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Even people who do their best to lead healthy lives and eat right can still get a run down thyroid and clogged liver, leading to weight gain, compromised health, low energy, dry hair and skin, hair loss and all kinds of other problems. Forget those expensive thyroid tests at the doctors office- most of them are innacurate anyway. Watch this video and learn how to do it all yourself.

Do you eat right but still have weight problems? Unwanted fat you just can’t get rid of? It could be your thyroid and liver. Simply taking iodine might not be the answer. In fact- taking too much iodine can hurt or even kill you. The answer is not simply “taking something”. Stop looking for a magic pill. The answer isn’t usually “what to take”, but what to STOP doing.

Obviously you already know to stop eating bread, pasta, pizza, cereal, sugar and anything made with flour and wheat. Obviously you know to stop junk food, alcohol, soft drinks and processed, cooked stuff. Obviously you know to move your body and exercise every day. I don’t have to tell you that. Cutting carbs and only eating meat and animal products isn’t the answer either. Yes outwardly a person may seem fine, but animal products are high in bad cholesterol which clogs up arteries (heart attack) and the liver, which produces hormones that affect the adrenals and thyroid, ultimately leading to the same problem you started with in the first place.

What is fat? Obviously you get it from eating too many calories and not working it off, so your body stores it as fat that can be used for energy in the future. But there are also other causes of fat. It’s something your body produces to protect you from something toxic. It may be unnatural foods. It may be toxic chemicals in your food, drink, what you breathe or come in contact with. It may also be toxic emotions from fear, negativity, sadness or pain. If your body senses danger or pain, it creates cushioning to protect you. This is why women who eat right often gain weight right after a relationship breakup or loss. They aren’t eating any different, but the stress burns out their adrenals, so their hormones aren’t being produced and regulated properly anymore. Everything is connected. Stress also makes you eat things like comfort foods you’re not supposed to.

Don’t starve yourself, you need nutrition. It’s not how much you eat- it’s how much nutrition you get into your body that matters. My Wild Force Green formula is GREAT for weight loss because it’s so nutritious, you can live off it if you had to. (as proven by my friend Kjetill Moberg in Norway who walked a 465 km marathon on the stuff), It gives you all the minerals you need and lots of energy, so you don’t crave bad food. At least add it to your normal morning stuff. It also makes you feel good and helps people with diabetes (another cause of weight gain).

I invited my friend and medical expert James Sloane back to explain scientifically how important the thyroid and liver is to weight and health. Watch this highly informative video and learn how to test your thyroid at home yourself more accurately than at a doctor’s office, and also how to clean your liver. If you haven't seen my original video "The Amazing Liver" explaining all the important things the liver does, you might want to watch that too.

My Liver formula, vitamin C and Green Formula are highly recommended for getting you on the right track.

Interestingly enough, the candied orange slices in last video recipe are GREAT for helping to clean the liver!


The orange slice recipe from the last video was a huge hit, - and the exciting video of how we presented it where Cara plays a Russian spy was the most watched video we ever made! If you haven't seen it, you must, even if just for sheer entertainment value. You'll be surprised how far we go to excite people to be healthy. Watch the hottest raw food recipe video ever!

recipevideo behindscenes

I actually ate a large portion of the
orange slices used in the filming of this video (I'm the drone pilot) and I can tell you that no potato chip comes close to how gooooood these things really are. :-)
Ben Ellingson Aerial Video and Photo Las Vegas

Did this last night. (orange slices) To me this replaces that nasty holiday candy some use on breads. That's what it tastes like. Gracias!
Elizabeth Espinoza

Greetings Markus, Wanted to let you now that your wild
edible plant book is most excellent and I have been passing it around to my students. I have a new book coming out in December myself. If you/and Cara are ever in Boulder, count me in for making you a wild/raw meal. Peace and blessings,
Brigitte Mars

Thank you Brigitte- I am honored to get a letter from you, let alone your blessing on my book

Dear Markus,
I just wanted to say that you saved my life! Thank you My interest in plant medicine kept me going in my darkest hour, I have suffered with depression all my life. I am getting better thanks to your books. I have read your Free Food And Medicine Guide & Heal Yourself 101, fantastic books. I am now saving up to buy your other books
Love & light,
Cazzie x

Hi markus I don't now if you read this things, but I am really amaze for everything you have done, all your books and videos, they are pretty helpful , I went vegan 2 years ago (everybody at school tell me I am literally going to died ), I am right now 17, I just wanted to thank you because you have changed my life.
David Alejandro González Chavana

I have never found higher quality products than you guys offer. I am VERY picky. Thank you Markus for your hard work in putting the
protein and green powder on the market. A new standard has been set.
‪Alden E Witte

Hi there....I tried your
fake bacon made with young thai coconut. It tastes absolutely much better than eating dead animals. Thank you for putting it on you tube.
F Morant

I take Markus' green formula and night rebuild and I can't even describe what a difference it makes. Allergies even on skin GONE! Anxiety reduced to none and the list goes on. I add the green formula to my dogs food too and the chihuahua w/ digestive problems is doing much better! Only can recommended everyone to buy. The vitamin C from store gave me a full blown kidney infection.. Markus great job w ur products! Thank you!
Claudia James
Thanks Claudia for helping tell people that store-bought ascorbic acid vitamin C causes all kinds of problems from kidney stones as in your case, to hair loss, wrinkles and heart problems as talked about in
last week's video.

Mahalo nui loa Markus for the wonderful products, Wild force greens have healed my twinflame of ovarian cysts and both of our hypoglycemic issues, and we have taken EVERYTHING. You are the only one I trust to buy any kind of supplements from with the integrity and values I appreciate. we are so grateful to you :D
Aqua Aura

I love you and Car a! Thank You for doing what you do and helping me save my own life. I am down 70 pounds since I became a raw vegan February 11th of this year. You are truly amazing! And that smoothie looks awesome!

Amy Stevenson

re: Aloe Cactus Smoothie video
Thank you dear man ! after watching this vid i started eating aloe and cactus and the results are amazing !

Shlomo Ohana

Dear Markus
Since 3 Month I am taking your Super Heath Products. The Green Formula, Plant Protein, Energy, Night Rebuild. Those are the best most effective Products I ever tried. I am really amazed. Well done.
Peter Aebersold, Greetings from Switzerland

Hi Markus
I accidentally stumbled on your Edible Wild Plant Book. I do a lot of backyard gardening with lots of vegetables and fruits, but was not quite  aware of the value of raw foods even though it advised in the early parts of he Bible. I live in Africa Zambia and had a three year stint in the USA in the early 80s. In Zambia with the growing middle class, we are equally losing many productive young people to the scourge of wrong eating just as i witnessed in the US. I can see a lot of change on me since I started following some of your advise.
Sebastian, Zambia Africa

re: video:
"How and why to do an Enema"
I am shocked. Shocked. Ok so lots came out; it was watery though - does that tell of anything? I'm amazed. I've been vegetarian for 20 odd years, vegan for several years and adapting to raw since Jan (not fully raw).. So, to be repeated. Question: will there be a slate clean at some point? Thank you!!



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