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All three of these videos are worth watching- and read the sobering freaky testimonials...

After years of people asking me for this, I am finally coming out with a WILD PLANTS superfood green drink (for those too busy to forage) and also a bodybuilding package that blows all the other "protein" powders away, because you need more than just protein. You need energy before the workout and proper sleep afterwards so the hormones can go to work rebuilding you. So get ready for the power of wild renegade plants to supercharge your life like never before. In this video I show how many elements I am trying, tasting, testing etc before coming up with the final formulas. See the video here

We all know plastic is bad for us, especially as containers for liquids. Plastic water bottles are a huge source of etsrogenic cancer-causing BPA. Those stainless steel bottles aren't totally optimal either because stainless steel contains nickel, a carcinogenic heavy metal, and also the water has that "metallic" taste. Here are some great tips for where to get cheap re-usable glass jars for carrying smoothies around and also how to get cheap drinkable water for those people with very little or almost no money. Here's the video

I don't know this girl and I didn't tell her to make this. The link was sent to me and I immediately had to share it with you. This is the most adorable book report I've ever seen(it just happens to be my book) This girl is pure sunshine and deserves our attention. She went to a lot of trouble to make this and I'm very impressed with the quality of the lighting, sound and even the effort she put into her hair, makeup etc. And what she has to say actually has a lot of thought behind it. Give her your support and cheer her on. Again- I had nothing to do with this. It just made my heart smile.
Here's the video

First of all, thank you Julie for having the courage to share this important information with the world. More and more people are sharing their story. The sooner we learn, the sooner we heal.Here is her story:..

"I am a girl from southern California who in Jr High took 1 1/2 years of antibiotics and in the middle of that picked up a tapeworm from eating escargot on a cruise, which I did not know I had, not even the medical Dr.s after years and tons of money and my painful and emotional time with tubes up and down me. Finally at 20, after one of my many colonics, I passed part of a tapeworm and that was when i knew for sure. I did a parasite cleanse and tried everything alternative, but 2 weeks later, a restaurant served me an uncooked scallop which I talked my whole way through eating until i got hit with nausea and dizziness * a night later I swore I was not going to wake up the next morning. I knew I got some kind of crazy either parasite or bacterial infection.

That was 9 months ago.
At this point I have had worms coming out of my nose, plus a couple pods I don't know what else to call them but it is a type of parasite clearly with 2 suckers and on the other end 1dark spot. It is creepy! And the fact that something is sucking my blood makes sense, the tingly numbing feeling I get on my face and scalp. I feel the squirmy feeling in my eye and temple areas, this all started happening after I had rubbed my eye when half asleep must have scratched you know where u get itchy from parasites at night! And speaking of that i have seen 2 different types out of my bum, 1 is about 8 inches and off white skinny as a string. the other is about 4 inches and flat but not a tapeworm. i have seen these both on multiple occasions. You see my face and its not what you thnk of at all, that girl has worms and pods up her nose! I didn't believe they were worms till just tons where coming out. And my tummy oh poor bloat of hell, like this boney girl then bam, I am so bloated I have to actually waddle walk, like this huge round belly attached to skinny legs and arms. :( I start the juicing parasite-free program tomorrow starting water first. But wrote this along with some pictures so people know this happens here right here in sunny southern California! THIS IS REAL, this is, and has before as well, destroyed/been destroying my life."
-Julie 29yrs.

