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Take Back Your Life

This message may save some people's lives.
It's time you started listening to that voice inside you. You are no good to others unless you take care of yourself first. This heartfelt talk is straight from me to you.
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Worlds Easiest Candy

It doesn't get any easier than this. One ingredient.
Cara will make you smile in this fun entertaining video.
We know you want fast, simple and healthy. This may be the simplest candy in the world.
Enjoy the video


Thanksgiving Recipe

Vegan Magazine just ran a special Cara recipe- a raw vegan version of "Chicken Kiev", dark "turkey meat", stuffing and cranberry sauce. Delicious, healthy and not heavy on the body. Here is the article and full recipe


Raw Candy Apples

VegetarianSite posted the raw candy apple recipe from our uncookbook. A great holiday treat for friends and family!
Here's the recipe


Raw Vegan Luxury Cruise

There are still some spaces left on Jesse Bogdanovich's healing transformational cruise fully catered with raw food as you explore the Mediterranean coastline next summer. Sign up for this unforgettable experience.
Learn more here


Two Weeks Left !!!

It takes perseverance to change old addictive habits, and I am rewarding the person with the most amazing transformation. In two weeks, someone will win FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS.
Here is the website info and rules.


re: Green formula
This stuff is AMAZING!! As long as you offer it, I will use it everyday until I die. I couldn't believe it. I've grown to really like the flavor because my body just craves it! Taking two tablespoons a day. My hair grew 3 inches in a few weeks!!! It normally takes my hair about 7 months to grow that much. I was blown away. I have so much energy, I lost weight and I didn't even have to try. It pushed a lot of junk out of my body. The first few days it was a bit much (I recommend working your way up to the full amount) but after about two weeks no more detox effects. I actually have so much energy now, that I just have to be doing things! My mind is clearer, my sight is better. I can't recommend this enough!
Gracie Decker

OMG !!! I ordered the
Trim-Force and I just wanted to give to you my "Praise" this product is great.. I've only just started using this but whatever you have put together is the greatest product I've ever have used.. At the age of just turning 59 I was finding myself tired, fa·tigue all the time and not able to lose any weight or inches. I eat well no processed foods nor processed sugar, cane sugar only, sprout bread only and not even much of that, but just not able to lose nor have any energy.. After taking this just a few days I am noticing no bloating in my stomach and have the energy of a 42 year old again..Oh by the way the look of a 42 year old..tee hee.. Please keep up the great work you are doing for I believe in you and your products..

Because of you and cara, I've allowed myself to be FREE. Your book "
Instructions For A New Life" Changed my existence for the better! I do not leave home without it!
‪Michelle Hill💆‬

I started taking
trim force just yesterday and after just one dose I felt a difference! You are amazing and thank you!
Samaya Scheler

I bought " Love on the Plate" book and must say it is the best culinary book I've ever read. We tried some of the recipes, and they taste better then cooked food. Cara is a magician. Many thanks to Markus and Cara.
Natalie Jones

I just received this stuff as well as the
Vitamin C today and I tried the recommended “start off” serving of 1/2 a teaspoon for the Greens Formula. Here is the he best I can explain it, within 10 - 20 minutes of taking this with about 12 ounces of water, I actually felt my body absorbing this stuff (I think I know now what Cara meant about “the Power coursing through”). I have been dealing with some nasty fatigue issues lately, (Yes, Stress) but tonight I feel steady and much more balanced. My body was like “Ahhh, Finally!” Another thing, the shipping is really fast! I’m impressed.
Dawn Allen

Just think of all the people you have helped along their journey, like my self. I am not 100% raw but have lost up to 80 pounds and am a much happier , lovely and loving person. ‬
Thank you and Cara for all you do in this world to help people!!!!!!‬
Andrea Faye Farrington

Markus Rothkranz - I feel it's only right to tell you that your and Cara Brotman's videos were part what helped me choose my semi raw vegan diet. I've been inspired by how easy raw food is to prepare. By following directions from the two of you, and some other raw chefs, I have been able to easily make delicious delicious raw vegan super food!! I feel I cannot say enough good about this lifestyle! I've lost 100 lbs in about a year, and I've been able to maintain my hedonistic ways! I started eating more raw and more vegan foods early this year (2015) and I am gradually shifting over to more and more raw. I have never felt better, I look like a healthy human vs a bloated ill looking person. By the way, I loved Cara Brotman's quip "Is it easier than chemo? Easier than buying wigs and having cancer?" Yes, 1,000,000,000 times YES! I have to admit that I was a skeptic about the whole concept, but that was before I started researching on my own. I eat as many raw super foods as I can each and every day. People say I glow, that my eyes are remarkably bright, that I seem so happy and energetic. I have had a very colorful life, and my health was suffering. I've got a second wind, and baby- it's RAD! Peace and love!‬
‪Lisa Gross

