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Stress and your Adrenals

If you can't keep your cool and fly off the handle real easy (uncontrollable outbursts, yelling matches, anger, frustration, confrontation etc), that means your adrenals are shot. Learn how to rebuild your adrenals because if they're not working right- all kinds of things start going wrong in your body. Watch this video and rebuild your life!


Nothing wears you down and opens the doorway for illness more than stress. Sure it's part of life. The answer is not to run away from challenges or pretend they don't exist. The answer is how you see and handle things. To help
cope with life's challenges- I suggest reading my pocketbook "Instructions for a New Life" We can't control the things around us, but we CAN control how they affect us. If done correctly, we can turn things around to our benefit. Even painful things like someone's passing etc can motivate us to change things and help others. The best music, literature, movies and art are inspired by painful events, which were transformed into passion and become some of the most beautiful things that inspire people everywhere. Even pain can be used to help. Everything happens for a reason. Its all how you look at it. There is no death, only change, love and beauty.

The first step is never "what to take"... but what to get rid of. Get rid of the bad food habits, the negative thinking, the self-pity, the poverty consciousness, the "poor me" attitude. Roll up your sleeves and turn your challenge into something constructive. That's how every bit of progress in history was ever made. Someone had the guts to improve the situation, despite possible losses. Challenges wear us down but also strengthen us to stronger than we were before. They force us to be resourceful and see life from different angles we would never have before. They help us invent new ways of doing things, and ultimately new ways of helping others.

The second step is to clean, rebuild and strengthen your body, for it is the machine that helps you get things done. Stop eating and drinking foods that wear you down- processed crap like bread, sugar, anything made with flour, wheat, milk, etc. Stop all stimulants like coffee, energy drinks and herbs that give you an instant boost because they ultimately burn out your adrenals. (My energy formula doesn't give an instant boost- it helps rebuild long term energy). Stress uses up all your vitamin C, so you need LOTS of vitamin C! Not the synthetic ascorboc acid kind, but good natural herbal vitamin C like the WIld Force Super C- the strongest in the world.

Then you need to rebuild the adrenals with powerful adaptogenic herbs like Ashwagandha, Astragalus, Eleuthero, Fo-Ti, Grape Seed Extract, Licorice Root and Suma. These are all found in my AGE-FREE formula.

Drink lots of water- 8 glasses a day. Do some enemas and take multiple showers- water is a great soul cleanser.

Step away from your issues and stretch your legs multiple times throughout the day- go for a walk, listen to some soft music, get a massage or take a hot bath. Don't eat 3-4 hours before bed, take the Night formula and go to sleep by 10 pm. Try to avoid television, social media and the news and instead just listen to soft music and float away with some soft thoughts that make you feel good. Look forward to some healing vacation time. Start right now, because thinking about it will start making it happen. Remember the airplane drill- put the oxygen mask on yourself first before helping others- because if you're suffocating, you are no good to others.

Stay tuned. The next newsletter will be the fourth and final video in the weight loss series, featuring...me! I will unleash a relentless torrent of information, so get ready to have your hair blowing back :-)

With Love,


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Night Formula
Markus & Cara -THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! You were NOT kidding Cara, this worked the very 1st night! I felt the same way as you - waking up drenched in sweat - SO gross! I'm going to get some for my parents - my dad is overweight, depressed, no sex drive - and he thinks it's "normal" because he's "old". He's 67 and should NOT be feeling this way! My mom takes bio-identical HRT, and thinks that is the only solution.  I weaned them off of their sugar addiction by making them your freezer chocolate, and now that's the only sweet treat they eat - so again, thank you!!!

Works great ! On the first night I used, no sweats.‬
‪Madonna Hewston

You really saved my life. Raw foods have helped me to over come my demons and the healing I am experiencing is really a miracle. Seriously. It's ridiculous.
Also raw mushrooms are great! Really awesome. If it wasn't for you and your journey I wouldn't have discovered the raw food diet.Much love and light,

My name is Candie . I didn't realize how sick I actually was until I saw your videos . I started taking your products and there amazing. My family also suffers from diabetes and an inherited disease call Huntingston's disease which is pretty darn close to Parkinson's disease, both are a nervous system disease. I started to notice that my body would twitch involuntarily and that I was having memory loss. I was so scared that this was the start of bad things to come so I started to research and started taking your powders and it wasn't until last night that I was looking up all the ingredients in your wild force powder that I found you put Hu Zhang ( Japanese knotweed ) in it, which helps with Parkinson's disease and memory loss and the nervous system. And it was at that moment when I realized that the twitching in my body that I was experiencing had completely diminished. Along with that my memory has also improved along with so many things that were going on. I'm no longer in fear of my future. I can't say enough about how it has changed my life so far and I've only just finished my first containers. A sincere thank- you   
Candie LaSala

Hello beautiful young lady.  I received my
green formula and night rebuild and just wanna say WOW!  Took two servings of it yesterday for breakfast and lunch and it kept me full and energized.  I am going to the bathroom a lot today, is that normal with this formual? I'm NOT complaining because usually I'm backed up, its a nice side effect, just wondering if it was normal or not?  I feel great tho just from one day, first thing I did this am was DRINK MY GREENS! Thank you both for such amazing videos, encouragement and products.  I'll be buying the collagen kit next month on autoship!
Gina L Guccione

