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Sugar & Refined Carbs Almost Killed Me

Yet I never got fat or had diabetes.Being skinny and having lots of energy does not mean healthy.
Find out why in this video.

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Craving sweet things are one of the biggest problems in the modern world. Eating whole fruit is fine, but fruit isn't addictive like bread, pasta, bagels, cakes, pies, cookies, chocolate and ice cream. It's the refined carbs that lead to trouble. On top of that- sugar is added to almost everything, even "healthy" smoothies, drinks, fermented foods, cultured foods and probiotic drinks. Sugar is in almost everything because it helps sell products and keeps customers hooked and coming back for more. We must take matters into our own hands.

Make as much of your own food as you can. Nothing wrong with a bit of sweet tasting stuff, but the sweetener needs to be healthy, but the choices are slim. Agave nectar is not much different than pure corn syrup. Honey is high glycemic and taxes the bees. Stevia tastes weird. All the powdered sweeteners like coconut sugar etc are still concentrated sugars. Fruit juice is highly concentrated sugar. Maple syrup is a healthy sweetener but makes you fat quickly. Date sugar is pretty good, because it's just dried powdered dates which means lots of fiber, but it has some calories and still has a form of sugar that the body recognizes as sugar, which is why I created what I believe to be one of the world's most amazing sweeteners- zero calories, zero glycemic, zero insulin response (so its perfect for diabetics) and it doesn't make you fat. It's totally natural, tastes like sugar and can be used just like sugar. You can learn more about it and get it here. (also you can just go to MarkusSugar.com)

But remember- choosing only sweet foods and carbs is NOT natural. If you were dropped into the wild, most of what you would find to eat is pretty bitter, not sweet, and that's for a reason. You need bitter foods for proper digestion and a healthy liver. You also need some sour foods (for example-cultured and fermented foods).

So start training yourself to get back to natural tastes. You can't cheat nature. There are no shortcuts. Sweet is supposed to be an occasional treat- and then only whole fruit- NOT bread, pasta, pizza and deserts!

To learn more, download the diabetes ebook or also the Stomach ebook at MarkusEbooks.com


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