, it generally means, in life, that something can be "trusted". Your journey was obviously born out of genuine experience and you demonstrate the resulting passion to share "wealth" found, with no apparent hidden agendas.Thank you,
Leslie Cleary, Canada


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