If you think I'm rolling in money, you might want to watch this. Some people think "oh he's just out to sell products". Well yes I sell products- TO HELP YOU! And almost ALL the money made goes right back into helping you more. What I do isn't cheap. It takes almost every penny. I think you'll really apprecite this video


The New WildForce Super Plant Protein is unlike any other praw vegan protein on the planet. It's the Rolls Royce of protein formulas, made from the best plant sources in the world. This isn't for everyone because some of the ingredients are super expensive and extremely difficult to get. I had to go to the ends of the earth to get it. It's powerful stuff- start with a SMALL amount and work your way up. Read the ingredients and get it HERE.

The new super protein powder is powerful. If you haven't read the list of ingredients yet, you might want to. It explains why each ingredient was chosen and what it does for you. Most of the ingredients are immediatelty obvious why they are used. (Some of them you will go "Wow! About time somebody used that!") There are two ingredients in there you might not know much about and I'm very excited to explain them to you.

MALIC ACID (made from green apples)- increases energy, muscle strength, and digestion so the body can better absorb and use all these wonderful nutrients. Most people nowadays are too low in stomach aid and can't assimilate nutrients very well anymore. Malic acid helps dissolve uric acid in the body (which helps with gout) and also oxalate kidney stones. Dying cancer cells create uric acid which puts a strain on kidneys. Malic acid helps clean that up. Helps increase oxygen transport into cells, and is an ATP precursor. ATP is the fuel for cells and helps them to function properly. Our cells require acids to generate energy including malic acid, citric acid, pyruvuc acid, pantothenic acid, etc., meaning ENERGY for you. It helps chelate out toxic heavy metals like lead and aluminum, thus reducing liver damage and brain disorders. Malic acid is also famous for helping CFS, fibromyalgia and even MS.

TMG (Tri-Methyl-Glycine) made from beet roots- an exciting new amazing miracle stuff. I won't get too deep into biochemistry here, but it's one of the world's best methyl-donors (a carbon atom attached to three hydrogen atoms (CH3) All body functions require this and almost all people are seriously deficient in TMG nowadays. Our bodies just don't make enough of it anymore, leading to disease and death. Mercury interferes with TMG production in the body, and mercury is in almost everything, especially seafood and metal tooth fillings. Copper also decreases TMG production, leading to most headaches, female problems, anxiety, depression and mental health conditions.

Here are just some of the millions of biochemical benfits of TMG:

1. It resets your DNA switches- that's right- your genetic code! TMG helps copy genetic code from DNA to RDA, responsible for the formation of every chemical in your body (called genetic transcription.

2. Lengthens Lifespan- without adequate levels of TMG, telomeres shorten, biosynthesis slows down, and genetic errors multiply (called transcription errors), thus leading to disease and shorter lifespan. TMG helps stop the incorrect copying of genetic code.

2. Lowers homocysteine, a major cause of hardeing of the arteries and heart disease

3. Helps Liver detoxification. Actually helps neutralize toxins and heavy metals in the body! Helps make toxins more soluble in water. Most people's livers don't work well anymore. TMG really helps clean it and get rid of the toxic wastes.

4. Helps increase stomach acid production, food digestion and nutrient assimilation

5. Alleviates depression by helping the body increase SAMe production (a very expensive supplement if you were to buy it)

6. Reduces chances of diabetes by increasing body's release of insulin

7. Helps reduce fat, improve muscle

8. Makes fod intake usage more efficient so less food is necessary

9. Better sleep and energy

TMG is completely safe with no known side effects except perhaps a bit of detoxing symptoms as body releases toxins.

I originally made all these herbal formulas for myself. I simply wanted the best and I didn't care what it cost. My body is my temple. Without my health, I can't enjoy life and be fully alive. My body is my private jet. Years of study went into these formulas, and after taking them for years, I am now sharing them with you. Remember- these are not fluffy products designed for profit. These are powerful formulas that re-ignite your body. Start with small amounts and work your way up. If you take too much at once in the beginning, you may get detox symptoms. If you want the best, most powerful healing and life-enhancing products, here you go.

If you live in a jungle and eat fresh off the tree, maybe. But if you eat mainly fruits and vegetables from a grocery store, you are seriously lacking many essential nutrients. Those fruits and vegetables were picked unripe over a week ago from soil that doesn't have even one tenth the nutrition it should. The plants in my formulas are mainly WILD PLANTS that have roots that go hundreds of feet in the ground. These plants have minerals, saponins, sterols, glycocides, amino acids, enzymes and other cofactors that tomatoes, bananas and kale will never have.

One serving (scoop) is equivalent to two heaping tablespoons. You can however take as much as you want once your body is used to it. I use a full cup of the stuff in my smoothies sometimes. As for how much grams protein and calories, that is difficult to determine properly because most testing methods require the substance to be cooked so it's broken down and that changes the original "RAW" condition this is supposed to be in.  Hopefully soon I will find a decent way of testing.  How many grams protein is on a label is also meaningless because what really matters is HOW MANY of those grams your body can actually assimilate.  Many ingredients in other people's formulas are difficult to absorb. I've been using every protein powder out there for 20 years and this is by far the one with most instant results I have ever experienced- and NO constipation !!!

Ask the postal service. We don't make any profit on shipping (
see the video above). This is a pretty big heavy bottle. With packaging and everything, the box weighs almost 3 lbs. The checkout page uses real-time postal cost calculations directly from USPS. We don't make up the prices. Go to USPS and check them yourself if you want to. On top of that, it costs me $3.50 for handling at the shipping center, where they warehouse the product, handle it, box it, insure it, catalog it, handle customer service (yes I have to pay them to answer your phone calls and emails). I have to pay for the boxes, tape, color copies, labels, storage, administrations etc etc. This all adds up. It's actually a low cost for all that they do. Again, NO money is made in shipping. (and very little in the product itself) See the video

And YES, WE NOW HAVE AUTO-SHIP for all herbal products on checkout. You can get this automatically sent to you every month at a discount. There is also a wholesale price for cases of 12 or more.

I strive will all my being to bring you the very best and I'm putting all my money into what I believe in.

Click HERE to read the ingredients and why you should be taking this amazing protein powder!

CLICK HERE to learn more and GET IT


Markus I am reading your Prosperity book and I am cleaning my room, throwing away clothes and throwing away papers and I am feeling so much better!!! Your book is so, so, soooooooo good!! I love you Markus!! And I read the part where it's good to move on and the reason why people don't move on is becasue they don't feel like they can get better or deserve better! wowoowowoowwwwww!!!!!!!! This is great! I am having a lot of epiphany's!!Thank you!!
Stella Ilyayev

I bought all your books by the way. Well worth the small price. They changed my life for the better. Thats priceless‪

I found your website 2years ago, and I decided to go raw. I have always been thin, so I did not think much about what I put in my mouth correlating to my health. Since reading ur books and sustaining a raw diet my like has skyrocket. My business grew 88% last year alone. Ur message is amazing and life transforming. Thank you for all that u do. PS I love the Wild Foce so excited to get my protein powder!!!:)‪
Dawn Amador‬

cranberry oatmeal cookies (in this video) are SOOOO delicious! My 11-years son Zayanne made them all by himself!! Thank you ~
Ivušica Kloubec


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