Free Colon Formula – Natural Colon Cleanse 680mg/220caps or 170g powder

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Ingredients of this quality are super expensive, so to help keep my prices affordable, please do not ask for a refund because of the taste. If you cannot handle bitter-tasting stuff then purchase my natural sweetener, MarkusSweet, to improve the taste. You can also watch my two videos on this subject: If It Tastes Bad: How Things Taste is a Sign of Health and Making Bitter Herb Powders Taste Better.

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Our body absorbs and collects an incredible amount of toxic waste everyday. The food we eat, toxic chemicals, bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and yeast our immune system kills, and the metabolic waste our cells excrete into our system. When our cells die they create over 100 pounds of of dead cells each year alone! All that waste, from the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and blood gets sent to our bowls which, in the case of almost everyone, is terribly backed up. Free-Colon™ is a powerful, colon-cleansing formula designed to help move it all out.

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Apple fiber contains soluble and insoluble fibers that lower cholesterol, heart disease and remove toxic stuff from the body. Apples are great protection against Alzheimers and degenerative nerve diseases. Also helps protect from radiation, x-rays and MRI. Of course fiber is great for helping push waste through the body, but apple fiber in particular is quite amazing. It is excellent for detoxification. It contains pectin which helps remove toxins, heavy metals and impurities from the whole body and prevent protein from putrefying in the intestines. Apples strengthen the liver and have lots of fiber that cleans the bowel, and stimulates digestive secretions. Apples help the body absorb iron better than any other food. They are also quite alkaline.


Another great fiber. Flax contains rich healthy fatty acids (Omega 3,6,9) that are needed for the human body to function. It also provides soluble fiber and is high in lignans, which are hormone-like substances known to balance hormone levels. Flax is also a prebiotic fiber that feeds probiotics- the good gut flora we need to help fight candida, yeast, fungus and also digest our food. Flax also contains silicon which is needed for healthy strong bones and joints.


Another great cleansing fiber and probiotic food with many healing qualities. Rice Bran contains IP-6 (inositol Hexaphosphate) a natural component of rice bran and other plants, research shows IP-6 helps prevent tumor formation and shrinks existing tumors by normalizing cell growth. IP-6 has seen good results in animal and human cancers. IP-6 enhances natural killer cell activity, is a natural iron chelator, and has potent antioxidant activity. Rice bran also contains MGN-3, which in one study, cancer patient’s natural killer cells were able to kill 27 times more cancer cells after just two months of treatment. Rice bran reduces cholesterol, regulates diabetic blood glucose, suppresses cancer tumor cells, enhances immune system responsiveness, is great for youthful skin, reduces renal calcium excretion related to kidney stones and increases bile acid binding in the gallbladder. Rice bran is also a good source of B-6.


Aloe is one of the most amazing miracle food plants on the planet. It’s a smart plant- it can tell the difference between normal cells (which it stimulates), and bad stuff like viruses, cancer, leukemia or HIV- which it stops from spreading. Its antiviral, antibacterial, good for candida, parasite, fatigue syndromes, fibromyalgia, allergies, arthritis, and skin conditions like eczema,psoriasis. It eliminates toxic wastes, has EFAs and is a powerful antiinflammatory that help stomach and colon, which it helps clean. It helps every part of the body cleanse itself. It helps conditions like indigestion, acid reflux, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s disease and ulcers. (reduces ulcers by 80%!) It reduces cholesterol and triglycerides , helps metabolize fat and is great for... oh where do I start- adult diabetes, angina, blood sugar, cholesterol, acne, AIDS, allergies, anemia, arteries, arthritis, athletes foot, bad breath, baldness, bladder infections, bronchitis, bruises, burns, bursitis, cancer, candida, cataracts, cold sores, colic, colitis, constipation, cuts, cystitis... Aloe has all kinds of natural steroids, antibiotics, amino acids, minerals, enzymes and stuff we haven't even discovered yet. It stimulates lymph movement and even has aspirin-like salicylic acid.


Orange peel is a bitter fiber that stimulates the liver and is a major source of bioflavonoids. It helps everything from digestion to lowering cholesterol, and cleaning the entire system.


Both fresh and dried ginger root have therapeutic properties for digestion, hypertension, headaches and other problems. Ginger is the world’s greatest herbal inhibitor of 5-LO enzymes, a chemical cousin of COX-2 and the ONLY food source for prostate cancer cells. Without this food source, prostate cancer cells die in only 1 to 2 hours... so it’s an especially good choice for prostate cancer protection. It’s easy to have fresh ginger on hand. Ginger is great for digestion, moving, relieving and expelling gas. Excellent for nausea, motion sickness (good for keeping food moving in a downward direction) Good for morning sickness, colic, gas, indigestion, heartburn, digestive and intestinal cramps, dyspepsia and even chemotherapy-induced nausea. It promotes secretion of digestive juices, improves appetite, arrests vomiting, alleviates pain, stops inflammation, eliminates swelling, induces sweat and inhinits pathogenic bacteria.


Many people only know stevia as a natural sweetener, but it is also an antibiotic, reduces sugars in the system which displace calcium. A good mium, which helps in the regulation of blood sugar, which may help prevent diabetic cataracts. Good source of saponins, which improve the absorption of other compounds taken with it. Also an excellent source of chromium, which helps in the regulation of blood sugar. This is important for diabetics, who often suffer from impotence.

Cascara Sagrada (less than 10%)

This dried bark helps you go to the bathroom by stimulating natural rhythmic contractions of bowel (peristalsis). It tones and exercises the bowel muscle. In other words, it helps push stuff through you and gets it moving, while strengthening colon muscles.

Licorice Root (less than 5%)

Natural wild licorice root is a natural laxative with anti-inflammatory properties and it regulates intestinal flora.

Note: This herbal formula is not sweetened. Watch If It Tastes Bad: How Things Taste is a Sign of Health and Making Bitter Herb Powders Taste Better about how to sweeten powders and how taste relates to level of health.

All herbal formulas from Markus Products are non-GMO, organic or sustainable, and wildcrafted. “Sustainably wildcrafted” means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness far from civilization. For example: pine needles from Shasta, California, Mallow and Lambsquarters from Durango, Colorado, and Gubinge Kakadu Plum harvested by tribal natives in the Australian outback. We go out of our way to get you the most pristine, rare, pure herbs possible, no matter the cost! No herbs are from China, all products are assembled/packaged here in America in an FDA-approved facility.


Kjetill Moberg

After three months of Free-Colon and green salad, my wrinkels/lines are starting to vanish. All Markus Rothkranz is telling us is right. Our body really can reboot to nature:-)

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