I know the very week that I first read Hulda Clark's book on how parasites are an intimate part of our bodies, I was like, "No way!" And that very week, a fluke came out of my left nostril one day while I was sunbathing. Parasite infestation of the average person is endemic, and although American doctors believe it is only a third world problem, that's not true.
Carol Joy

My name is Matt, I work at the company that prints your book "HealYourself 101" Version 2, at versa press. Just wanted to say that i make A LOT of books i mean a lot, most are full of ___but I read your book front to back during my shift, it makes so much sense that Istarted water fasting (near 3 days) been juicing since. Best thing ive ever done,family says I'm crazy but i feel freaking awesome man for real. The knowledgewas well accepted my friend many thanks to you for the new pathThanks,

My 5 year old grandson asks to watch " markus video" now instead of a book at bed time. Lol. So cute!
Rhonda Madore

(Fava Bean recipe video)- "Been eating this daily now for past 10 days - I feel amazing!!!! About 30 mins after eating it you can feel the energy radiate throughout your body!! Amazing! Thanks so much

Now 20 pounds in 30 days from heal your self 101, No cheating! Thank you for your knowledge and love.
Justine Myers-Joiner

Im so excited! Just got your book .. "Heal Your Face" and cant put it down!!
Renee WMG

Just got my (Edible Plants Guide) book today I love It never really been so excited to use a book in my life, well since I was a kid . The picture are so beautiful and nice it like I'm back in elementary when they use to have those school book fairs and I use to go crazy and what all the pop up book and the ones that move...sorry got a little to happy there.. but this book is a must buy just for all the reason Markus has explained. Get It

THANK YOU! I want to thank you for your products, especially for PARASITE FREE! You can add my short testimonial to your page if you want. I want to tell you that from the first day of using PARASITE FREE, taking only one pill, one big dead intestinal worm came out of me - about 18 cm! I was happy. Then, on the third day, being in the JUICE FAST and taking 5 pills per day (the recommended dose), another big worm, almost the same size (18 cm) came out of me. Again, I was happy (even though, these days I felt very sick - because of my detoxifiation). The big giant came out of me in the fifth day of using your formula. It had at least 36 cm. I couldn't believe it! Then, until about the day 16 I didn't look for another one (looking closely into my toilet), even though I felt that another types of parasites left my body.Then, I started eating only RAW food (for about a month). THANK YOU for this!With love,
Christian Georghe

I have been to more doctors than I can count and tried more solutions than I can find. I just found out about you not to long ago and I was amazed that u were able to heal yourself with what I was trying to kill outside in my yard.
Beth Cox

You are FullOn, Markus. You speak truth. I know because with 2 years of veganism under my belt I have regained everything I lost in the decade and a half after turning 50.I weigh what I did when I was 45 and have never felt better. At 67 I no longer fear turning 70, or even 80 for that matter. Keep up the good service to humanity.
Wardie Ward

I read your book Heal Yourself 101 3weeks ago been on raw food for same time i have lost 12 pounds and went to my Dr she said what ever I'm doing keep doing it!!!!!
Justine Myers-Joiner

I could write a book myself of how you have truly given a very depressed, sad girl (woman okkk I'm adapting to that word) hope. NO, hope actually sounds like "maybe" let's just say "here's to regression and thank you so much in advance for the gifts you share with the world!"J
Jessica Lee

(Cactus Aloe drink)
This is what healed the high blood sugars i was having !!

I just got your book. I was so happy I was hugging it

What I would do to live this dream that Markus Rothkranz lives daily, I'd be eternally happy and forever humble beyond my most intent goals. I can only follow the path made for me behind him and others, as I wish, hope, and attempt to be someone just as innovative someday.
Kole Koford

(on the healing plants in "Free Food and Medicine")- "Sonsa bitch, I have all those plants right outside in the back yard!
Ed Lover

I just wantd to say a big THANK YOU for all your videos on your site and Youtube. A health practitioner recommended raw food to me in 2011, but I was skeptical. After seeing your videos, I started getting more convinced and bought a highpowered blender. THAT made all the difference. It's so much more tasty when the green smoothies are CREAMY :-) You are right, those smoothies taste GREAT, also your banana ice cream, hempseed milk, etc. After only a few days, I noticed that I don't get drawn to chocolate or cake that much anymore. KEEP IT UP !!!!
Carola Boesl, Germany

Thank you for the lives you have saved, the suffering you've ended, and the joy you've helped to restore to peoples hearts!
Jerry Scott


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