Just got the book
Heal Yourself 101 and finished it in 3 hours. I recommend it to everyone. Markus knows his stuff
Hectorcito Ledezma-bongiovi

Prosperity Secret: This book helped me turn my situation around dramatically. I live in a commonwealth state where the economy seems like it's DESIGNED to keep you in crippling poverty, i've owned this book for a matter of weeks now, and using the money management strategies within, i'm already starting to see my situation doing a 180 in the right direction.
Caleb D. Moyer

Prosperity Secret: Ok, normally I don't read books like this, because they're all fluff and no real solid advice. This one is different, it has very direct, here's what you need to do in order to be a success in life steps to take. It's not about making tons of money, it's about attitude adjustment so you're HAPPY, people! Next time you reach the end of the month and you have no money left? You're going to wish you had read this already, because the advice can fix that BS once and for all. Completely worth every penny I paid for it! And just in case you don't believe me, I did adjust my way of thinking, and it has already impacted my life in a positive way. All about your attitude, if you believe it and project it, it'll come to you. :)

Instructions for a New Life:
This book is up there with all the other metaphysical, motivational and inspirational works of arts by Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Harv Eker, The Hiphoppreacher, Les Brown, Anthony De Mello, Oprah Winfrey, Jewel Diamond Taylor, and many more.I like it because Markus is frank and to the point. He has taken out the fluff, fillers, and binders and has gotten to the core nitty-gritty to the secret of a successful living in the here and now...no sugar-coating...so candid a lot of people aren't going to want to hear it...It is such a great humorous read that I have my fourteen year old son read it before he let's his hormones take control :) Well, either do the work now or later but effectually you will have to do the work...you can get over on man but you can not get over on the Universe! I Highly recommended this book and other works by Markus for people who want to have it all!!!: the best of health, wealth, relationship and spirit....You will learn to laugh, live and love.
Leslie Garland

Instructions for a New Life:This book will snap you out of the Matrix and all the ideas you have been programmed with. You will hear your Inner Child wake up and begin to hope for the life they dreamed about. You will feel the truth in your body. You will be given the simple tools to begin your new path listening to your higher self. You will feel a knowing, and a peace that you can create the life experience of your dreams.

Instructions for a New Life: Right now at this specific moment, I am just thinking how I can offer this treasure to everybody. I feel so good and better after reading this book. And eager to follow my dreams. In three words: I feel good. Thanks to Markus to help us open our eyes and go deep inside us and understand that we are free free to do what we want they way we want it, and not follow what society conditioned us to do for so long. God bless

Instructions for a New Life:I actually own every single book of Markus Rothkranz. I read Heal Your Face first and then checked out all this other books and kept on buying. Markus is very unique and his information is fascinating and presented in his humorous "stop your bullsh**, its time to get real" kind of style. I really like the way he speaks and writes and every book is an entertaining read and enlightening. I highly recommend, he is one of my top favorite authors. I will definitely read any book this human dynamo puts out. Very inspiring and spiritual.
K. bui

Instructions for a New Life: My favorite book of all time! ‬
Brigette Gray‪ ‬

FIVE STARS- Best book on foraging edible wild plants, EVER!!!
The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide: I wish there were more field guides like this. Mushroom guides, bird guides, and insect guides could use much inspiration from this book as an example of how to create a good decent field guide.Unlike most edible wild plant field guides, the pictures of this book are absolutely outstanding. The very colorful and detailed pictures allow you to see clearly almost every distinct feature of a plant, and the major features of a plant are often magnified to allow you to see them closer. Not only that, but most of the pictures and the features of the plants in this book are against a white background. Most wild plant guides only feature photographs that are way too small for you to see the major features of a plant, or they contain only black and white pictures or line drawings, and most guides contain not any more than 400 plants. However, this book covers 1000+ of the most COMMON plants found around the world - both edible plants and toxic plants. A lot of the plants in this book are found in America, but SOME of them are from other countries and other regions of the earth, such as the tropics, rainforests, deserts and the sea. Each plant in this book is thoroughly described, and the edible parts of each plant is mentioned in this book. A few of the plants mentioned in this book also have a few other uses besides edibility, that are described. This book is also greatly organized. Some of the major sections of this book include plant basics, terminology, cultivated plants, preparing wild food, herbs, edible flowers, daisy like plants, plants from the desert, dandelion like plants, berries, trees, grasses, seaweeds, unbrella like plants, poisonous plants, diseases & conditions and what plants have historically healed them. All the plants listed in the index are edible. You will not find any poisonous plants here. If you want to learn to identify the poisonous plants, Markus has a whole entire section on that written separately from the edible plants, featuring the most common poisonous plants. Because of the very colorful and magnified pictures, this book makes it very easy to identify wild plants, and I recommend this guide to any one interested in foraging, whether beginner or advanced.

