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Most people have no clue what causes the “aging” on their face. They keep doing the same things every day for their whole lives so the wrinkles never go away- they only get worse. The same with moles, warts, skin spots, gray hair and hair loss. These are just symptoms. If you are unhappy with your face, learn to read what it’s trying to tell you. Every part of your face is connected to other parts of your body. If you want REAL health and beauty- heal yourself from the inside out. You are not a helpless victim of aging!

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Shawn Bruce

Heal Your Face is a Bible. Highly suggested reading!

Joe Magenst

Just got the book HEAL YOUR FACE by Markus Rothkranz... What do I think about it? IT ROCKS!!!!!! Couldn’t put it down for one moment. You know how they say if you pay $20.00 or more for a book and if you only get one good idea it was worth it? Well, I got so many ideas I lost count. GET THIS BOOK, you will thank me later!

Lisa Freeman McDaniel

Just bought your book heal your face and am loving it! Thanks so much for this. Makes more sense than any of the doctors or naturopaths I’ve seen.

Shelley Brinkley

I LOVEEEEE your new book!!! CANNOT put this book down!!! OMG!!! Its the most insightful book Ive ever read!! NO LIE!!

Ellen Ginger, MA, Naturopath

Really terrific. You have a great way of explaining things. In my long existence as a naturopath I have never seen anything so well and logically put together. You squeezed volumes of TCM and naturopathy together in a funny, convincing piece of work. Congratulations. I declare it as my favourite natural health book.

Laura H.

I admit I bought this book totally for vanity purposes. I turned 50 and I wanted to figure out how to reduce the wrinkles, and dark circles, that make me look more like 60. I was in for a pleasant surprise, as this book was way more than I expected. First, it was very well written. I liked the author’s voice, as I felt he was speaking directly to me, and giving me alot of information without speaking down to me. He was both informative and interesting. He really delved into each of our internal organs, and how they connect to what is happening on our face. As luck would have it, or unluck, I was passing a kidney stone at the same time I was reading this book. I gained an entirely new perspective on my kidney, how kidney stones are made, how to get rid of them, and how not to get them in the future - and that was just one chapter. This was truly a fascinating book that I couldn’t put down. I like the pictures of a face, and how each wrinkle placement shows were in the body you are blocked - kidney, lungs, liver, etc. I plan on following his advice, and expect to start looking younger right away. I also just went in and purchased one of his previous books. Great author, great info...


Markus has a peculiar and distinctive way of expressing his thoughts. He is somehow on your face but sincere and knowledgeable. He knows what he is saying and he won’t filter much. When I bought the book I was struggling with my facial skin appearance. It would be so moody and upset all the time I would not know what it would look like the next morning. I got incredibly frustrated with random pimples, redness, hives, itchiness and no doctors seemed able to help. No allergists, dermatologists or beauticians knew what really was going on and how to effectively put a remedy to the mess I was in. I bought “Heal Your Face” out of desperation and lack of trust in the ppl who were supposed to know and help. This book revealed a lot more than I thought it would. I never thought of drinking so much tea is my life, or taking herbal supplements or going through a colonic hydration therapy session. I never even suspected that the general health of the internal organs affect the look of your face. I was brought up in a household and culture where western medicine was the only one contemplated but now I am rethinking the whole exclusive view on how the body should be healed and treated. Here are a few facts. After reading this book I stopped eating refined sugars, starch, meat, diaries and switched to tons of fruit, vegetables, teas etc. I stopped all those expensive useless topical medications and I am healing!! Maybe I am not prefect and maybe I will never be but I am so much better it’s almost unbelievable. If you are in the dark like I was, I believe this book will give you some data points. If you listen and are receptive you are going to find the way to your healing.

A. harley

I accidentally ran across this book internet surfing and immediately became interested. I, like the author, always felt so many of today’s diseases and ills are caused by a poor diet. Markus does a gloss over on the explanation/function of meridian lines of the body and their function. I can tell you personally my college anatomy and physiology did the same thing. There was a picture showing the meridian lines of the body but no explanation as to their function. I never forgot it. It was rather odd to me. Why bother to publish this photo in a college text book and have no real description of the purpose of meridian lines nor any classroom instruction on it. What this book does do excellently is show you facial drawings and how what you eat causes certain wrinkles to surface. I already had noticed this myself in personal observation of my marionette lines. I have taken on the seaweed as instructed and will buy another book or two of Markus. If you don’t have the stash $$$$ to throw away on Botox, plastic surgery, or just do not want to go that route, then purchase this book. You will learn an enormous amount about how diet affects your looks. You will not be disappointed.


This is an amazing breakthrough in health food! Your idea of healthy food is about to change forever.

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