Free Food & Medicine 5 DVD Set

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What wild and house plants are edible? What health conditions have they been historically used for? Which ones make a great shampoo and soap? Which ones are used for hair loss, eyesight, wrinkles, sexual desire? What common weed tastes better than spinach and makes a great food source? Which plant is great for arguing couples? You’ll be amazed at the endless uses for those wild plants outside!

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Joseph Mcloone

Free food and medicine changed my Life. I’m helping others every day because of what you showed me.

Tammy Jenkins

My son has allergies and asthma and I have wanted to throw away the medicines doctors say he has to have but had no alternatives..and right now the fields are full of clover and dandelions and I knew they were calling to me as if I had an abundant treasure outside my back door but wasn’t sure how to use them. Thank you for sharing again Markus.

Sarah West

Markus your DVD set is AWESOME!!! LOOOVIN’ watching it!! OMG! Everyone BUY his DVD set today and have house showings!! Just phenomenal. Seriously sexy wild free food and medicine info in all the 5 DVDs!! Can’t wait to finish them all!! THANK YOU, Markus, for making these interviews available to us all to help all change and be really well educated!!! Luminous HUGS & WILD gratitude!!

Pamela Melcher

Thank you so much!! YES!!! This is true. An MD from Germany, Dr. John Switzer, who uses raw food therapy told me that in Germany during the second World War when they had no food, they foraged, and at that time there was NO new heart disease, cancer, strokes, diabetes, etc. Leaves have biophotons in them, half of which are gone within 24 hours of picking, and all of which are gone within three days. Plus it's FREE! Plus, except for some wild mustards, it is safe from GMO pollution.

Sharon Hoehner

I’m loving the DVD set! I’ve been recommending it to everyone. Even my junk food eating teenage daughter enjoyed it and watched most of it with me.

Splendora Francia

The IS the BEST movie I have ever seen!!! You ARE a true Heart Warrior! It is amazing and so deep with the best of information for eons. Thank you for giving it the voice - it is so powerful and it awakend my most profound dreams! Bravo! This is clear as a diamonds! This movie should be in all cinemas around the world!

Valerie Borrego

Thank you so much for all your blood, sweat, and tears I’m sure you put into this endeavor or shall I say labor of love. This is the direction I have wanted to go since i got into raw foods. FORAGING, EACTING DIRECTLY FROM MOM!! Very affordable!!!

Angelina Elliot

I LOVE IT!!!!! I used to teach wild plant medicinal and survival classes in Arizona. I truly believe in wild plants and their ability to heal! Thanks so much for making such and extraordinary DVDs and FILMS! You are so wonderful! Blessings and hugs to you! xox

Louise Mcaulay

This is highly informative and uplifting material.

Jeff Victor

This mission of yours is seamless integration of the very thing that has changed your own life and the means by which to change other’s lives, on a global scale, god willing.

Lori J. Bayne

I am SO grateful that you’ve made this. It will be the crown jewel of my raw DVD collection.

Ted Bosworth

Rock solid! The 5 DVD info shows how to take back control of one’s health in a practical and simply way. It even shows how to save money and be more effective to our environment.

Teri Edgar

I’ve been waiting for the Free Food and Medicine video my entire life. I’m so grateful for my tribe that produced this life-saving, life-enhancing video!

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