The Free Food and Medicine Worldwide Edible Plant Guide:I have researched and practiced gastrobotany for nearly 20 years. All of my books have black and white photos or sketches which forced me to rely heavily on text to identify species. Therefore, many times I was unable to absolutely and positively identify a plant. This book has removed much of that problem with it's great photos. For me, the photos are the greatest aspect of this book. I still rely on other books for a more complete description and prescription of plant use and methods of use. However, with that said, I now strongly rely on this book for the initial identification of a plant that I am not already familiar with.

Heal Your Face: the Botox/Plastic Surgery Alternative I accidentally ran across this book internet surfing and immediately became interested. I, like the author, always felt so many of today's diseases and ills are caused by a poor diet. Markus does a gloss over on the explanation/function of meridian lines of the body and their function. I can tell you personally my college anatomy and physiology did the same thing. There was a picture showing the meridian lines of the body but no explanation as to their function. I never forgot it. It was rather odd to me. Why bother to publish this photo in a college text book and have no real description of the purpose of meridian lines nor any classroom instruction on it. What this book does do excellently is show you facial drawings and how what you eat causes certain wrinkles to surface. I already had noticed this myself in personal observation of my marionette lines. I have taken on the seaweed as instructed and will buy another book or two of Markus. If you don't have the stash $$$$ to throw away on Botox, plastic surgery, or just do not want to go that route, then purchase this book. You will learn an enormous amount about how diet affects your looks. You will not be disappointed.
A. harley

Heal Your Face:
Markus has a peculiar and distinctive way of expressing his thoughts. He is somehow in your face but sincere and knowledgeable. He knows what he is saying and he won't filter much. When I bought the book I was struggling with my facial skin appearance. It would be so moody and upset all the time I would not know what it would look like the next morning. I got incredibly frustrated with random pimples, redness, hives, itchiness and no doctors seemed able to help. No allergists, dermatologists or beauticians knew what really was going on and how to effectively put a remedy to the mess I was in. I bought "heal your face" out of desperation and lack of trust in the ppl who were supposed to know and help. This book revealed a lot more than I thought it would. I never thought of drinking so much tea is my life, or taking herbal supplements or going through a colonic hydration therapy session. I never even suspected that the general health of the internal organs affect the look of your face. I was brought up in a household and culture where western medicine was the only one contemplated but now I am rethinking the whole exclusive view on how the body should be healed and treated. Here are a few facts. After reading this book I stopped eating refined sugars, starch, meat, diaries and switched to tons of fruit, vegetables, teas etc. I stopped all those expensive useless topical medications and I am healing!! Maybe I am not prefect and maybe I will never be but I am so much better it's almost unbelievable. If you are in the dark like I was, I believe this book will give you some data points. If you listen and are receptive you are going to find the way to your healing.

Heal Your Face: I admit I bought this book totally for vanity purposes. I turned 50 and I wanted to figure out how to reduce the wrinkles, and dark circles, that make me look more like 60. I was in for a pleasant surprise, as this book was way more than I expected. First, it was very well written. I liked the author's voice, as I felt he was speaking directly to me, and giving me alot of information without speaking down to me. He was both informative and interesting. He really delved into each of our internal organs, and how they connect to what is happening on our face. As luck would have it, or unluck, I was passing a kidney stone at the same time I was reading this book. I gained an entirely new perspective on my kidney, how kidney stones are made, how to get rid of them, and how not to get them in the future - and that was just one chapter. This was truly a fascinating book that I couldn't put it down. I like the pictures of a face, and how each wrinkle placement shows were in the body you are blocked - kidney, lungs, liver, etc. I plan on following his advice, and expect to start looking younger right away. I also just went in and purchased one of his previous books. Great author, great info.
Laura H.

Since I have watched your video about pine needles I put them into my smoothie at the morning! I love how it tastes!Love
Pia from Germany

Looking in the morning mirror is now enjoyable.

Sunny Rose


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