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Turn Anything Around
You can turn anything around, no matter how bad the situation, you can use it to your benefit. In fact, some of the worst situations propelled people to places they never even imagined was possible.
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(what I say in the video):
For everything you think is impossible, there will be someone who thinks it IS possible. They will find a way to make it happen, and it will never happen for those who think it’s impossible. Stop focussing on the negative stuff and the things you think are holding you back, like thinking you can’t do something because you have children, lack of money, whatever. If you’re with a negative person or people, lose them. They are killing you. Other than that, the only thing holding you back is your perception, mindset and mood. If you’re with a negative person or people just because they pay your bills, they are still killing you and its better to take a chance on your own.

Your biggest hurdle is in your head. Stop focussing on the negative stuff and start looking at the possibilities. Stop looking at things as barriers and start seeing them as opportunities and creative challenges. This is what every successful person in the world has ever done. They had hurdles and challenges too. Most of them much worse than yours. People who say they can’t afford a book that can get them out of financial rut need to get out of victim mode! Stop counting all the problems in your life and start looking at the world through a different set of eyes. Start seeing wonder in things. Start appreciating . Be thankful you’re not starving in Ethiopia. I don’t want to hear it. I almost died 3 times. I lost everything I had half a dozen times. I lived in someone’s closet for a few weeks. I was naked in the desert with no clothes, no money, nothing for a month and it was the most enlivening time of my life.

You can turn ANYTHING around.

If you just sit there and complain and feel sorry for yourself…feeling like a poor victim… you’re going to attract even more stuff to complain about, because nobody wants to be around a negative person. They only attract more negativity and more stuff to complain about.

If you want something to happen, stop waiting for someone to save you. Only YOU can make it happen.

It doesn’t matter what the situation is you are in- you can use it to your benefit or detriment. The choice is yours. People have benefitted from war, heartache, poverty, bankruptcy, cancer, you name it. Heartache and pain is a powerful energy, and energy is fuel. How you use this fuel is up to you. People turned loss or heartache into great movies, books and songs. People stopped doing what gave them cancer, beat it and are now inspiring others and teaching them what to avoid.I have no pity for the whiners and people who feel sorry for themselves. Stop waiting for others to save you. It’s not money that’s going to save you.

What must change is how you see life.

If you can’t recognize opportunity, you’re never going to move forward. There is always opportunity- always! There were more millionaires created during the great depression than any other time in American history. They didn’t see disaster, they saw opportunity. They didn’t feel sorry for themselves, they rolled up their sleeves and did what everyone else said was impossible.

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful people

…is the way they think.

The way they see things.

It has nothing to do with money.

It has to do with seeing potential in everything and a new way of doing things.

More on that in the next video.

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