Thank You. You helped me cure my Crohn's disease and many other things. So grateful for your work! My husband and I are you, Markus and Cara...just 7 years sooner. Took a long time to find each other, but we did (we're so deeply in love and perfect for each other) and now we're embarking on this amazing lifestyle that has done so much for us in just 3 months time. We love you guys, your products and your inspiration. Please keep up the good work in food and in relationships. They both mean so much. We'll be watching, supporting and spreading the word ourselves!
Marta Kempton

I am so Thankful for your life-giving message... I have been eating mostly organic whole foods for years and still struggled with my health... I watched your videos on YouTube and was so inspired that I changed my mindset. I gave up meat, dairy, and grains, and leap-frogged to another level... My asthma and eczema cleared up completely. But the real triumph came when I read your books and started taking your Wild Greens! The Energy I now have is incredible! I am losing weight for the first time in Years... And believe me, I have been trying for years! I have tears in my eyes as I write this... My life at 59 is not growing dim any more... I am mounting up with renewed strength... I cannot thank you enough. I am excited to feel renewal inside and out. I made up a batch of Sea Moss and mixed it with some of your Vitamin C and ground up dehydrated orange and peel that I had made, and use it on my skin as a mask... It is now so baby soft that our 17 year old girl got excited about it and used it on her face. She was tickled to see her skin clear up over night.Thank you so much for sharing your life with us... And for showing us how to renew our youth... God bless you richly with all good things... As you have blessed ours.
Susan Wells

It's you and Cara I have to thank. Please never stop making your informative videos. I SERIOUSLY enjoy the videos you do with James Sloane, they're life saving. I've learned so much and they've made an impact in my life. II also wanted to share with you that about a year ago bought your Night Rebuild. I didn't dig the taste so, I just left it in my cupboard. I recently watched one of your videos that was talking about menopausal night sweats and your Night Rebuild was mentioned again. I pull it out and put 1/2 tsp in a green juice. First of all, I love the taste, go figure! Secondly, but importantly, from the very FIRST day of taking your formula, I have not had one night sweat... nada! I still have moments during the day where I get hot, but I'm going to increase my dose to 1 tsp. I'm impressed that very little of this uber high-quality formula of yours is giving me a more peaceful sleep. Hey, it works!! Thank you, Markus, for caring enough to create a product that is so awesome and healing!
Much Love to Ya

Sometimes a small change makes a huge difference. Y
our video on the importance of drinking water not only made me laugh but it came on time. I realized i am NOT drinking enough plain water. in fact, i am barely drinking !Just this morning, i had only a first big glass of water.. and after 2 hours only, I saw a change in my lips (intestine): they were dry before water, now they look full! Ialso, the foggy brain and moodiness disappeared after 1 hour! amazing. One should not wait until he/she feels thirsty. coz it is already too late! So, thanks a lot for this huge reminder, Love,
Christiane Boustani

I received my order of Night Rebuild last night and wanted to share that I could feel a peace and calm drench my system within seconds of taking it! I slept better than I have in a few weeks and woke feeling good rather than tired. Thank you! I'm looking forward to experiencing the long-term results with continued use (along w/my Vitamin C powder, Greens formula and Sea Moss). I love and appreciate you and Cara and your work, art and videos! Thank you for sharing your hearts and lives to benefit the health and well-being of everyone and everything!
Ginger Droback

Hi Markus and Cara,
I bought the Irish moss and just finished making chocolate mouse.  OmG it is so yummy!
Roseann Classic

‪Thanks for putting out your
wild force, I've been living off them alone while at EDC for 2 days now and feel great!‬
‪Robert Leach

I'm a loyal customer. My 90 year old Mom and I love it, as well as your other products! Thanks
‪Katy O'Brien-french

Just started. And I can definitely feel the difference. ‬
Your a blessing. Thank you.‬
‪Teresa Teresa‪

I am grateful that I came across Markus's books a while back. I'm 62 and in perfect health. He was right, the years roll off. He has practical advice that comes from his experience. It is not theoretical. Read his books and watch his videos and live a quality life. Thumbs up on candida YouTube.
Stephen Welch

We are so pleased with the
Vitamin C results. True. Thank you. Our skin problems on face are disappearing. We believe our insides are healing as well. Bless and keep you.‬
‪Sunny Rose

‪For the first time in twenty years using Markus' wild force greens the vitamin C and just ordered the charconite and your night time formula I am almost completely off all antidepressants three different kinds I'm almost over the worst case of bronchitis I've ever had without antibiotics just greens with the wild force and Vitamin C powder as well as lemons from the tree out side my door. I listen to my body now. I eat less. I crave green apples and cucumbers l have no idea why I just do so I go for it. And I àm so freaking thrilled to have the edible plant guide on my iPhone it is the bomb!!!!! Blessings love light and joy to you and your loved ones ‬
Anastasia Sharpe‪ ‬

Just got the green powder and it DOES suppress hunger!!! Thanks you both! I love you guys
Izzie Thizzlyn

I LOVE your green formula! I will never use another brand again! Xo
Nicki Caps



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