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What We Eat in a Day
Everyone keeps asking us what we eat in a typical day. Not much. And we don't eat until 12 noon or later. Here is a video explaining our typical day

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You can find the recipes for everything we actually eat in Heal Yourself 101 (a free download) and our uncookbook Love on a Plate, both at HealAnything.com. Other than our daily salads, some of our favorite meals we eat constantly are

Spicy Thai Cabbage www.SpicyThaiCabbage.com

Mango Garlic Blueberry www.mangoGarlic.com

Cactus Aloe smoothie www.CactusAloe.com

RawVeganSushi www.RawVeganSushi.com

Durian pudding https://youtu.be/havcwqPChVA

Two typical Breakfasts https://youtu.be/ZY2tWA-Akds

Cara makes herself a fast salad https://youtu.be/X-wkmPXW-F8

Food isn't that high on our priority list. If you missed the last video, here is a typical day of activities for us


re: Cactus Aloe smoothie video
Markus I started drinking this in April this year I had bronchitis for years since I started drinking cactus and aloe vera EVERYDAY it's gone my doctor couldnot believe it is was always sick every year, twice a year with bronchitis and bad pneumonia it's completely gone I drink this every day I love it I also drink the pine needle Rosemary and licorice I'm so addicted to that it's unbelievable I live in Arizona so I have an abundance of everything here thank you so much

Barbara Lonero

I just bought 7 packages of the wild force green. I am blown away by this product and because I have many connections in Brazil I am sending 4 of them for some people to try and will keep the other 3 for me. I first purchased the wild force green formula because sometimes I run out of “green leaves” to put on my daily smoothie so I bought as a “green leave” substitute for those days. Well, as I took the first day in the morning I noticed that I was not hungry(literally) all day. By 5 pm I ate but just slightly hungry. After I ate, there was no crave for sweets as I usually have. I thought it was a coincidence, but after the 5th day, the SAME pattern repeated. So now I know it is the power of the wild power in my system. Now that I have been taking for 7 days, I lost 6lbs, which I needed. Now I am on my perfect weight and I just have to eat more even if I am not hungry, which is a blessing that enables me to make healthy choices, considering I am not “lusting”/”craving” for food.

Night Formula
This stuff should get a Nobel Prize. It kicked in after a couple of weeks. I saw Cara's video and started taking 1/2 tablespoon in the day and tablespoon at night. I don't have that "mid-day crash" at 3pm anymore and I sleep like a teenager at night--ALL NIGHT! It's shocking to me--just like your other products. I'm recommending this to all my friends and clients. I really noticed a difference when I DIDNT take it because I was awake at 3am like a fool again. Took it the next night and BOOM! If your hormones are really out of whack because of bad food choices and living like a sloth, it will take a few weeks to get acclimated, and then everything start to click! No wonder I've gained muscle since taking your greens, Vitamin C and protein--without eating that much (food). I use to be from the school of eating every 4-6 hours, never been much of an eater, so it was a daunting task. Nowadays, since taking your sups, I have energy, and I can accomplish more without the task of meal planning. Thank you!
Jean Allen

I purchased Markus' Thyroid kit over a month ago, followed the advice in his hair E book, and stopped worrying about it. The hair that would not grow is on its way to being a bushy fro!!! The E book said give it a year, but I can tell now that next year I'll really have the hair I want. Thanks Markus! You're an angel!!!

Video testimonial for local edible plants by Connor Cranston


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