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Collagen is required by the body to make skin wrinkle-free, grow hair, strong bones, heart, and arteries. To make collagen, the body requires lots of vitamin C and silica, plus polysaccharides, minerals, and amino acids. The Wild Force Herbal Vitamin C is the most powerful, absorbable, cleanest, and healthiest vitamin C you can get. You can't take too much of it because it's just powdered fruit! The Green Formula purposely has lots of bamboo, which is nature's highest source of absorbable silica. My Sea Moss vegan collagen has all the collagen-building polysaccharides.

Together, these three products are a collagen powerhouse! But don't just get it for great skin and hair. These three products are probably the three most important nutritional sources you can give your body for anything and everything. While Markus Products' Sea Moss is a species of the Irish Moss family, it contains no inflammatory commercial carrageenan.

Markus and Cara both use these products each day, and can't wait to share them with you. Each kit contains a one month supply of:

  • (1) Green Formula powder (430g)
  • (1) Herbal Vitamin C powder (300g)
  • (1) Sea Moss (1lb)

Save 17% over buying items separately!

All herbal formulas from Markus Products are non-GMO, organic or sustainable, and wildcrafted. “Sustainably wildcrafted” means harvested by hand, from virgin wilderness far from civilization. For example: pine needles from Shasta, California, Mallow and Lambsquarters from Durango, Colorado, and Gubinge Kakadu Plum harvested by tribal natives in the Australian outback. We go out of our way to get you the most pristine, rare, pure herbs possible, no matter the cost! No herbs are from China, all products are assembled/packaged here in America in an FDA-approved facility.

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    Erika Reyes

    Markus products are truly the best in the world. I am highly sensitive to absolutely everything. I take the wild force green formula and vitamin c and protein together with coconut water and blueberries, tastes amazing! I have eye problems like blurry vision, I suffer from migraines, have vertigo, and pain behind my eyes. After just a few sips I already feel this incredible ocular awareness. My eyes don’t bother me and I can see better. I will never stop taking his products. I can tell a huge difference in my mood and energy when I don’t take it. These are heavenly products with so much power, everyone should take it. Even those with horrible conditions, this will benefit you now, later, and forever.

    Ibett Cerezo

    Hi, Markus! My hair used to fall out a lot; never grew it was dead. My nails were the same too, and since I’ve been using your greens, vitamin C, and sea moss (not as often) I’ve seen a huge change! My hair is no longer falling out, but growing again, and my nails are growing too. Next month I want to get the Greens, Protein and Vitamin C set. Thank you for being a blessing!

    Jeff Schreiber

    All I can say is after three days of taking your vitamin C and greens formula is wow! I had a triple coronary bypass surgery on March 10th. While I’ve been relatively healthy most of my life, it seemed that old age was starting to creep up on me. The angina I felt in my chest, and ultimately the surgery, were the signs I needed to, as they say, get a life. Knowing a little bit about nutrition, it was clear to me that these products are the real deal, but I had no clue how quickly and powerfully I would feel the effects. The second day after taking them I went out with a friend to hear some live music which was fantastic. I got home at midnight, but I was just way too energetic to sleep. I ended up staying up all night, which is something I haven’t done since I was much younger. I thought I would be exhausted the next day but to my amazement I had plenty of energy to perform household chores, cook dinner and even take a strenuous four mile hike. I have to admit there are other things I’m using to attain maximum health, but I can now understand how and why Markus looks like a 20 year old kid. Do your body, mind, and soul a favor and start using these products right away. They are the best supplements I’ve ever taken.

    John Vella

    I have been mixing these 3 items in a blender together upon waking after drinking a liter of water first. I have noticed increased energy levels since adding in the Moss. (I used to just use the Greens and Vitamin C) Never knew about adding the Apple Cider Vinegar for better absorption!

    Sarah Herr Lander

    Thanks, Markus, for sharing your life with all of us! When you are living and creating bliss, you cannot help but to help others! I am 1 week into Parasite Cleanse and Collagen Kit and I have to say that I have never felt more peace, bliss and deep love for all of life. Your creative force is changing my life in beautiful ways. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Louise Longtin

    Got my collagen kit this week, made a mask, and it tightened my face like crazy. Gonna do before and after photos. So grateful for your videos and products. I feel like I found precious gold.

    Kayla C

    I’ve been using all 3 of these products for a couple of months now and I can honestly tell a difference in how I feel if I forget to have them for a few days, especially the Wild Force and Vitamin C formulas. I’m still trying to figure out ways to use the Sea Moss in recipes (I bought your UnCookbook). For now, I’ve been putting it in my smoothies. I’ll have to try the Sea Moss Vitamin C facial. Anyway, thanks for bringing us such great and effective health food products, Markus!

    Anastasia Sharpe

    Honestly one of the most amazing products. Truly the best, and you can eat it and wear it too. I swear its kind of fun while I had the Sea Moss soaking. My roommate and his friend were circling the bowl, and my roommate shows his friend the bag it came in and showed him how I barely made a dent in the original packaging. Just like two curious boys, they had to touch it, taste it, pull one piece out, and see how it actually resembles a rubbery sea weed. I think my roommate is dipping in the Wild Force Greens and the Vitamin C. I’ve told him to feel free to take a couple of heaping tablespoons of the Sea Moss. These are the best products ever. I’m so glad I do not need to look any further for any of my nutritional needs. One stop shopping for me at´╗┐

    Pamela Jean

    Just ordered your full Collagen Kit. I’m so excited that I about can't stand it!! This whole time I’ve been taking synthetic Vitamin C (even two packets of Emergen-C daily) and my wrinkles have worsened and now I know why. You are a lifesaver, Markus. Thank you!

    Maxim Kazakov

    Sea Moss is some powerful stuff, highest source of natural calcium also. Also contains 92 out of the 102 minerals we’re made of. It’s used as a super aphrodisiac in Jamaica as it is known to “kick up” the body. I drink this stuff every day. I make a tea out of it on low simmer/heat with cinnamon, and it dissolves in the water. I drink a whole bunch and could feel this stuff work inside the body. REALLY. So far this would be my favorite herb. Just ordered 2 lbs from Markus.

    Mary White

    I love your Collagen Kit. After two weeks I’ve noticed the quality of my skin has improved and most dramatically the skin on my hands. They look younger, softer and more hydrated. Thank you! I’m so pleased!

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